/ / Aristea Hotel 2 * (Greece, Elounda): description of rooms, service, reviews. Holidays in Greece with children - where better

Aristea Hotel 2 * (Greece, Elounda): description of rooms, service, reviews. Holidays in Greece with children - where better

The cradle of human civilization.A country rich in unique historical monuments. A state that offers tourists a holiday on four warm seas with luxurious sandy beaches. Magnificent cuisine, abundant in seafood and vegetables, as well as stunningly beautiful nature, amazing pine-giants and silver olive groves. We hope you have guessed which country will be discussed in today's article? Still in doubt? It is not necessary, on the world map there is no other such land as Greece.

Millions of tourists come here every year, and witheach new season, the percentage of Russians among them is getting higher. This year, Greece is a worthy competition to the popular resorts of Egypt and Turkey. Almost every third Russian family planning a summer holiday is thinking about choosing Greek resorts.

However, a big problem for ourcompatriots becomes the diversity of tourist zones that the country provides. It is especially difficult to choose one or another resort if you are going on holiday with a child. So today we will tell you everything about the rest in Greece with children (where is the best and what is the approximate cost of the tour). And also give a description of one of the most inexpensive hotels in Crete, ideal for settling with kids.

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Greece: making a choice

The economic crisis, which in recent yearsnegatively influenced tourism in many countries, forced our compatriots to look for new resorts that provide the most favorable prices and living conditions. Unexpectedly for many people, Greece very quickly orientated itself in a new environment and managed to offer Russians a rich and inexpensive vacation at their resorts.

What is it that attracts tourists in this country?Oh, it's very difficult to put together. After all, Greece can provide a huge variety of not only resort areas, but also types of recreation, as well as hotels on any wallet.

First of all family travelersattracts the fact that almost all the beaches and resorts of the country are great for recreation with children. Most of them are well equipped, have developed infrastructure and a gentle entrance to the water. All the beach areas in Greece are very clean, which is very important when you choose a place to spend a vacation with your child.

Tourists have the opportunity to choose among the largenumber of hotels. In Greece, quite a lot of good hotel complexes from two stars, and four-star and five-star hotels have been working for several years on an all-inclusive system. This is another reason for making a choice in favor of the Greek resorts.

Great for families with children mildMediterranean climate of the country. In summer there is rarely a suffocating heat with high humidity, which is simply ideal conditions for tourists. In winter, the coast is pretty comfortable weather, allowing you to enjoy the sightseeing of local attractions.

Not the least role in the choice of Greece as a place to relax plays and national cuisine. It belongs to one of the healthiest in the world and is always very popular with children of all ages.

Also, many parents believe that the Greekvacations will be able to open from a different angle for children the dry historical facts set forth in the textbooks. After all, a child of school age will be happy to go on sightseeing, which previously only read in books. In addition, Greece is rich not only with ancient ruins and treasures of antiquity, but also with holy places, the most revered of which is considered Athos.

We think that all of the above information is sufficientin order to make a choice in favor of this amazing country. However, do not forget that a visa for Greece is necessary for Russians. Although every year the visa regime between the two states is greatly simplified. What is the tourist season of 2017 preparing for us?

Visa to Greece for Russians

In order to enjoy the gorgeous beachescountries, our compatriots must issue "Schengen". A tourist visa will allow you to stay in Greece for up to thirty days. This time is quite enough for those who dream of rest on the islands or the mainland.

You can apply for a visa in more thantwenty visa centers. Each year, the list of cities in which you can draw up all the necessary documents, increases. Next year Greece plans to open at least ten visa centers in Russia.

To get the "Schengen" you need to present the following papers:

  • questionnaire;
  • copies and original of the foreign passport;
  • copies of the Russian passport;
  • two photographs of the standard pattern;
  • insurance;
  • confirmation of hotel reservation and air tickets;
  • financial document.

The cost of a visa is set at sixty euros. Your documents are usually considered about two weeks in the regions and two to five days in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

 holidays in Greece with children where better

Visa-free islands

Sometimes Russians take the opportunity of visa-free entry to some Greek islands. The most popular among our compatriots are:

  • Rhodes;
  • Kos;
  • Lesbos.

However, this way to visit Greece has its pitfalls:

  • without a visa, Russians can be on the indicated islands in the event that they arrived there by sea from Turkey;
  • a tourist can not travel to another part of the country;
  • holidaymakers must return to their homeland again through Turkey;
  • Holiday on the islands should not exceed fourteen days.

Many Russians have no idea thatvisa-free entry to the islands is a kind of bluff. After all, on the territory of the state you still need to make out a package of documents, no different from those necessary for obtaining the "Schengen". Therefore, experienced travelers still advise to get a Schengen visa in Russia, so your trip will be more calm and pleasant. Especially when it comes to traveling with children.

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Features of rest with the child

All parents know that when they go on vacation together with their beloved child, they should be especially picky in choosing a resort and a hotel. What do you need to consider when planning a family vacation in Greece?

If you fly on vacation not alone, then pay attention to the following factors:

  • distance from the airport to the resort;
  • the first coastline;
  • a sandy beach in the vicinity of the hotel with a gently sloping entrance to the water;
  • minimum number of marine inhabitants;
  • a wide range of children's entertainment on the territory of the hotel complex.

For Russians it turns out to be a real discovery that most resorts and hotels in the country meet the listed requirements. But still try to find out which of them are the best.

Rest in Greece with children: where is the best

Tourists who have never been in thisthe most beautiful and hospitable country, must take into account that all resorts are divided into island and mainland. They have their own characteristics and characteristics, for the article we have chosen those that will be ideal for relaxing with the child.

If you prefer the mainland part of Greece, then you should pay attention to the following resorts:

  • The Halkidiki Peninsula. Tourists have chosen two resorts of the peninsula - Cassandra and Sithonia. There are beautiful golden beaches, as well as pine forests, filling the air with an incredible aroma. For a family holiday, Sithonia is more suitable, the resort is quite calm and has a developed infrastructure.
  • The Peloponnese Peninsula. Here is one of the best coastal stripes in the country, where it is very pleasant to have a rest with small children. Children older than the sea will be interested in the sights of the ancient period, of which in the Peloponnese in abundance.

Many of our compatriots prefer a rest on the islands:

  • Rhodes is great for the smallesttravelers. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, forming numerous secluded lagoons with sandy beaches. The best resort of the island is Faliraki, where there is a large water park.
  • The most green is the island of Corfu. There are many monuments of medieval architecture that will be of interest to children from five years old. The most popular beach area is Agios Gordios, located in a cozy bay, where there is virtually no wind and waves.
  • The island of Crete is one of the most beloved of Russiansplaces of rest. Here our compatriots, captivated by a rich excursion program, water parks and a large selection of hotels, come most often. The best for children are the beaches of Elounda.

We want to tell more about this resort.

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Elounda: a resort with incredibly beautiful beach areas

If you decide to go with a child to Crete, thenchoose this part of it. Elounda is famous throughout Greece for its luxurious hotels and an abundance of entertainment. Here you can forget about everything, immersed in the incredibly diverse life that tourists provide hotel complex employees.

The beaches of Elounda are a special topic for conversation. They are considered one of the most beautiful in Greece and, despite their small size, enjoy great popularity among holidaymakers.

Private beach areas are located in the areaPigadacia. Here are built the most luxurious hotels that managed to "take over" part of the beach. Almost every hotel complex has its own wharf, where lovely ships, painted in bright colors, land.

In Skisma there is a city beach, whichideal for children. Here you can perfectly relax, sunbathing and swimming in a cozy lagoon or playing volleyball and practicing water sports. Kids are happy to spend time on the playground, equipped directly on the beach.

On the way to Plaka there are numerous wildpebble beaches. They are surrounded by olive groves, which gives them a slightly fantastic view. Sometimes trees descend to the very water, creating an incredibly beautiful landscape.

If you like beaches, where everything is very goodorganized, then you should go to Hyonas. It is municipal, but equipped with everything necessary for a good rest. Here you will find not only sun loungers and umbrellas, but also shower cabins, a rescue base and picturesque bars with an abundance of tasty snacks and drinks.

It is worth noting that most hotels in Eloundaquite expensive. But we are ready to tell you about a small hotel complex that would be affordable for any average Russian family. If you are in search of the best value for money, then choose the Aristea hotel.

Description and location of the hotel complex

Hotel Aristea 2 * is located in Greece in Eloundaalmost in the heart of the resort. Its location is quite convenient for families with children. Judge for yourself - you do not have to go to the beach for more than five minutes, next to the bus stop, shops and bars, and from the airport to Aristea Hotel 2 * you will need to overcome only seventy-three kilometers.

From the hotel you can reach in a few minutesany part of Elounda and other resort areas of Crete. However, many travelers confess in their reviews that they have never seen a more beautiful place than Elounda.

Aristea Hotel 2 * in Crete refers to a fairly old and simple hotel, but it is quite cozy, and staff are always ready to provide the necessary assistance to guests.

Elounda beaches

Infrastructure and service in the hotel

The hotel complex Aristea Hotel 2 * hasquite a small area without its own pool. Many tourists consider this a significant drawback, but still recognize that the rest of the hotel leaves a lot of pleasant impressions. Especially it is pleasant to visitors to walk in hot midday on a beautiful garden surrounding a building of a hotel complex.

Since the only building Aristea Hotel 2 *consists of three floors, then there is an elevator in the building. If you rented a car, then you will be provided with free parking, located next to the hotel.

Reception is open around the clock, staffthey speak five languages, including Russian. Therefore, it is always easy to solve any problem that arises with them. Here at the reception of the Aristea Hotel 2 * there is a safe, which is available for a fee.

Guests at the main cozy hotel restaurant. If you want to try the freshest seafood, then go to the tavern, located on the beach of the hotel. Here till eleven o'clock in the evening you will cook delicious fish dishes on Mediterranean recipes. It is worth noting that the beach Aristea Hotel 2 * is pretty good. It pleases with fine sand and developed infrastructure. Keep in mind that this beach area is municipal, so sun loungers and umbrellas will need to pay extra.

Guests at Aristea Hotel 2 *pleasant and unobtrusive. The maids are cleaned daily in the rooms and change towels, you can always ask them. The majority of vacationers noticed that the hotel staff tries to please all the guests without exception.

Many guests liked the acceleratedcheck-in and check-in, as well as free internet throughout the hotel. Guests can also take advantage of fax and photocopying for an additional fee.

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Number of rooms and accommodation

For those who are planning a family vacation in Aristea 2 *, the description of rooms is a very important criterion when choosing the right hotel. Therefore, we paid special attention to this topic.

We have already specified that the hotel complex hassmall size, so there are only thirty-three rooms in it. Basically, they are designed for two and three people, but you can find a single apartment. However, they usually have a view of the street and are very small in size.

Most family rooms overlook thethe most picturesque bay of Mirabello or one of the nearby islands. Please note that smoking is prohibited on site, but accommodation with pets is allowed.

Each room has a TV, telephone, systemair conditioning (extra charge), small bathroom with hairdryer. All guests of the hotel noted in the reviews that the size of their apartments at first was a little embarrassing, but they quickly got used to it. In the bathroom there is always a good pressure of hot water, which is very rare in Greece.

Check in the apartment takes place in two hoursday, departure is carried out from seven in the morning to twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Children under two years can stay in the room for free, for children under the age of twelve, accommodated on an extra bed, you need to pay 4 euros a day.

An adult or a child over the age of twelve who lives in a room on an extra bed must pay an additional eight euros per day.

In general, our compatriots recommend the hotel for a quiet family holiday, involving mainly beach pastime or independent trips to the sights of the island.

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Cost of rest

Experienced travelers claim thatorganized tours to Greece from Moscow will be much cheaper than an independent trip to rest. Therefore, when planning your vacation, you should carefully study the prices for vouchers.

Naturally, the cost of the tour will be directlydepend on the chosen hotel category and the length of the stay. For example, a tour to Greece from Moscow on a weekend in a three-star hotel will cost from six thousand rubles.

If you plan to spend at least two weeks at sea, then you should focus on the amount of forty thousand rubles. The cost of the tour includes airfare, accommodation and two meals a day.

Rest in Greece is always remembered for a long time. Whichever resort you choose, it will in any case make an indelible impression on you. And how can it be otherwise, because Greece is the real cradle of the culture of modern humanity.