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Sinopskaya embankment: from Peter to our days

Sinopskaya embankment - one of the first embankmentsSt. Petersburg. It was transformed in the middle of the XIX century from the former commercial port. In those years on the place of the Sinopskaya embankment there was a pier, industrial warehouses, barns. Trade was constantly going on here, the place was quite crowded. Only after the creation of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra the wharf began to be called Sinopskaya embankment and found peace, turning into an ordinary St. Petersburg street. The embankment has a length of about three kilometers - on the left side of the Neva it stretches from the Monastyrki River and Alexander Nevsky Square with the metro station of the same name and merges smoothly with Smolny Prospekt. On the map of St. Petersburg, you can easily find the way to Sinopskaya embankment as with all possible transport routes, and on foot, which will create an indescribable atmosphere of St. Petersburg's walk.

Sinopskaya Embankment

A bit of history

In different years, the embankment was called differently: Kalashnikovskaya - in honor of the well-known grain merchant and owner of enterprises in the port, Okhten - according to the names of the transports of Big and Small Okhta, Nevsky-Rozhdestvenskaya. In the second half of the 20th century, the embankment was finally renamed Sinopskaya, in memory of the glorious victory of the Russians under Sinop. Nowadays, from the expanses of the Sinopskaya embankment, you can see beautiful views of the Borisoglebskaya church and the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and also taste diners in numerous cafes and restaurants where every resident and guest of the city will find a place to his liking and afford.

map of St. Petersburg

The place of Rostelecom can not be changed

To the address Sinopskaya embankment, d. 14, is the main office of the company "Rostelecom" - the largest Internet provider and provider of telephone communications and broadcasting in Russia. In Soviet times, there was a long-distance telephone exchange. The building of the company "Rostelecom" on Sinopskaya embankment is considered to be the longest structure of the entire street with a pronounced "Soviet" architecture. A monolithic building with a protruding sharp relief can not help pinning the gaze of a passer-by. And only the MFC building, which is located a little farther down the street, can match it.

Lovely place

Banquet hall "Sinopskaya embankment" isquite popular place in the city. Residents of St. Petersburg are happy to spend time here, celebrate the celebrations, but with special frequency there are celebrated weddings. For this purpose, there is a special open area with a wedding arch and decor, from which a breathtaking view of the bridges and the Alexander Nevsky Lavra opens. Also, the banquet hall has a chic cuisine and offers from the chef, and, importantly for a Russian person, alcohol can be brought with you.

banquet hall Sinopskaya embankment

Restaurant in a nice place

On the sixth floor of the banquet hall is locateda panoramic restaurant from whose windows guests can watch a chic view of the Neva River and a city that seems particularly magical in the dark. Holding a celebration in a restaurant on Sinopskaya embankment is an excellent solution to the question of leisure. The restaurant will surprise with comfort, cuisine and relatively low prices. In the center of St. Petersburg it is rather difficult to find an institution with good cuisine, professional music and service for the price that almost every resident and guest of the city can afford. Also in the restaurant and in the entire banquet hall are the services of a DJ and a host, who will positively conduct any celebration.


At the very beginning of Sinopskaya embankment there isone of the largest hotel complexes in St. Petersburg - the hotel "Moscow". In the building of the hotel there is a restaurant, cinematographic center, spa complex, supermarket, halls and much more for the guests of the city who come for work and for recreation in the heart of Petersburg. From the windows of the hotel "Moscow" has a beautiful view of the Neva, at night one can observe the divorce of bridges. In walking distance from the hotel, almost all the famous sights of St. Petersburg. Of all the restaurants and cafes located in the hotel building, the Ontromé confectionery, which produces unique French desserts on a biscuit, is especially noteworthy.

Sinopskaya embankment

A walk along Sinopskaya embankment

What trip to St. Petersburg can dowithout walking? Of course, you need to arm yourself with a camera, an umbrella (suddenly a rain!), Put on comfortable shoes - and go on a journey. There are not many sights on the waterfront, but there is certainly something to see. After numerous reconstructions, the embankment slowly but surely loses its former appearance, but the charm of old Petersburg is still preserved, and in order to imbue with the spirit of antiquity, you should take a leisurely stroll along it.

Bridges, of which St. Petersburg is famous,are beautiful even here, in a small corner of town. The Alexander Nevsky Bridge has long been considered the longest bridge in the city, and the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge is known for its architecture - metal structures seem quite weightless. Both bridges are adjustable.

restaurant Sinopskaya embankment

Two historical buildings are of interest,located on Sinopskaya embankment. Here is the chapel of the Valaam Monastery (chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, architect Ochakov) - one of the oldest monuments of St. Petersburg architecture in the form of a small one-domed church, and the house of the poet Nikolai Nekrasov, which is marked by the beginning of the creative path of the famous poet.

Inside the house N.Nekrasov

Sinopskaya embankment can rightfully be considered the second "heart" of St. Petersburg and one of the main historical places.