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Resorts of Novorossiysk: where to relax in the summer at the sea

The city of Novorossiysk does not at all associate with usa resort and a beach holiday destination. Despite the fact that it stands on the Black Sea coast, it is better known as a large port. As for the climate, Russians are more familiar with the expression "Novorossiysk bora," meaning a cold, gusty wind of enormous strength, capable of turning ships. About 250 thousand people live in the city. Novorossiysk, in contrast to Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi, does not focus on tourism. He lives his life. But this does not mean that the tourist infrastructure is completely absent in the city. Just more conditions for recreation you will find on the outskirts. Resorts of Novorossiysk are known mainly to local residents. This has its advantages, and in this article we will talk about them. We will also analyze the resorts lying in close proximity to the hero city and the large port of the south of Russia.

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Resorts of Novorossiysk: pros and cons

The first thing that comes to mind is the transportavailability. Following on the Caucasian resorts of the Black Sea in their car, tourists pass through Novorossiysk. Why not make its surroundings the final point of your journey? Novorossiysk is an important transport hub. Here planes land at the local airport, trains from different parts of Russia arrive here. Resorts of Novorossiysk have that specificity, that they are ideal for quiet and measured family rest. Stormy nightlife in small towns there. The soul craves drive? Take a bus and go to the city. There you will find it in full. In terms of climate, Novorossiysk has a hotter and dry summer than the southern resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. But the tourist season here lasts less. The best time to relax near Novorossiysk is the summer months. Velvet season can spoil the notorious bora. The local resorts have one undeniable advantage over Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, etc. These are prices. They are much lower for everything: housing, fruits, cafes, food and entertainment.

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The city of Novorossiysk lies on the bank of the Tsemesskayabays. You can be skeptical about the cleanliness of this water area. The big city and - what is especially important - a powerful port contribute little to good ecology. But all the resorts of Novorossiysk are located outside the Tsemesskaya bay. Even the closest to the city is Myskhako. Strictly speaking, this place is administratively a remote area of ​​Novorossiysk. It's only six kilometers to the city center. Some residents have cottages here, which they rent out. The beaches here are pebbly and quite narrow. But the influx of people, too, no, especially on weekdays. Here you can do diving and underwater fishing. But most of all Myskhako is famous for its wines. The local factory is the official supplier of drinks to the Kremlin. In addition to tasting the Cape Wuxa wine, tourists can make a trip on the excursion "train" to the picturesque Guam gorge, go for a jeep to the Mezmai waterfalls or visit the memorial complex "Death Valley".

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Broad Beam

This is another resort near Novorossiysk. It is 10 km from the city. The village of Shirokaya Balka is famous for its wide pebble beach, which stretches for a mile and a half. This led to the construction of twenty recreation centers and boarding houses here. But there are plenty of offers from the private sector. In the center of the village, next to a comfortable beach, it's always fun. There are discos, restaurants and cafes. If you want a more peaceful and quiet rest, choose accommodation on the outskirts of the Broad Beam, in a mountain gorge. The beach offers all kinds of water activities, including yachting and helicopter rides. After a dissolute night in a local club, you can clear karma by visiting the nearby Heath of Theodosius of the Caucasus.

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South Ozereika

If you walk two kilometers along the coast in the directionfrom Novorossiysk, come to the luxurious, clean pebble beach. The settlement of Southern Ozereika, unlike the Broad Beam and Myskhako, is located a little in the depth of the mainland. It refers to the resorts of Novorossiysk, the reports of which report that they are resting exclusively residents of the regional center. Therefore, prices here are more than low. At a budget resort, however, you will not have to be bored. There is a winery, whose products, according to experts, are in no way inferior to what they produce in Myskhako. On the outskirts of South Ozereika there is a complex "Russia", where for autistic children there are hippotherapy sessions. And for everyone else actors - people and horses - show the costume show "Ancient Rome".

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Many Russians have probably heard this name ina bunch with Abrau. Two villages are located seven kilometers apart. And between them stretched the famous vineyards, created Abrau-Dyurso image of the "capital of Russian champagne." The first settlement is located far from the sea, in the mountains, on the shore of the purest freshwater lake. Durso is located on the beach. But this resort of Novorossiysk, whose photo is often made from a bird's eye view, also has its freshwater lake. This pond is separated from the sea only thirty meters. Tastings are held at the oldest factory in Russia for champagne wines. Excursions are available for walks along the Utrish zakaznik.