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Dominican Republic: photo and reviews about holidays

In the Dominican Republic, tourists go forbeach rest at the highest level. However, after the earthquake on the island of Haiti many worried. Is the Dominican safe enough? Photo of the destruction caused by the elements of the neighboring state, flew all over the world. But here is the strangeness: the eastern part of the island, which is occupied by the Dominican Republic, neither the earthquake nor typhoons are affected. The same striking contrasts are observed in the economies of neighboring countries. When poverty prevails in the Republic of Haiti, the atmosphere of endless Caribbean festivals and festivals reigns in the Dominican Republic. Rest here will not be dull!

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When the independent republic was still Spanishcolony, it was called Santa Domingo, in honor of his patron saint - Dominique de Guzman. The church canonized this founder of the monastic order, despite his dubious moral qualities. The inhabitants of the colony began to be called Dominicans. After gaining independence, the revolutionaries wanted a new name to indicate that the country belongs to the people. Therefore, it became known as the Dominican Republic. The state occupies the eastern part of the island of Haiti, in the Great Antilles archipelago. The population is ten million. The capital of the country is the city of Santa Domingo. Here rush rich lovers of sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and coral reefs from around the world. Dominican Republic - a photo that confirms - a real tropical paradise. Coconut palms on the snow-white shore, as in the advertising "Bounty", bright fish and service at the highest level.

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How to get to Dominican Republic

The country lives by tourism, and therefore the governmentdoes everything to not scare away potential customers unnecessary formalities. For citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, you do not need to take a visa. Provided, of course, that your holiday in the country will not exceed the period of 30 days. The testimonies indicate that it is better to fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow. In the main resort city of Punta Cana, Aeroflot and Transaero planes fly from there. Long flight - about thirteen and a half hours. If you get to Punta Cana from Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan with connecting flights in European capitals, then it will be all day on the road. But the torture is worth it: after all, the exhausted tourists are waiting for a first-class holiday in the Dominican Republic! Prices for renting a car here bite. In addition, local drivers quite freely interpret the rules of the road. Between cities it is better to move in buses, minibuses, which here are called "gua-gua", or a taxi.

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When the "peak season" in the tropical Eden underthe name "Dominican Republic"? Photos taken at different times of the year show that it is always comfortable to rest here. Is that from May to September there are showers. But they sweep so fast, and the equatorial sun scorches so furiously that in ten minutes you will not remember the rain. Despite the showers, the temperature in August (the hottest month on the island of Haiti) does not fall below + 33 ° C. Peak of the season falls on the winter - especially January-February. At this time here comfortable +25 ° C, clear sky and warm, quiet world. Because of the characteristic features of the coast, tides in the local resorts are insignificant.

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This country is not for budget tourists. It is difficult to find a hotel with three stars. In general, hotels 4 *, 5 * and «5 * Deluxe» prevail. A characteristic feature of the hotel complexes of the Dominican Republic is not too high storey. The lion's share of hotels are bungalows for several rooms. Therefore, on the large green territory of such complexes, electric cars or mini-locomotives run. Reviews praise the animation, both adults and children. As for meals, in most resorts, the All Inclusive system is practiced. Battling for the clientele, hotels go for ever larger and more expensive delights: single visits to a la carte restaurants, spa procedures or any alcohol in a bar.

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Resorts of the Dominican Republic

The capital of Santa Domingo is full of interestinghistorical sights, but there are no beaches here. But they are abundantly present in other resorts of the country. Each of them has the necessary not only a set of services for elite rest, but also some zest. Such a many-sided Dominican! Photo resorts allow you to choose a place to spend a holiday to taste. Punta Cana is suitable for those who want to relax and forget for a while that somewhere in the thousands of kilometers from here there is a full-blown office life. La Romana is a resort for VIP tourists. There are many golf courses, yacht clubs and similar entertainment. Puerto Plata is suitable for newlyweds and couples in love. Among the romantic entourage preserved the spirit of old Spain with its colonial palaces. Appreciate Puerto Plata and surfers for the excellent long wave of her surf. Juan Dolio and Boca Chica - places for recreation with children - the depths of lagoons do not exceed one and a half meters. And Bayahibe, Samana and Kap-Kahn will suit active tourists.