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Sights of Greece: Crete is a paradise island

Experts say that the sightsGreece Crete demonstrates in full, giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature, monuments of architecture more than a thousand years ago, a wonderful nourishing national cuisine. It is an island that attracts lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Not only can you give your favorite hobby to Crete, such as water skiing, scuba diving or windsurfing, there are a lot of Tellaso resorts.

Sights of Greece, Crete

But, of course, the main attractionsGreece (Crete is no exception) are centuries-old architectural monuments. The mysterious Minoan civilization reveals the veil of its secrets for all tourists who visited the ancient city of Knossos, which is only five kilometers from Heraklion, the capital of Crete. It is believed that the crown of development of the Minoan society, one of the most highly developed civilizations on the territory of modern Europe, coincided with the time of building a grand palace, which you can admire today. Impressive is his age - he was created about 1500 years before our era!

Greece, Crete, tourist attractions
Other places of interest in Greece Crete gathered inArchaeological Museum, which operates in its capital. Basically, tourists are offered artifacts of the Minoan civilization - gold jewelry, metal and wood products, sculptures and ceramics of the ancient people.

Pleasant and interesting pastimewill provide any tourist a visit to the city-ports of Crete Chania and Rethymnon. Once upon a time these coastal villages belonged to Italy. But the Italian spirit still hovers today: Italian cuisine, cheerful taverns, noisy harbors.

Perhaps the most famous attractionsGreece (Crete is a vivid example) associated with the Olympic gods. It is believed that it was on this island that Zeus was born. Today, tour guides gladly demonstrate to all those who wish a particular place of his "birth" - this is a cave, the entrance to which lies through the high plateau of Lassithi.

Attractions Crete, Greece
Not far from Heraklion (only 23 km) on the sitetoday a small fishing village today is the resort town of Hersonissos. The national color of Greece is represented here as nowhere on the island, bright and unforgettable. Noisy bars and taverns, shops and boutiques, clean beaches, equipped with all the attributes of high-class tourist infrastructure, which Greece can not complain about.

Crete, whose attractions can beenumerate endlessly, also a very romantic place. You can make sure of this by hitting the island of Santorini, located nearby. It is believed that the most romantic sunsets in the world are here. Still, because the Greeks claim that the part of the island that left under the water as a result of the eruption of the volcano is nothing more than the legendary Atlantis! Skeptics, of course, can argue with this, but these myths create the sights of the island.

Crete - Greece in miniature. It is a place of ancient history, legendary civilizations, love and holiday. It's always warm, tasty and interesting!