/ What to do on the train, if you have to go long?

What to do on the train, if you have to go long?

what to do in the train
Going on a long journey through the ironroad, do not even think about what to do all these long hours on the road. Well, if moving night, then sleep will replace you and dinner, and breakfast, and communication with unpleasant fellow travelers. In the event that on the way you will be more than a day, it is worth considering what to do on the train.

Planning to leave for the sea or the Siberian region,Prepare for the trip in advance. Despite its youth (and maybe even thanks to it), many travelers born in the 1990s can give the old-timers a grip on the issues of what to do on the train. Modern youth have gadgets that will not let them be bored either on the plane, in the car, or at the train station. Music players, laptops and tablets, cell phones and game consoles, e-books, etc. - all this is designed to distract people from boredom and immerse into virtual space.

long-distance trains
Long distance trains are not onlymeans of transportation, but also places where people get acquainted, communicate and exchange life experiences. If you are traveling in a reserved car, be prepared for the fact that one of your fellow travelers will want to talk with you, or even drink for an acquaintance. An evening with people that you will never see again, has to talk to the souls and revelations about life.

When you are going on the road, be not only patient,but also food and entertainment. From the means by which you can brighten up your leisure, pay attention to magazines, newspapers and, of course, books. If you draw well or are fond of writing, use a free evening to create something new. The romantic atmosphere of the car in the twilight inspires many. If the muse visits you this evening, the question of what to do on the train will not be exactly relevant for you.

train games
Romantics love trains for the fact that they canto think about the meaning of life, to realize the events that happened and to put everything in the head in the head. Knock of wheels on the rails, replacing each other landscapes of cities and villages suggest that our life is really diverse, and on one particular person the light did not come together with a wedge. Contemplating the scenery from the car window, you can see how people live in different regions, how they lead their daily life and earn a living near the railway. Here you can also consider how beautiful the cities of our country are in the light of day and in the fires of the night. Going to the platform at the stations of various settlements, we feel that the air is different everywhere, and people differ from each other not only externally, but also with accent, manners, behavior.

If you are traveling by company, then the questionabout what to do on the train, just should not worry you. Noisy company of young and sociable people will find a fun activity not only for themselves, but for everyone around them in the car. Games on the train are a great way to pass the day. Do not try to practice volleyball or football in the car, choose more tranquil options. Maps, backgammon, checkers, sea battle, chess, words, crocodile - these and many other games will please many of you. Take a fun video about your trip, prepare a photo report from stations of different cities for friends who stayed at home, sing songs, communicate with people.

Have a nice and boring journey!