/ / Oasis Beach Club Alanya - cheap and angry or fun and noisy?

Oasis Beach Club Alanya - cheap and angry or fun and noisy?

Oasis Beach Resort is positioned as a network of inexpensive hotels for budget tourists and travelers. The network branches are located not only in Turkey, but also in other countries.

But let's talk about the Turkish hotel, which offers relatively inexpensive vouchers.

Oasis Beach Club Alanya - four-star hotelclub type, located 12 km from Alanya and 2 km from the village of Konakli. Previously, it belonged to the Majesty network, but in 2011 it was sold. Earlier the complex was mainly serviced by tourists from Germany, now the main contingent of hotel guests are residents of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey itself.

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As the name implies, Oasis Beach Club AlanyaHV-1 positions itself as a club hotel. Recall: this means that its territory is closed and the access mode operates on it. The main feature of the club complex is the safety of living in it - a large protected area, adapted primarily for families and children, two-three-story bungalows and an all-inclusive mode. Let's look at each of these items separately.

It should be noted immediately that the hotel Oasis Beach ClubAlanya is not quite thought out the layout. Disco and a restaurant with live music, regularly and quite loudly playing until two in the morning, are located in close surroundings of residential buildings, near the sea. Therefore, those who wish to sleep will have to face this problem.

The territory of the complex is very extensive and, unfortunately, not very well maintained. In addition, tourists note that cleaning rooms, and changing clothes often cause criticism.

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For children, everything thatit is necessary - services of animators, children's club, children's disco, shallow pool and even water slides. There are, of course, for a fee and all the other standard pleasures, like riding a "banana" and a parasail. The hotel's beach is pebbly, the entrance to the sea is rocky, so the diver's shoes will be very appropriate.

There are no a la card restaurants in the hotel. There is a paid restaurant and hookah. For food tourists there is a restaurant and two bars. The menu is made in a very peculiar way - it has a lot of cereals and sweets, but surprisingly few meat and fish dishes. The quality of alcohol in bars is standard for such hotels - at an average level.

If you want to see what is about the Oasis Beach ClubAlanya reviews leave guests who visited him, then you can notice an interesting feature. Oasis Beach Club Alanya causes some surprise for tourists who counted on family rest, accustomed to a certain level of comfort. The one who came alone, with the mood for a fun and noisy pastime, and does not attach much importance to the external attributes of comfort, on the contrary, remains quite satisfied with the complex. After all, it has everything you need for relaxation - a Turkish bath with a sauna, a tennis court, a fitness center, and animation with show programs.

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Near the hotel there is an elegant park. Also there is an opportunity to purchase an excursion at least for rafting, even for diving, even in the water park, even in Pamukkale and Jerusalem.

Summarizing all of the above, we can concludethat this inexpensive hotel is more suitable for youth recreation, for those who are most important to the presence of the sea, the sun, disco and noisy fun, and not a high level of comfort.