/ / Average Akhtuba, Volgograd region, the camp "Veterok"

Average Ahtuba, the Volgograd region, the camp "Veterok"

The Vetrok tourist base is not far awayfrom the village of Akhtuba in the Volgograd region. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday and active tourism. Here, any person will find something to do, so the weekend at the recreation center will be remembered for many years. No wonder many tourists return to this place next year.


This wonderful place is in the village areaAverage Akhtuba in the Volgograd region. It is easy to get to the hostel on any transport. On the nearest road there are signs that will help guests find it without any problems. The hostel of the Central Akhtuba is liked by the guests for their hospitality, cosiness and interesting entertainments. It is built in a modern style. All the wooden structures harmoniously fit into the landscape. In two-story houses there are verandas for rest.

average achtuba

Nature in the surroundings of the hostel

A unique landscape around the camp site:amazing forests and clean air, from which thoughts become clear and kind. If you come to this place for a long time, then the local air can benefit even the most sick person, what can we say about healthy people.

Near the tourist base is spread outbeautiful river Akhtuba. In this place you can get to any vacationer, but first you need to find yourself a guide for this trip. The reservoir is in perfect harmony with the deciduous forest, which occupies a large area - about eight hectares. In the forest you can see the purity and even savagery. The local places are unfamiliar with noise and dirt.

middle camp site

Sights of Sredneakhtubinsky district

Guests who have seen enough and walk up and down the local forests and groves, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of the area of ​​Central Akhtuba.

  • Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd is known to allRussians. It is considered the largest complex, which is dedicated to the victory over fascism. Mamayev Kurgan erected about eight years, and in 1967 construction was completed. In this complex there is the strongest in spirit monument of the Great Patriotic War - "Motherland Calls."
  • In the museum-preserve "Old Sarepta" used to bethe very first colony in Russia was organized, in which foreign settlers from European countries were located. Now in this museum you can get acquainted with archaeological and historical artifacts.
  • The Volga-Akhtuba floodplain is not a tourist attraction, but a paradise for fishermen. It is here that you can arrange the most successful fishing in the Volgograd region. The floodplain is rich in fish of various species.

Parks "Donskoy" and "Shcherbakovsky" - wonderfulplaces for entertainment and recreation with children. In the parks there are ancient, preserved to this day objects, as well as chalky mountains, which impress with its majestic view.

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Accommodation and meals for tourists

At the camp "Veterok" near Srednyaya Akhtuba holidaysis not only interesting, but also comfortable. With cozy rooms for accommodation, guests can feel at home. There are several housing options.

  • Separate VIP-The guest house is a great optionresidence in the territory of the "Veterok" base near the Middle Akhtuba Volgograd region. Designed for eight or more guests. The house is divided into two parts, each of them can accommodate four people. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen and a dining room, one bedroom and a bathroom. On the second floor there is a large bedroom and a bathroom. Also in the house there is a lovely terrace. There is everything necessary for excellent pastime and accommodation: appliances (fridge, kettle, microwave, TV), Internet, appliances and utensils, bed linen, towels and much more. On the veranda there is a private barbecue and beautiful furniture.
  • Luxury room or luxury house calculatedfor four guests. There are two comfortable double beds, refrigerator, kettle, TV with cable channels, air conditioning and heating, chest of drawers, table, kitchen area, stove, dishes, bathroom. The houses have their own veranda.
  • Standard room for two or more people has two or more beds, a modern refrigerator, a functional teapot, a wardrobe, a table and a bathroom.

For more information about the cost, please contactmanager of the tourist center. Food in the territory of this tourist base is full and balanced. For breakfast, various types of cereals, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes, various sorts of cheese and much more are served.

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Services for guests of the "Veterok"

The average Akhtuba is located not far fromVolgograd, many vacationers come here on their cars. Visitors do not have to worry about their transport. Free parking is provided on site. Also, guests can use the gazebo and barbecue area. In the evening, each guest can afford to cook a shish kebab or simply relax in a fairy-tale gazebo.

In the territory of the tourist complex there isplayground. While children have fun, adults can play billiards, tennis or volleyball. If the guests are hungry, they can visit the local restaurant, where they prepare European cuisine.