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Ski resorts in Slovakia: prices, description and photos

At the present stage, the enormous popularity of steelUse ski resorts that are located in the territory of Slovakia. This was facilitated by excellent natural conditions, relatively low prices and infrastructure, which is developing quite rapidly. The most famous ski resorts in Slovakia are Jasna-Chopok, Donovaly, Skalka, Liptov, High Tatras, Rachkov, Spite, etc.

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What is famous for the resort of Shtrebske Pleso

High Tatras are famous for the presence of the NationalThe park, which has about 300 peaks and mountain lakes. Approximately 26 peaks in height reach 2.5 kilometers. The most famous ski resorts in Slovakia that are located on this territory are Podbanske, Smokovec, Tatranska Lomnica, Shtrebske Pleso. All of them are characterized by the presence of various routes and low cost.

To get to the resort of Shtrebske Pleso fromairport, it will take about 30 minutes. This place is the most popular among the numerous athletes. In addition, it is here that competitions for winter sports are usually held. It is the best mountain resort in the High Tatras. It is located on the picturesque shore of a mountain lake, which is exactly the same name. About 120 days a year the resort works as a ski center. In the role of the medical resort Shtrebske Pleso performs in the summer and in the off-season.

Technological component

Speaking about the ski resorts in Slovakia,it should be noted that Shtreskie Pleso is characterized by a well-equipped, modern ski station, which includes several ski jumps, cross-country tracks and stadiums, where spectators can accommodate themselves with amenities. Very close to the ski slopes, on which their strength can check both professionals and beginners. They are equipped with two chairlifts, three rope towers and one children's lifts. If necessary, the tracks are treated with snow cannons. In addition, the resort is well illuminated and in the evening.

Slalom descent is very popularunder the name "Intersky". It is here that the children's ski school is located, equipped with special lifts. In addition, on descent there are excellent conditions for those wishing to go on cross-country skiing, for biathlon and for those who are not averse to jumping on trampolines and try their hand at mountaineering. The price for accommodation in a double room is from 126 euros per day. Breakfast is included in the price. The rental price is from 15 euros. Here such a beautiful place is Slovakia, Tatry.

Ski resort Tatranska Lomnica

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To get to this resort from the airport,it will take about 20 minutes. This place is a kind of starting point for most tourist routes. As a ski center in this resort stands a small village called Skalnate Pleso. It is located at the foot of Lomnicki Stit. To reach this village you can use the cable car, which starts from the hotel called "Morava". From the village on Lomnicka Saddle you can get by means of a two-seater chair lift. The resort is divided into districts - Skalnate Pleso and Pit. The first district is suitable for professionals, the second - for beginners.

Professionals will be able to find a descent to their liking

In Lomnitsk Saddle there are special "black"trails. They are designed for downhill and giant slalom. The width of the slope is 300-500 meters. The maximum length of the route reaches a mark of 2 thousand meters. Slopes are famous for the presence of first-class snow. In addition, you can ride in this place until early May. Slightly higher than the frozen lake called Skalnate Pleso, there are short slopes. They can be recommended for those skiers who do not differ in having a lot of experience. From Skalnate Pleso also starts the descent, characterized by an average complexity. The route ends at the intermediate station, where the Pendant cable car Start is located.

From this station in the direction of the village under the nameTatranska Lomnica is a descent, the length of which is about 2.6 kilometers. Differences in this place reach 270 meters. Speaking about the ski resorts in Slovakia, it should be noted that everyone will have the opportunity to ride and sledging. To do this, a sledge road, which was previously a bobsleigh, was located a little lower of the Start station.

The area for skiing called Pits is equipped withrope lifts, the length of which reaches 450 and 780 meters. Trails in this center are marked with different colors. They are designed for both beginners and experienced athletes. Trails are served by special equipment and are illuminated at night.

The cost of rental of skis and snowboard - from 15 euros. Price per night - from 100 euros.

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Resort Podbanske

What other routes does Slovakia have? Ski resorts, reviews of which are good, numerous. And one of the most popular ski centers in the country, located in the High Tatras, is Podbansk. This resort is located at an altitude of 940 meters. A great impression, judging by the numerous reviews, leaves the nature of the National Park. On the mountain Krivan it is from this ski center that a delightful view opens. And it should be noted that this mountain is a symbol of the High Tatras.

There are trails for beginners as well as forprofessional skiers. They are located at altitudes from 950 to 1100 meters. These descents are serviced using several lifts, the length of which is 350 and 550 meters. In addition, the resort has well-equipped slopes for those who prefer skiing to snowboarding or sledging. In addition, there is the opportunity to ride cross-country skiing.

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The oldest ski center

What other delightful places canboast one of the ski areas, which is rich in Slovakia - High Tatras? A ski resort called Smokovec can not be ignored in this review. From the airport to it can be reached in just 15 minutes. This ski center is the oldest resort in the country. It combines such places as Dolny, Mountain, Old and New Smokovtsy. The resort is famous for its cozy guest houses and traditional Slovak style hotels, which are built directly in the mountains. The resort area has all the necessary conditions for mountaineering, skating, skiing and sledging. The most popular track for sledging, which is more than two kilometers long, is the place located in Stary Smokovec. It is here that every Wednesday night passes and different competitions. What should I mention when speaking about the ski resorts in Slovakia? Prices, reviews about Smokovce can only leave a pleasant impression. The cost of one day of stay - from 100 euros per adult.

If you are a beginnerskiers, then specifically for you here there are several routes of medium complexity. Its first steps are best done in Novy Smokovets. It is here that the route called Jalubkova Luka is located. Next to it is the Hotel Park. This route is characterized by a gentle descent, the length of which reaches 860 meters. Serves special rope tows, guns. Lighting is turned on at 18.00, and turns off at 21.00.

More professional athletes asa warm-up track can choose a steep slope, located in Gorny Smokovec. There is a hotel called Bellevue. Serving descent rope tows.

The main resort center

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The main center of skating in the Old Smokovec is the Grebenok. For 9 minutes you can climb the cable car to a height of 1263 meters.

For beginners skiers are suitable simpletrails, the length of which does not exceed 370 meters. Experienced athletes will be able to climb to a height of 1500 meters. In addition, professionals can try their hand at the "black" slalom track called Homa Luka. Hrebienok is equipped with drag lifts and cannons. For children there is also a special drag lift, the length of which reaches 70 meters. In addition, there is a special children's school in the ski center.

Mountain ski resort "Jasna"

Slovakia in its possession has such an area,which is considered the most environmentally friendly in comparison with other places in Europe. It's about the Low Tatras. The territory of this region is completely a national park. Regardless of the fact that the Low Tatras do not have too high mountains, the trails are always full of snow. The total length of the resorts is more than 20 kilometers.

the ski resort is clear Slovakia

It is here that one of the most popular resorts is located - "Jasna". Judging by the numerous reviews, this place is the best ski center.

In order to reach the ski center"Clear" from the airport, it will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Located near the mountain Chopok in the national park. The best conditions for skiing are offered by the ski resort "Jasna".

Slovakia, the reviews are very well demonstrated,belongs to those international tourist centers that are characterized by a high category. And in many respects this success was achieved thanks to the resort "Jasna". It is in this place that every year there are major competitions in alpine skiing, which are included in the calendar of the European Cup.

Technological component

The resort's tracks are equipped with 13 lifts,which have a total capacity of 8 thousand people per hour. The ski center in its composition has about 21 kilometers of high-speed trails, which every day roll off. Degrees of complexity can be very different. The most popular pistes are equipped with snow cannons, which allows skiers to conquer the peaks even in the most snow-less winters.

The Jasna Ski Center has gained popularity andamong snowboarders, as it is here that all the necessary conditions for such sports as freeride, jump, jibbing are presented. The cost of one day stay - from 237 euros per adult.


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Now you know which places you can visit,if you decide to go to a country like Slovakia. Ski resorts, prices for services in which are relatively low, are able to give a lot of positive emotions.