/ How to book a plane ticket? Booking airline tickets online without payment

How to book a plane ticket? Booking airline tickets online without payment

Buy air ticket in the era of digital technologyis not difficult. But sometimes you have to face a situation where it is impossible to do it right away. And then you have to decide the question: "How to book a plane ticket?" Sometimes it happens that the traveler does not have enough money for immediate payment of the ticket. In that case, it would not be unnecessary for him to know how to book a ticket without payment.

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In which cases might it be necessary to book?

Online booking of air tickets may be needed in the following cases:

  • There is a risk not to get a visa. Some states deny it. Therefore, before buying tickets, when this question is not yet resolved, it is very risky.
  • The tourist does not have enough money.It happens that the money has not yet been credited to the account, and the convenient fare for the air flight and the ticket price are already known. In this case, resort to booking. The purchase is processed later.
  • To obtain a visa, presentation is sometimes requiredair ticket in the opposite direction. It happens that a tourist is not going to return in the foreseeable future or does not want to fly back the same way. For example, in Thailand, without a return ticket, you can not fly away - the passenger simply will not be put on a flight. If it is necessary for a visa, it is possible to print out and present a hard copy of the reservation.

To obtain a visa

Many people are interested in the question:"How do I book a plane ticket for a visa?" Often, the list of documents required to obtain a visa (for example, Schengen) requires the attachment of a document on hotel booking and air tickets. If the terms of the trip are not determined, in this case, to pay for the flight solely for the sake of a visa is costly and meaningless. When crossing the border with some countries, a return ticket is required. As a rule, it should be just a plane ticket! In a long journey to buy a travel document only for the sake of presenting it to each border is irrational. The way out is to book a ticket with the possibility of deferred payment.

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Where and how to book a plane ticket without payment?

  • On the website of air carriers.Airlines will always provide a reservation without payment at a fare that arranges a tourist, a few days before departure. For example, a German air carrier Lufthansa can grant a delay of payment for a couple of days, US company United - for a week. Emirates, Korean Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines - for 10 days. But Lufthansa for cancellation of guaranteed reservation can be withheld fee, which on the airline's website is spelled out in the conditions. It would be important to note that if a tourist is really interested in buying a ticket, payment should be made as soon as possible, as the air carrier has the right to cancel the reservation at any time.
  • At the ticket offices.The most popular agencies where you can make an online booking of air tickets without payment are Euroavia Agent.ru. It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to say for sure how long the reservation will last. This largely depends on the time remaining until the departure of the traveler of interest. When trying to book a ticket for 3 days naively count on the fact that the reservation will be held for more than a day. If the flight is booked for 3 months, then the airlines are likely to react with maximum loyalty and will keep the reservation for a sufficiently long time.

How can I confirm the reservation?

If necessary, you can print out its papercopy. In this case, you should use special services designed to check booked flights. To identify the armor on these sites, enter the 6-digit armor code PNR and the name of the passenger in the Latin alphabet. Thus, the status of the unpaid armor will be confirmed, and the embassy staff will not ask unnecessary questions.

How do I get a booked flight ticket?

After booking the flight andpayment for the specified mail (e-mail) comes a route receipt (it is also called e-ticket, i.e., an e-ticket). In order to receive a paper ticket, the receipt must be printed and presented at the check-in desk at the airport.

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On the Federal Law No. 314-FZ

In December 2007 the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin signed Federal Law No. 314-FZ, which proclaimed that the documents used in the provision of air transportation services for passengers (be it a ticket, baggage check or other) can be issued electronically. Since then, the E-Ticket system has been introduced in all Russian airlines.

How does it work?

  • The airline's client (passenger) chooses and pays for an available flight.
  • The airline reserves seats, and the client sends a route receipt, i.e. e-ticket.
  • The client prints it, and on the day of departure it should be presented at the check-in counter of the flight.
  • The airline's operator compares the passport data of the client and the information in the e-ticket, after which a paper ticket is issued.
  • After receiving this, the passenger can pass the baggage and proceed to the green zone where customs control passes. Here he is examined and again reconciled with the data in a paper ticket.
  • After the customs, the passenger must proceed to the waiting area, where, after the flight is announced, boarding will begin. During the landing, you will again need to present a paper ticket.
  • After checking the boarding pass the passenger returns, and he can proceed to the ship.

What documents are needed for registration?

To all who aspire to order tickets for an airplane online, it is necessary to know that at registration it is necessary to show:

  • for internal flights: an internal passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with a route ticket (e-ticket);
  • for external flights: a foreign passport (valid) with a route ticket (e-ticket).

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How to return an air ticket?

I managed to book tickets for the plane online, andnow have to return them? Then you should know that usually with the ticket to the client's e-mail, the details of the agent booking the flight are sent. You should find your agent and contact him soon.

About the order of air tickets booking

Tourists, wondering how to book a plane ticket via the Internet, remember the following:

  • Air ticket is an international transportationdocument. Therefore, information on its booking and sale (description of the flight, personal data of the passenger, air ticket codes, tariff rules, etc.) is provided in English.
  • Personal data of a potential passengermust necessarily coincide with those written in his document. According to the rules of the International Association of Carriers, no more than three errors are allowed in the name and passenger's name. In this case, the first letter of the surname must be correct.

Those who are interested in how to book a plane ticket for air travel with a transfer, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the amount of minimal docking time: sometimes in large airports, where a large passenger turnover, it is insufficient for transplantation;
  • in the point of transplantation it is necessary to pass passport control;
  • should clarify the need for baggage collection at the point of transfer when traveling by different airlines;
  • the operator or airlineto specify the information on the change of the airport at the point of transfer, on the distance of the airports, the way of moving between them and about the time of day that determines traffic on the roads; in addition, it is important to take into account the need to obtain a transit visa;
  • upon the completion of the booking of the air ticket, as alreadyit was said that the passenger receives a notification on his e-mail, which specifies the reservation number, all the details of the flight and the period of payment for the air ticket;
  • after the operator receives a confirmation of payment, an electronic ticket arrives at the same address;
  • plane tickets reserved for one and the sameThe same or nearby dates, as well as those in which the names of passengers or routes coincide, are automatically canceled by the airline, regardless of whether the payment is made, so if identical reservations are made at different agencies or on Internet sites, it is necessary to cancel duplicates or necessarily inform the operator about it.

About modification and cancellation

Interested in how to book a plane ticket, you should know that:

  • until the passenger has been paid and the air ticket has not been sold, it is possible to make changes to the ticket reservation or cancellation without any additional charges;
  • sale of air tickets is the assignment to them of numbers on the drain of a certain airline; air ticket codes are placed after the payment is received to the account of the operator;
  • in the booked or already sold air ticket is notcan be changed the names and names of passengers under any circumstances - it is possible to carry out exclusively by canceling and creating a new ticket if there are seats on the flight;
  • If an error is made during the booking of a ticket, the need for making changes or cancellation, you should inform the operator about it.

How to pay for the air ticket?

Air tickets are paid in the following ways:

  • during working hours at the operator's office;
  • in any bank by bank transfer (forindividuals) from the company's account (for legal entities), and in order to avoid misunderstandings related to the movement of funds between banks, the payment should be reported to the operator by phone / fax or by e-mail;
  • You can pay with a credit card at the operator's office (VISA, American Express, MASTERCARD are accepted for payment), while the cost of the ticket is supplemented with compensation for bank charges.

About the ticket price

Usually, the airline guarantees the cost ofair ticket until 23:59 local time. With the onset of the next day, it may change (increase or decrease), since before the time of sale of the ticket the carrier is entitled to make changes in the conditions. The cost of the air ticket may vary depending on the currency exchange rate fluctuations. If payment is planned not on the day of booking, in order to avoid misunderstandings, before you transfer money, you should check with the operator the actual cost of the air ticket.

Book air ticket "Aeroflot"

Aeroflot is the leading Russianairline, member of the International Air Transport Association. The company has long been operating in the market and is one of the largest in the country. It is based in Sheremetyevo, its service is subject to a large number of domestic and international flights. It is distinguished by a high level of service provided to air passengers.

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In order to book air tickets, notalways apply to the airport ticket office. This can be done online or by phone. For those who are interested in how to book a plane ticket, Aeroflot offers detailed instructions.

Get acquainted with the schedule

First of all, you need to visit the website of Aeroflotand study the schedule of flights. To facilitate the search, a convenient filter system was implemented. Enter the time of departure and arrival, the date of departure and return. After that, you just need to click "Find." In a moment, the client's attention will be given a list of all flights to a particular destination and a specific day.

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Choosing a flight and fare

Further one click by pressing: "Buy a ticket", go to the purchase page. Here it is offered to familiarize with the order of realization of the order of air tickets. If the rules are clear to the potential passenger, he can tick the corresponding line, after which it is necessary to fill in the fields (departure, arrival, date, time of departure, number of tickets ordered, class of service). After that, one click brings up a list of flights and selects a tariff.

Before moving to the next pagecheck the completed fields! Errors mistaken at the registration of an order can be expensive. At delivery of the air ticket it is necessary to pay a penalty, to write out new travel documents. In case of an error, the order should be immediately canceled by phone.

Personal document

Air ticket is a personal document. Therefore, when ordering a customer, you need to enter your passport information. Flight within Russia means entering data of a regular passport, traveling abroad requires the importation of passport information. The name and surname are written in Latin letters in the corresponding field.

About payment

You can pay for the ticket for Aeroflotways: from the bank card on the site, through the QIWI system or the company's representative office. The payment method should be indicated on the website. The itinerary receipt will come after payment by e-mail.

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About nuances

  • You can order Aeroflot air tickets on the phone, in the online ticket office or on a special online service.
  • The airline reserves the reservation within 24 hours. If the customer does not pay for the order during this time, the ticket will be sold to another.
  • When ordering an economy class air ticket,take into account that they can not be returned or changed to others without significant financial losses. For this category of documents, Aeroflot has significant limitations.
  • This air carrier carries out regularbudget flights and charters. The first at their comparative cheapness are distinguished by inconvenient time of departure and arrival. The plane provides for additional payment for luggage and food. Charters are also not always profitable. Their routes run only through countries that are popular with Russians. In addition, the best seats are usually reserved by tour operators.
  • In "Aeroflot" sometimes discounts are offered, which are not widely advertised. You can learn about them by following the news of the company. You can find out about the availability of cheap tickets by phone.
  • If you order air tickets from Aeroflot one way, for holidays, weekends, it will cost more.
  • For those who do not know how to book a ticket forplane by phone, it should be recalled that we should try to call passport data, departure date and other information as clearly as possible. Otherwise, you can not avoid mistakes when placing an order.