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Sanatorium Solotchi (Ryazan): photo and reviews of tourists

In this short article we will discuss in detail the sanatorium "Solotcha" (Ryazan region), its negative and positive aspects, services and much more. Ready? Then we can start!


Sanatorium Solotchi is considered one of the mostthe best resort places in Russia, many tourists call it Russian Switzerland. There is a special microclimate here: a unique flora with over 50 species of rare specimens, a mild temperate climate, clean air enriched with ozone, a picturesque pine forest, Urzhenskoye Lake is a landmark of the Meshchersky Region. The reviews are full of admiration for the surrounding nature.


How to get there?

There is a sanatorium near the Staritsa River andSolotchi Monastery, 25 kilometers from Ryazan. If you plan to get there from the city of Ryazan, use public transport: trolleybus No. 10 takes you to the stop "Torgovy Gorodok", then take a fixed-route taxi No. 41 or 74 or bus number 108 and continue on your way to the "Solatorcha" "".

If you plan a trip by private transport, you need to choose a direction towards the city of Kasimov, then turn left to the village of Polyana and continue driving to Solotcha settlement.

Ryazan sanatorium "Solotcha" creates an excellentatmosphere for families with older parents, and families with young children. On the territory of the sanatorium there are two five-story residential buildings with an elevator, a medical building, a spa complex with a sauna and a sauna, and sports centers.

Number of rooms

At the choice of guests of an institution such as a sanatoriumSolotchi, presents numbers for every taste and purse. If you value comfort, luxury and practicality, a double suite will be a great place to relax and relax after going through all the medical procedures and walking through the forests surrounding the sanatorium. Here you have everything you need: refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, high-speed Internet access.

For lovers of relaxation alonesingle rooms with the most modern decoration are offered. The family can live in a large studio area. By the way, if necessary, in this room you can add one more berth.

You want to relax with a friend or a loved oneand save a little? Stop your choice in the double room of the first building - home comfort and coziness without frills will be an excellent background for treatment and recovery after city bustle. Visit the health resort Solotchi (Ryazan region), you'll definitely enjoy it!


In a spacious dining room equipped with appliancesday lighting, tablets with menus and linen tablecloths, vacationers can spend pleasant time at a good meal. In accordance with medical indications, for each guest a special diet is organized: diet, therapeutic or according to the principle of a buffet.

Sanatorium "Solotcha" for 2015
The menu was designed with great care, withusing the latest approaches in the field of dietetics, so that proper nutrition could have an additional therapeutic effect on the guests of the sanatorium.


Arriving at the sanatorium "Solotcha" (Ryazan), eachthe guest will be able to undergo a full medical examination and identify possible diseases. Highly qualified medical personnel will select and prescribe appropriate treatment. The sanatorium specializes in the therapy of diseases of the nervous system, blood circulation, musculoskeletal system, reproductive system, childhood diseases. Also, your attention is presented to various treatment and recovery programs for solving respiratory problems.

Weight loss

For help to specialists here you can contactand with excess weight problems caused by excessive diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Excess weight can cause such serious and complex diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular pathology, liver failure, arthrosis.

Ryazan sanatorium "Solotcha"
Program "We Lose Weight with Pleasure" (duration6 or 12 days to choose from) is an individual comprehensive approach to each patient, which takes into account the data of all laboratory and diagnostic studies of the guest, as well as his general indications. The list of medical procedures included in this program is wide and varied: manual massage, pressotherapy, hydroponic cleaning of the intestine, magnetotherapy and much more. According to the reviews, the program helped many people lose weight, improve metabolism.

The Relax program

In our difficult times, many people suffer fromsuch ailments as chronic fatigue syndrome, decreased emotional tone, depression, astheno-neurotic syndrome, neurasthenia. Working in conditions of psychoemotional stress, many people sometimes do not attach importance to constant weakness, fatigue and irritability, which can later develop into much more serious diseases.

For you, specialists of such an institution assanatorium Solotchi (Ryazan), have developed an anti-stress program "Relax". As a result of the treatment, the metabolism is normalized, sleep improves, the adaptive capacity of the organism is expanded in conditions of unfavorable production factors, mental and physical activity is increased.

Sanatorium "Solotcha" (Ryazan region)
Activities carried out under thisprograms, - work with a psychologist to level and correct the psychological background, reflex segmental massage with elements of reflexology, Charcot or Vichy shower, sauna-sauna, pool, rest on the bed of "Nuga-Best". The cost of this program in an institution such as the sanatorium "Solotcha" for 2015 was 22,610 rubles (single accommodation), 17,710 rubles (double accommodation) for 7 days.

"Win back pain"

Treatment of the spine in the sanatorium "Solotcha" provides a comprehensive directional approach to this issue. The program "Win a pain in the back" includes three main processes:

1. Massage with the help of the apparatus "Khivamat-200", which creates the effect of the pump: massaging the tissue, it alleviates pain, eliminates edema and other stagnant phenomena.

2. The impact of a low-intensity magnetic field stimulates immunity, has a healing effect on tissues.

3. Extension of all parts of the spine on the apparatus "Ormed-professional."

Treatment of infertility and musculoskeletal system

Sanatorium "Solotcha" reviews are versatile,but most of them are positive. Everyone knows that the family and maternal happiness of every woman depends on her health. For women, due to chronic gynecological diseases already lost hope for the birth of their baby, a new treatment method appeared, patented and registered in the relevant official registries.

Sanatorium "Solotcha": reviews
This method involves the restoration of functionsorgans of the small pelvis due to non-surgical removal of adhesions and infiltrates. In addition, it is absolutely sparing and safe, the risk of recurrence of the adhesion process is reduced to a minimum. Genital function is restored in 75-85% of women with adhesive process in the small pelvis. Happy mothers write grateful reviews.

Currently, pain in the spine isquite often the reason for going to the doctor: physical inactivity, prolonged work at the computer can cause violations in the locomotor apparatus, provoking the appearance of scoliosis, osteochondrosis, protrusions.

About each of the above services, tourists respond positively!


This is another sanatorium located in the resortsettlement. The city of Ryazan, Solotcha, sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" - those places that every self-respecting tourist should visit! Here you will like a dense picturesque pine forest, which, by the way, is a place where air filled with curative ethereal compounds is of particular benefit for tourists with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Guests of the sanatorium can walk among the centuries-old pines and firs, enjoy the beauties of their native land, clean fresh air filled with an invigorating and healing smell of pine needles.

Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" - no less remarkablehotel, which is located in the village of Solotcha. There are only 500 places here, so a huge number of people do not exist. We recommend that you visit this small hotel for those who want a really good time.