/ / Stanitsa Romanovskaya (Rostov region): history and modernity

Stanitsa Romanovskaya (Rostov region): history and modernity

Traveling to unfamiliar places is alwayspleasant emotions. Especially if before a trip the traveler had an opportunity to take an interest in local sights and history of the region. The village of Romanovskaya (Rostov region) is a very interesting place where history is closely intertwined with today.

A bit of history

Stanitsa Romanovskaya (Rostov region) wasfounded in 1613. Named after the village in honor of the then ascended to the throne of MF Romanov. This fact is even evidenced by a record in a local newspaper dated October 1, 1912.

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The village started its education from a smallCossack town of Romanovsky. At first the town was founded on the right bank of the Don. But people had to resettle for two centuries from one shore to another and back, the fault was the constant change in the riverbed.

Since 1840, residents of the village finally settled on the left bank of the river. By the beginning of the twentieth century there were 676 households in the village, a church was opened, as well as a parish school and a parish school.

Temple of St. Michael the Archangel

The village of Romanovskaya (Rostov region) is knownwith his church of St. Archangel Michael. Its history is about four centuries. After the next migration of the village, connected with the change in the riverbed, in 1846 the Stucilins brothers built a wooden church, for which an iconostasis was specially ordered and brought from St. Petersburg.

In the life of the parishioners, he had a strong meaning. It is worth mentioning that on the territory of the Temple of St. Archangel Michael had a parish school, and then a library was opened for the local population.

The local embankment

Among the many tourists who are interested inDon Cossacks, well known Romanovskaya Stanitsa (Rostov Region). Rest in these parts is considered an original, with a slant on the ancient Cossack traditions.

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Recently in the village construction was completeda new local embankment. It is here that small boats come and bring travelers with them. From the water, coming to the pier, the guests of Romanovskaya can see the rotunda "Sphere of Love" and a Cossack cannon.

Going ashore, tourists fall into the ethnicvillage - a village of artisans. Here you can see how potters, smiths and bakers worked several centuries ago. The general picture is complemented by modern attractions, entertainment areas, cafes.

With the opening of a new embankment in the Romanovskaya streamtourists became much more. But today the village of Romanovskaya (Rostov region) receives guests, not only arriving by motor ships, tourist buses also come here. And grateful stanichniki are happy to share their historical traditions of the Don Cossacks, which they carefully transfer from generation to generation.