/ / A fairy tale in the largest port of Europe. Attractions in Rotterdam

A fairy tale in the largest port of Europe. Attractions in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a dream city for the most sophisticated anddiscerning tourists, whose grandiose whims and whims are fulfilled, barely appearing in the imagination. To the heart of everyone the ancient port of Europe finds its own loophole: lovers of architectural monuments present an abundance of futuristic buildings and buildings in the Art Nouveau style; adherents of sightseeing tourism provides access to city sights; to fans of active rest allows to be engaged in any water sports in water area of ​​four lakes; possessed by passion buy sends to local shopping areas; lovers of taste experience gives unforgettable impressions in the best restaurants and confectioneries. Visiting Rotterdam is like diving into a fairy tale that you do not want to get rid of.

The center of Rotterdam life. Old harbor

Its history is one of the most ancient ports of Europesince the middle of the 14th century. The old harbor is the only place in the city that survived after the bombings during the Great Patriotic War, so it is from here that it is best to begin your acquaintance with the life of Rotterdam. Everyone can watch the busy traffic of ships along the river and get acquainted with the surroundings during a sea excursion along the shipyards, docks and piers. The famous harbor of Rotterdam also goes to the Old Harbor: the legendary "Cubic Houses" and the White House, the first skyscraper in Europe, built in the XIX century and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rotterdam city

Vanguard on a large scale. "Cubic houses"

Rotterdam is a city of bright and unexpectedarchitectural structures. But along with the futuristic and modern buildings, the most original is the residential complex of 38 houses in the form of cubes raised above the ground using supports rotated at an angle of 54 degrees. The idea of ​​creating the avant-garde sight of Rotterdam arose in the early 70-ies of the last century. Then the architect Pete Blom developed the first sketches of the "Cubic House", which consists of several levels. On the first there is a children's playground, shops and a school, on the second - a promenade promenade, and on the third there are living quarters. In the complex people still live, and only one cube is used as a museum to show the arrangement and placement of household utensils in houses of such unusual shape.

Rotterdam Netherlands

Bird's-eye. EuroMast

Studying Rotterdam on a map, it is impossible andto present that unearthly beauty that opens from the mast-tower Euromast, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. The mast was erected on the project of architect Hugh Maaskant in the early 60s of the last century in honor of the famous flower exhibition held in Holland every 10 years. The height of the tower reaches 185 meters, while its diameter is 9 meters, and the thickness of the walls is only 30 centimeters. In the EuroMast tower there are several observation platforms, a European-class restaurant with high prices, a café with a more affordable price bracket and two elite hotel rooms. The latter are full-fledged attractions of Rotterdam, since you can rent a double room only during the period from April to September, and the cost of this service is 385 euros.

Rotterdam on the map

In the animal world. Zoo Blejdorp

For an exciting holiday the whole family can notit is better to visit one of the oldest zoos in the country, which was opened in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in 1857. Over 150 years, the flow of tourists who want to admire the species diversity of the planet Earth and to see rare animals in their natural habitat, which are created on the territory of the zoo, does not decrease.

Attraction-travel to all parts of the world. Blyaidorp Pavilions

Attractions in Rotterdam

Blyaidorp is a favorite Dutch attraction witha lot of interesting pavilions. In the realm of cold and ice you can meet royal penguins and even make a walk along moving ice floes just above the floating birds. Pavilion called "Crocodile River" discourages exotic fish, turtles, crocodiles and amphibians in Africa. In the Oceanarium, you can admire the marine and coastal inhabitants and even see how sharks feed in a shark tunnel. The butterfly pavilion will be pleased by the brightness of the shades, shimmering on the weightless wings of insects that inhabit the recreated forests of the Amazon. Botanical garden will surprise with pride of the Netherlands, national collections of primulas and bromeliads, and in the Asian part of the zoo visitors will be visited by Indian rhinoceroses, bison, Amur leopards, bantengs, lion-tailed macaques, Asian elephants, speckled cats and crested baboons. It is interesting that Blyaidorp actively participates in the program of breeding endangered species of birds and animals. The local attractions of Rotterdam are rare okapi animals (cloven-hoofed giraffe family), plains gorillas and bongos (mammals of the genus of forest antelopes).