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Sights of Vasilievsky Island, which are definitely worth a visit: description, photo

We all know the cultural capital of Russia- St. Petersburg. But not everyone knows about its no less interesting part - the Vasilievsky Island. Interested in this island, you certainly want to visit it. So let's determine what sights Vasilievsky Island is worth visiting first.

A short digression into the history

Vasilievsky Island is the largest on the Neva. Peter 1, after looking at the idea in Amsterdam, wanted to cut the island with a multitude of canals. But he could not bring the idea to life. This was due to a number of reasons, one of which was his closest associate - Alexander Menshikov. He interfered with the construction and erected a chic palace. Despite the decrees of the tsar, the people did not migrate to the Vasilievsky Island. The channels fell asleep. This is the only place in the world where each street has two names. Another important reason was the lack of a road to the island. And Peter did not want to build bridges.

sights of Vasilievsky Island


Since 1727 began 2 times a year to install the bridge bridge. Now there is a memorial on this place. For passage on the bridge had to pay. The collected money was later built by the Nicholas Naval Cathedral.

After some time, the bridge was moved and installed on it the first lights Yablochkov. Later, the bridge was returned to the old place and already installed kerosene lanterns. Because of this in 1916, he burned down.

sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg

By the decree of Nicholas 1 in 1850 built the Annunciation Bridge. After the death of the emperor, he was renamed Nikolayevsky. The primary name was returned only in 2007. In the days of the Soviet Union it was called the "Lieutenant Schmidt's Bridge". The bridge, built next to it, called it "son". Now the "son of Lieutenant Schmidt" is called "The Great Peter's Bridge".

Now we know that the main historical sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg are bridges. Now let's move on to the rest.

Troyekurov's house

It is incredible how thisa small mansion, - a sample of the buildings of the times of Peter the Great. By this sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg, one can judge the appearance of the streets of the city in the middle of the 18th century. The house was built in the 30s of the 18th century for the emperor's steward - Alexei Ivanovich Troyekurov. In 1969, the building was reconstructed. Now in the building of this landmark Vasilievsky Island there is a training complex with its most popular hotel in the city and parking.

sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg Photo

House of Academicians

After the discovery on the Vasilievsky Island scientifiche became the center of scientific life in Russia. Of course, academicians wanted to live as close to work as possible. For this reason, a "communal house" was opened here. Hence, many scientists left us, because of which the building was nicknamed the "Indian tomb".

photos of Vasilievsky Island photo

Icebreaker-museum "Krasin"

Icebreaker-museum "Krasin" - a true monumentshipbuilding. In 1917 it was built in England under the order for the Marine Ministry of Russia and was named "Svyatogor". In February 1917, the icebreaker arrived in Arkhangelsk, and on August 1, 1819, it was flooded. Until 1952, Krasin remained the most powerful ice drift in the world. Now the ship is one of the branches of the world ocean museum. All interested persons can visit the "ship's sights" of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg, photos of which you can see below. This is the wardroom, the captain's bridge, the navigating house ...

sights of Vasilievsky Island

Church of the Three Saints

The author of this sight is Vasilievskyisland, a photo of which you can also see below, believe D. Trezzini, but there is nothing to confirm this fact. The Church of the Three Saints was built in 1760.

sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg

The Church of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called

In the year 1780 This temple was built, located as close to the Church of the Three Hierarchs. There is an opinion that it was here that Catherine Dolgorukaya was buried. In 1917, the temple was looted and closed. In 1992, it was restored and reopened.

sights of Vasilievsky Island of St. Petersburg Photo


In 1834 the main facade of the Academy of Arts was decorated with two Egyptian sphinxes.

sights of Vasilievsky Island photo

Sphinxes are the most ancient sights of Vasilievsky Island, which is more than three thousand years old. Once they stood in the alley of the sphinxes at the palace of Amenhotep 3.

Sphynx found during archaeological excavationsunder the command of Janis Atonazis in 1820. Since the English consulate sponsored the expedition, the sphinxes withdrew to England. Nicholas 1 bought them for 62,000 rubles. In 1832, the Sphinxes arrived in St. Petersburg and were installed in front of the Art Academy.

sights of Vasilievsky Island

Exchange building

The Exchange building was built after the transfer of the commercial port to the island. In 1730 a wooden building was built. In 1780 they decided to make it stone. In 1783 the plan was put into effect.

The main facade of this sightVasilievsky Island goes to the Winter Palace. In 1889, the country's first industrial exhibition was held here, where only the domestic producer's products were presented.

sights of Vasilievsky Island

The Griffin Tower

This full of legends and fictions of the tower you will not findnot in one tourist guide, but this is the place that is definitely worth a visit. According to the main version, once there lived an alchemist secretly removing griffins. Some even saw their silhouettes at night.