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Berezhkovskaya embankment in Moscow

Back in the 16th century on the right bank of the Moskva Riverformed a patriarchal fishing village, where mostly fishermen and peasants lived. Here there was a modest church of the Tikhvin Mother of God and had one more name "On Berezhki". So called the two banks, but the name that she gave, it was fixed for the right.

Over time, the appearance of this place changed,the railway to Kiev was built, and Okruzhnaya, along with the Krasnoluzhsky bridge, warehouses appeared. In the middle of the last century, Soviet power first rebuilt the church, and then broke, but the name remains. Berezhkovskaya embankment was built, there were thermal power stations and residential buildings, and now it is a part of Dorogomilovo district. In the Soviet period, the embankment "dressed" in granite.

Hotels and hotels on the waterfront

In Moscow, the Berezhkovskaya embankment starts fromhotel "Radisson Slavyanskaya", which is near the Kiev railway station. For those arriving in the capital, its location is convenient, there is no need to go anywhere, and the quality of service is on a solid four. But the windows of the hotel offers a magnificent view of the embankment, and, if there is time, you can make a walk along the river.

Moscow Berezhkovskaya Embankment
This small tour will help to get closerto get acquainted with the city, especially if it's the first visit to the capital. Here there is a square where you can relax. It appeared in the fifties of the last century, when some buildings and warehouses of Berezhkovo Sloboda were demolished. Nearby there are several hotels. There are restaurants where, after an excursion along the waterfront, you can relax and eat deliciously.

Quay "Kiev station" on the embankment

The berth on Berezhkovskaya embankment enjoysgreat popularity, from here you can go for a walk on the river tram or boat. In the summer this place is very loaded, now and then arrives and departes by river transport. Each motor ship or boat has its time of arrival, it is strictly limited. Near the quay, you can not leave the car, and this should be noted if you are going on a voyage on the river. To get to it better on foot, you can leave the car in a car park nearby.

Berezhkovskaya embankment wharf
Many tour offices offer riverwalks for children and adults. You can go on a circular route along the Moscow River with a return to the same pier. Floats from the pier "Kiev Station" depart in different directions, there are routes with stops and non-stop, to choose from.

On the excursion boat along the river

On the route of river transport, you cansee many sights of Moscow. If the ship departs from the pier "Kievskiy Vokzal", on Berezhkovskaya Embankment, then along the way the tourists will meet the Novodevichy Convent, the buildings of Moscow State University and Vorobyovy Gory, the Gorky Recreation Park.

Berezhkovskaya embankment of the underground
And, of course, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. From this quay excursion ships often depart, but river trams give an opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding views and landscapes.

The famous bridge of Bogdan Khmelnitsky on the embankment

Another attraction of the waterfront -beautiful and unusual bridge, which was named after the Ukrainian hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky. He connects Berezhkovskaya with the Rostov embankment. An impressive arch pedestrian bridge was built in 2001. But its main feature is that it was built on the basic design of Krasnoluzhsky, which was originally railroad.

Berezhkovskaya embankment
Along the entire bridge of Bogdan Khmelnitsky nowthere are open viewing platforms, from which an excellent view of local attractions, up to Vorobyovy Gory and their constant companion - the building of Moscow State University - opens. You can climb on the escalator, and go down - on the elevator. Here often hold a photo shoot, so provocative this place.

Which metro station is best to reach

The nearest metro station to Berezhkovskaya embankment -station "Kievskaya", enough two minutes on foot to be close to the Moscow River. Walking and getting to know the sights of the beautiful embankment can start from the station "Kutuzovskaya", which is very close.

Trolley buses and buses run along the quay.which can be reached from the station "Oktyabrskaya" or "University". Along the embankment there are many houses that have their own history, famous people lived in them. Most of his works in one of the houses was written by A. N. Strugatsky, here lived the famous architects of the time A. Burov, T. Zaikin, I. Castel, musicians, actors.