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Sights of Krasnogorsk: description, addresses

The city of Krasnogorsk is located near Moscow, tonorth-west of the Moscow Ring Road, about 22 kilometers. Before the beginning of the century before last, in the place of today's Krasnogorsk there was a small number of villages. The oldest of them, Pavshino, is known since the end of the XV century.

sights of Krasnogorsk

A short digression into the history

In the XIX century in these villages there are largeIndustrial enterprises, mostly related to textiles. Wolokolamskoe highway and railway to Riga were built. The village of Banki turns into a manufacturing village. In 1926 the Podolsky Mechanical Plant was moved here. In the circumstances, the country's leadership is considering the possibility of creating on the site of the villages of the city of Optikogorsk. But the local population stubbornly did not want to take this name, and instead of Optikogorsk, Krasnogorsk appeared, after the name of one of the villages - Krasnaya Gorka.

The proximity of the city to the capital is one ofopportunities to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the big city and visit Krasnogorsk on weekends. Moreover, the sights of Krasnogorsk are of interest. They can be enjoyed with pleasure.

Chapel-burial-vault, Znamensky church

In the heart of Krasnogorsk is a manor houseZnamenskoe-Gubaylovo. Its main highlight is the Znamenskaya church, which is a stone church erected in honor of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Sign".

The temple has a unique interior, it is ornamentedkokoshnikami, columns and window platbands. The cathedral's cathedrals are crowned with the amazing beauty of the mosaic made in Russian-Byzantine traditions. The chic imperial gates, representing a genuine jeweler's work with the use of decorated gold plates, stand mosaic floor in the choir decorated with artistic motifs of the symbols of Christianity. On both sides of the royal gate are unmatched icons from the mosaic: on the right side - the Savior, on the left - the Mother of God, and also the shrine of the cathedral - the revered icon with the relics of the Optina elders. This Krasnogorsk attractions are not exhausted.

Another striking monument of architecture -the chapel-tomb of the Polyakovs' husband, erected next to the sanctuary. This chapel has an original decor of the facades and interior. They are completely made of ceramics.


Concert Hall-transformer

It is worth mentioning also "Crocus City Hall" - the most famous multi-level concert hall, which was built in 2009 and named after Muslim Magomayev.

Hall "Crocus City Hall" is equipped with the most progressive technical equipment and meets the highest world standards. It can accommodate more than 7000 spectators.

Also in the Crocus City Hall, there are demonstrations of fashion collections, the "Nika" award and the musical award of the Ru.TV channel are held.

Crocus City Hall

What else to visit in Krasnogorsk?

Maybe the German Museumanti-fascists, who has existed since 1985? This is an extraordinary, unique museum of its kind, whose history began during the Second World War. During the battle in Krasnogorsk, the German military were captured, as well as a number of civilians who arrived because of curiosity or with the desire to help the fascist army.

The prisoners were placed in the small village of Brusky -then she was called a camp, and prisoners were fascists. They worked in factories, built, and after a while their way of life became the same as that of many Soviet workers. In the camp, besides the German prisoners, there were also representatives of other nationalities. They were citizens of the countries that took the side of the Wehrmacht. The overwhelming majority of these people, like the citizens of the USSR, wanted a peaceful life, and they had such an opportunity.

An antifascist school was established in the village fortraining of newcomers to the Russian language and education of those vital values ​​that were adhered to in the Soviet Union. On the basis of the camp, the famous council "Free Germany" was created, which was one of the largest organizations of German antifascists. The Council specialized in the recruitment of prisoners, propaganda on the fronts using loudspeakers and the production of campaign leaflets for Wehrmacht soldiers. The council had its own radio station with the same name "Free Germany".

museum of German antifascists


Details of the foreigners' everyday life were completean interesting collection of the museum - exhibits items of everyday use, the reconstruction of rooms in which these people lived, as well as exhibited items created by the hands of prisoners. These are very interesting and original handicrafts, made in quite difficult times for people.

Manor Arkhangelskoe, the city of Krasnogorsk

Manor "Arkhangelsk" - a kind of VersaillesMoscow suburbs, an amazing cultural monument, which rises majestically on the high coast of the ancient riverbed of the Moskva River. Unique picturesque landscapes delight the eyes of visitors and allow you to forget about the vital. This is a full of interesting museum exhibits. Here you can see the wonderful collections of paintings of the XVII-XIX centuries, as well as a collection of sculptures.

Here is the largest in RussiaA collection of rare books, including more than 16,000 volumes. Also here are the theater of Gonzaga and the Apollo grove. A pink fountain with a gazebo, a monument to Catherine the Great with an architectural frame, as well as an alley with statues leading to the monument to Pushkin, and other notorious attractions of Krasnogorsk can be seen strolling through the manor and enjoying the cleanest air. There are beautiful parks here. This is a large parterre designed in the style of a French regular park, subject to the laws of mathematics and symmetry. English park, like a forest, where tall trees and thick bushes grow. On the border of English and French parks is a small arch, called the "Ruined Arch".

Krasnogorsk manor Arkhangelskoye

Children's fairy tale - zoo "Otrada"

In Krasnogorsk there is an amusement park andzoo "Otrada", in which for young guests there is a rope park, a horse riding club, a zoo, a playground with a sandbox, slides and a carousel, a skating rink. The cafe offers a special menu.

amusement park and zoo of pleasure

There can be guided tours and scenicstaging, organizing fishing, themed holidays, classes, special programs and horse-drawn carriages. The zoo is home to a large number of animals: Vietnamese mini-pigs, porcupines, raccoon raccoons, spotted deer, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits of various breeds, Nubian goats, ponies, mini-goats, llamas and noses. Also in the zoo there are more than 30 species of birds.

If you come to this city, visit the sights of Krasnogorsk, because this is not all that the city can boast of.