/ Anapa: hotels with private beach. Guest comments about hotels in Anapa with their own beach

Anapa: hotels with private beach. Guest comments about hotels in Anapa with their own beach

In the summer, thousands of tourists go on holiday toto the sea. Hotels in the resorts provide their guests with maximum comfort. However, potential clients often prefer a place of rest, as close as possible to the sea. Anapa is waiting for his guests. Hotels with their own beach are always in high demand.

General information about the resort

Anapa is a city in the Krasnodar Territory.It has long attracted tourists as a balneological and climatic health resort. On the shore of the Black Sea stretches Anapa. Hotels with a private beach are located throughout the coastal strip of the city. This resort was previously one of the most popular health resorts for children. But also the hospitable Anapa is waiting for the adult guests. Hotels with its own beach are located in such resort towns as Lower and Upper Djemet, Supseh, Sukko, Small and Large Utrish.

Anapa has a well developed infrastructure, whichallows guests of the Black Sea coast to spend their vacation as pleasantly as possible. Most of the sanatoriums are open all year round. Annually in Anapa about 4 million people rest. In the city there is a large network of catering establishments, such as canteens, cafes, restaurants, bars.

Anapa (hotels with private beach)

Anapa: hotels with private beach

The most populated in the summer arehotels that have access to the sea and the beach. Among them there are large, designed for hundreds of tourists, and small, cozy hotels, in which it is very pleasant to rest from the bustle. Almost all hotels in Anapa are in the immediate vicinity of the sea. The maximum distance is 300 meters. Most of them offer visitors organized meals, room cleaning, video surveillance, security, cafes. Many have their own saunas and baths, spa salons, hairdressers, massage rooms.

All hotels in Anapa have their own specifics.Some of them are built in the resort area, and some - in adjacent private areas. The former have well-developed infrastructure. Their star level ranges from 3 to 5, which in itself indicates the quality of service. Private hotels usually have only a minimal set of necessary for rest options: refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, Internet, organized meals. In them, as a rule, there is no room service, swimming pool, sauna, massage and spa treatments, a cafe or a restaurant. Private hotels are most suitable for a quiet family holiday. Another drawback of such hotels is that they are usually located at a considerable distance from the sea.

All hotels in Anapa are located near sandy orstony beaches. When choosing the future vacation spot, this should also be taken into account. For children it is better to choose hotels near which there is a clean sandy beach. For lovers of swimming and diving in clear water, shingle is more suitable.

Anapa (hotels with own beach)

Guest comments about hotels in Anapa

Guest comments about hotels in Anapatestify that the living conditions and the level of service in some of them are much worse than those stated in advertising and prospectuses. According to tourists, one of the best places to relax in the immediate vicinity of the sea are such complexes as "White Beach", "Admiral", "Albatross", "Captain", "Anapa", "DeLaMapa", "De Paris" "Juno", La Palma. They show an optimal balance between the quality of accommodation and the price. Here we will dwell on them in more detail. So, what kind of hospitable Anapa is she?

"White Beach": a hotel for families

It is located on the first coastline insettlement of Djemet, on the Pioneer Avenue. This is quite a non-standard hotel. Anapa ("White Beach" including) pleasantly surprises its guests. The complex consists of 22 wooden log houses in 2 floors. Here are also 4 VIP-lodges, which stand somewhat further from the others. On the territory there are 2 outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, a restaurant, playgrounds. The beach area is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. Meals 3 meals a day, according to the principle of a buffet.

Comments of people stopping here inmost of them are positive. Visitors like the "closed" atmosphere (only guests can get to its territory), convenient location, perfect cleanliness, courteous and friendly staff.

anapa white beach hotel

Hotel «Admiral»

It is located on the beach. The hotel is built in the yacht club area. To the pebble beach you just need to go down the path. "Admiral" is the closest to the water hotel complex. It has comfortable rooms. Meals are organized or independent.

What do tourists say about this hotel? Most of all the guests liked the service, the cozy atmosphere, the cleanliness in the rooms. Of course, note the proximity of the beach. Special thanks to many express the restaurant staff who are well prepared and offer a varied menu.

Hotel "Captain"

It is located right on the waterfront. In this hotel there are comfortable rooms, restaurant, sauna, swimming pool, gym, billiard room, SPA-salon, massage room, parking. Visitors are given access to the Internet.

Many tourists in their reviews note that inwhich once stop at this hotel. "Captain" attracts with its adequate prices, friendly staff, excellent cuisine, a wide range of services, which includes a transfer.

Park Hotel Anapa

This 4-star hotel is centrally locatedresort, on the waterfront. He is rightfully considered one of the best in this city. "Anapa" offers its visitors a European level of service, swimming pool, fitness club, restaurant, conference room, billiard bar, room service, babysitting, solarium, sauna, beauty and massage room, parking. Thanks to the excellent service, convenient location, delicious food, perfect cleanliness and affordable prices, the complex has gained fame as one of the best places to relax in Anapa.

Hotel Albatross

This hotel complex is located in thethe center of the resort area. It is located at the intersection of Grebenskaya and Gorky streets. In this place Anapa is very picturesque. Hotels - near the beach, and besides in the immediate vicinity of the local water park. Near the complex are located: bus station, central market, railway and airline ticket offices, bank, amusement park, shopping center. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are "summer stage", theater, cinema. "Albatross" divides the territory with a large sanatorium "Anapa". Hotels with their own beach become a real "mecca" for holidaymakers when they find out that in the above-mentioned sanatorium you can get a wide variety of medical services at affordable prices.

Virtually all the guests of the Albatross leaveabout him only positive feedback: excellent level of service, comfortable rooms of different categories, caring and courteous staff. In their comments, customers mention that there are various discounts, which, of course, can not but rejoice. The highlight of the cafe of the hotel complex is a stunning aquarium. Visitors are offered dishes of Japanese and Italian cuisine at reasonable prices.

Anapa (hotels near the beach)

Hotel de Paris

This cozy, comfortable hotel is located onquiet street of TERM. It is located in the center of Anapa and belongs to the first resort area, because it is located a few dozen meters from the beach. Next to it there is a recreation park and a theatrical square.

Rooms with modern decoration and furniture,ideal location, courteous staff - the main arguments in favor of stopping at this hotel. Comments of former clients are full of words of gratitude to the administration of the institution.

"A priori"

Its sunny beaches are famous for the resort cityAnapa. Hotels with a private beach are modern buildings that meet all the requirements of a comfortable stay. One of them - "A Priori" - is located near the theater square, city park, attractions, food market. In close proximity to it there are various cafes, shops and the Anapa quay. A feature of this hotel is that it has not only a sandy, but pebbly beach, which is only 6-8 minutes walk from the complex.

According to the reviews of tourists, here at reasonable pricesall the services necessary for excellent rest are provided. Each room has a kettle, microwave, split system, TV. The staff is very friendly. Everywhere clean. But there is a drawback - the lack of organized food.

hotels anapa with its own beach

Mini-hotel «Konek»

This hotel belongs to the first resort area. Near it is the lighthouse of Anapa. Hotels with a private beach, such as the "Horse", surround their visitors with special attention. This cozy, quiet place is simply created for a quiet family holiday.

According to tourists, here, as in allthe above hotels, the perfect cleanliness, the rooms are comfortable, tastefully furnished, there are large balconies with a beautiful view. The staff is friendly, the service is at the proper level. Everyone likes having a large pool in the courtyard. Excellent cuisine and affordable prices.

Hotel "Zarya"

Everyone who once visited here, noted the workfriendly staff who performs almost any wishes of their guests. The comfortable rooms are equipped with air conditioning, telephone and TV. Hotel "Zarya" is located in the Central Market area. Next to it there is a sandy beach.

Hotel Anapa white beach

Yunona Hotel

For lovers of chic holidays on the shore of warmAnapa is intended for the sea. Hotels with a private beach, in particular, "Juno", were built recently. This hotel is distinguished by its architectural style and comfortable rooms. Everything in it is thought out to the last detail. Organized food. To the water from the hotel only 4-5 minutes walk.

Reviews of this hotel are almost allpositive. As usual, people pay attention to friendly staff. Special praise was awarded to cozy rooms with comfortable furniture and interesting design. They are presented in the categories of luxury, junior suite and studio, so everyone can choose the most suitable. According to clients, the highlight of the hotel is a beautiful fountain in a cozy courtyard. Very attractive for tourists is the presence in the building of the hotel shops, where you can buy everything you need. As for food, the cuisine here is excellent.

Guest house LA PALMA

It is located in the center of the resort. Anapa hotels with their own beach, such as LA PALMA, are even new to this city. The building is built on Gorkogo Street, 12, in the immediate vicinity of the Department Store. To the sandy beach from him to go only 3-4 minutes. Near the guest house there are cafes, shops, city park, Central Market, water park. Not far away - the "Gold Beach". Guests are satisfied with the service, quality of accommodation and prices. The only drawback of this guest house is the lack of organized food.

Hotel Anapa

Hotel «DeLaMapa»

He is in the cultural and administrativecenter of Anapa. The hotel is built only 200 m from the Central beach. Next to it are the city's Theater Square, an amusement park, a water park, a historical museum. Guest reviews say that, despite such proximity of many busy points, the hotel has a comfortable and unforgettable rest. There is an excellent cuisine, friendly staff, service at a sufficiently high level. The institution is famous for its open pools with crystal clear water.