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The rest that the hotels of Dzhanhot offer

In the Krasnodar Territory is a resort villageDzhanhot. It is located at the mouth of the river Hotejai on the Black Sea coast. Clean water and comfortable beaches in combination with local nature attract many tourists who like to rest on the coast.


Dzhanhot - a small village, its indigenous,a resident population of only three hundred people. It is located near the popular tourist resort of Gelendzhik Krasnodar Territory. The Black Sea coast here near the village is considered one of the most environmentally friendly areas of it. The uniqueness of the nature of this place is the combination of pine forest, pure mountain air and sea. In the holiday season, such amazing natural conditions do not go unnoticed by potential visitors, and the population of the village of Dzhanhot increases hundreds of times.

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You can get to the village through Gelendzhik,the distance between them is about 20 kilometers. You can do this by ordering a taxi or using the services of scheduled passenger transportation. In recent years, the resort infrastructure is developing in the village of Dzhanhot. Here is:

  • small market;
  • the shops;
  • several cafes.

At the shore of the sea and in a pine forest,guest houses, cottages, recreation centers, slipways, hotels. Dzhanhot - a hospitable village. Its residents are happy to welcome tourists in the private sector. They organize quite tolerable living and food for guests in their homes and country houses. But more comfortable, organized and even economic rest will be offered in the village of Dzhanhot hotels and hotels. The price range per day for living different - from 900 to 10500 rubles. Also, the conditions for accommodation of guests, which are offered by the hotel, vary. Dzhanhot - this is the place where everyone can rest according to their financial situation.

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Safonova Hotel, Dzhanhot

Hotel Safonovo is open all year round,It is located 658 meters from the sea in a pine forest. On a fairly large fenced, guarded and landscaped territory of the hotel there are nine cottages. They are surrounded by unique coniferous trees - Pitsunda pines. There are two to six rooms in the buildings. For the convenience of guests, they are all equipped with separate entrances.

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Daily cost of living for one personmake up about 500-600 rubles, it needs to be clarified with the preliminary booking of accommodation with the hotel administration. Dzhanhot becomes a popular resort, so the price changes. The paid price includes:

  • use of car park;
  • swimming pool;
  • use of a common summer kitchen and household appliances, utensils.

Territory of the hotel is well-equipped. There are three swimming pools. One common, free, and two individual - they can be used for an additional fee. Such pools have heated water, next to them are sun loungers, BBQ and tables. Equipped sports ground, table tennis and billiards will help organize an active holiday.

In the Safonovo Hotel, children under three years of age stay free of charge. For the organization of their leisure there is a children's playground.

The hotel itself can prepare meals, inThese purposes are equipped with a summer kitchen. This - the necessary kitchen furniture and sink, two gas stoves, microwave oven and refrigerator. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils and cutlery. For an additional fee, three meals a day can be arranged.

The hotel rooms are equipped with double or twin beds.single beds, they can accommodate from two to four people. There is necessary furniture, a bathroom is located in each room. The rooms are equipped with household appliances - TV, refrigerator and electric kettle, which ensures the convenience of hotel guests.

Dzhanhot as a place to relax choose because of the close location to the beach, the hotel is just six hundred meters from the shore.

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Reviews of tourists

Hundreds of tourists are attracted to the resort village of Dzhanhot. Hotels here every year develop and improve, so there is no negative feedback about the organization of the work of local hotels.

Guests of this resort village note thatthe rest here is a magnificent nature, a wonderful climate and warm sea, as well as good living conditions and a quality service that suits the holidaymakers.