/ What to do in the summer in the village? Relax!

What to do in the summer in the village? Relax!

what to do in the summer in the village
"What to do in the summer in the village?"is a question that worries many townspeople who miss the" simple "rural life, on the one hand, they are ready to merge with nature, while on the other hand, quite rightly, they are thinking about how to spend the summer in a village far from the water pipe, the Internet, and sometimes even television. From my point of view, the question can be answered in one word: "Rest!" Another thing is that the concept of "rest" for each of us has its significance. "For my neighbor, Uncle Vasya's plumber, a trip to a friend in a village is always a holiday, which means that a few days poison can not go to work, and therefore, do not limit yourself to receiving a "hot local production fluids", which in an ancient saying name "moonshine." Baba Vera likes to go to the village, because she likes to "swarm" on the site - to dig , weed, thin out, and then proudly show the unsuitable urban dwellers the tomatoes and watermelons that she raised herself, by the way, her granddaughter, fifteen-year-old Nina, is also happy to go to her grandmother's small homeland. I asked her about what you can do in the summer in the village. Ninka blushed, but then she said: "Well, to walk, to communicate, and in general ...". Translated into clear language, this meant that, unlike parents, the grandmother did not call her home at 22.00. In addition, Ninka has an admirer there who does not wait for her to come, and is ready to listen to her every word. Finally, in the village, where you need to get a couple of days, there are still some Ninhina children, among whom she is undoubtedly the fashionress. It's nice to feel like the first guy, or rather a girl, in the village. But seriously, what to do in the summer in the village?
what to do in the summer in the village

Working on ourselves

Were you ever going to learn English?Prepare to enter the institute? Or are you dreaming of reading in silence? A better place than a village can not be found. I'm not talking about the purest air, literally activating the work of our tired from the city stresses of the brain. In the village, you can go to bed early, get up late (or vice versa), and then in silence and peace, only mooing and crowing little-known living creatures, teach what you have been planning for the whole year. What to do in the summer in the village? Do sports, write poetry, just make long walks, admiring meadows or forests.

how to spend summer in the countryside

We are being treated

Fresh air and rural peace helpget rid of stress, improve immunity. Try to add to this unfashionable, but simple and delicious village food, undiluted and unpasteurized, just "milk extracted from the cow", gymnastics or walks, physical labor. You will see that you can get rid of many diseases, ranging from allergies and ending with what is called in the city "all bored". Having been very bored in the countryside for the blessings of civilization, you can reconsider your life, bring your thoughts and health in order. Then, after returning, it will be possible with new forces to plunge into the turmoil of the city. In the meantime, you can swim, sunbathe, walk barefoot and get pleasure from the fact that you do not need to hurry anywhere.


What to do in the summer in the village?Help your grandparents. I know, someone does not like to mow the grass, with his grandfather repair the fence or clean the barn (interestingly, they still remained in the villages?). Just think about this: a few more years, and you too will become grandfather and grandmother. And what if your grandchildren do not want to help you? What to do in the summer in the village? Relax and work, build and weed, get acquainted and communicate, help and relax, sit back and work on yourself, enjoy nature and miss the city. In a word, to live and have fun.