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Skating rink in the park "Sokolniki": work schedule, travel, prices and reviews

The choice of ice rinks in the capital is unusually wide.However, many fans of skating with the onset of the season rush to the park "Sokolniki." What attracts visitors, what features and shortcomings of his skating rink, we will discuss with you further.

About ice rink

Skating rink "Ice" in the park "Sokolniki", traditionallylocated on the Festival Square, is not the only one in the territory of PK & O. In addition to it, there is a free "Giant" on the Grand Circle, and "Ice Rink" near the Golden Pond, where there is also no fee for visitors. However, most people still want to get to the paid "Ice".

This desire is not accidental, because only this skating rink in Sokolniki, which has an area of ​​5300 m2, - all-weather, becauseHere, a special technology of pouring ice is used, which allows the latter to maintain an excellent state with an air temperature rise of +15 degrees. In addition, the "Ice" is always colorfully decorated: the ice surface is illuminated, light installations and thousands of LED bulbs on the sides, as well as a large media screen with a size of 6x4 m, thematic art objects are installed. For the convenience of spectators temporary wooden stands are erected.

skating rink in the park falconers

At the ice rink "Ice" in the park "Sokolniki"also regularly held fun contests, parties and discos on skates. Young skaters are taught the basics of skating by the teachers of the sports children's school Smekayka. In addition, every winter season here has its own unique theme. Winter of 2016-2017, for example, passed under the sign of rock. The "Ice" site was completely dedicated to this musical direction:

  • From the speakers, the best rock hits were heard (Elvis Presley and the Nirvana bands were also held).
  • On the ice pad, special instructions-strips were taught, teaching rock-and-roll dance movements.
  • 6 gobo projectors created on the ice an atmosphere of the disco era, scattering fleeing multi-colored spots up to 12 m2.
  • In the thickness of the ice, neon lights were installed.
  • Every weekend, the sound of rock rhythms was welcomed by specially invited bands.

Contact Information

Ice rink can be found at: ul.Sokolnichesky Val, 1, p. 1, Festival Square (opposite the pavilion No. 2). The best option for travel is on the metro, stop - station. "Sokolniki" (red branch).

park falconers ice rink

Traditionally, the skating rink in the Sokolniki Park opens on November 28. From now on, it runs daily from 10.00 to 0.00 until the end of the season. The entrance to the ice rink is carried out by the periods:

  • 10.00 - 12.00.
  • 13.00 - 15.00.
  • 16.00 - 18.00.
  • 19.00 - 21.00.
  • 22.00 - 00.00.

The rental is open from 10.00 to 0.00. The delivery of the sports equipment ends at 23.00.

Prices of output for ice, hire

The cost of access to the ice, hire, as well as a list of categories of citizens eligible for free and reduced visits, varies every season. Let's present the latest information - for 2016-2017.

Exit to the ice, children under 3 yearsNot allowed on the skating rink
Exit to ice, children 3-14 years old

Free of charge accompanied by an adult who bought a full ticket.

A child without an adult rides at the full cost of an adult ticket.

Admission to the ice, adults

Weekdays - 250 rubles / session.

Weekends, holidays - 350 rubles / session.

Rental of all kinds of skates200 rubles / session.
Sharpening of blades300 rubles / pair.
Rental of "walkers" for training in skating skills200 rubles / session.
Rental of child protection kit200 rubles / session.
Penalty for loss of electronic pass100 rubles / 1 pc.
Penalty for the loss of the dressing room100 rubles / 1 pc.

The price of the entry pass includes storageclothes in the wardrobe or use one cell for personal items. Skates are released without bail in the form of a passport or a sum of money. For everything else, you need to leave a document and cash (500-1000 rubles) as collateral.

skating rink in the park sokolniki reviews

The benefits of visiting "Ice"

Consider in the table the categories of citizens who have the right to a free or preferential entrance to the skating rink in the Sokolniki Park.

Free admissionPreferential visit
Participants of WWII

Pensioners, disabled people of all categories - 175 rubles / session (only from Monday to Thursday, on non-holidays).

Veterans of the Second World War and other military operationsFamilies with three or more children - on spetsabonemmentuyu (registration in the Athletic and Health Center), no more than 10 sessions per month.
Heroes of the USSR, RF
Former prisoners of concentration camps
Full Knights of the Order of Glory
Former blockade men, as well as persons who have the award "For the Defense of Leningrad"
Working during the Second World War in the rear
Disabled children

To obtain benefits, you must present the relevant documents.

skating rink in the park of the falconers 2014 2015 reviews

Reviews of ice rink "Ice"

The table presents reviews of the ice rink in the Sokolniki Park 2014-2015, as well as for the more recent period 2016-2017.

Relatively affordable pricesSmall roller sizes
Excellent work schedule - from the end of November to the end of MarchBig lines at weekends and holidays, slow cash service
Good quality of iceClose locker room
A small number of visitors on weekdaysRapid deterioration of ice quality due to the large number of skaters
Great music collectionCancellation of benefits for students
There is a toilet in the wardrobe buildingTo be in the locker room can only buy a ticket - accompanying a free pass ordered

Thus, "Ice" from year to year remainsa favorite place for active recreation for Muscovites. Reviews of the rink in the park "Sokolniki" warn that it is much more pleasant and convenient to visit this place on weekdays.