/ / Hotel Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 * (Kemer, Turkey): description, photo, reviews

Hotel Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 * (Kemer, Turkey): description, photo, reviews

If you are among the tourists,preferring to spend holidays in Turkey and choosing budget, but comfortable hotels, working in the format "ol inclusive", then the appropriate option for accommodation can be "Karelta Beach Resort & Spa" (Kemer).

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general information

Hotel Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 * is located in the resort village of Beldibi on the beach. The distance to Kemer is 17 kilometers, and the airport of Antalya is 45 kilometers away.

This hotel was built in 1999. It consists of one five-storey building, housing 205 standard rooms. In the apartments there is a TV with cable channels, a telephone, a mini-bar (chargeable), a safe (requiring payment), air conditioning, and a bathroom. Internet access is available in the hotel lobby.

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On the territory of "Carelta Beach" there are tworestaurant, three bars (one of which offers snacks during the day), three swimming pools (outdoor, indoor and children's), water slides, sports grounds, gym, hammam, kids club and much more.

Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 *: reviews of Russian tourists

Since the choice of the hotel is very importantpart of vacation planning, many travelers today pay special attention to this issue. So, they try not only to get acquainted with the official information and advice of travel agents, but also to read as much as possible the comments of those who already happened to stay in a particular hotel. After all, thanks to this you can be aware of not only the advantages, but also some of the shortcomings. Therefore, we bring to your attention the generalized comments of travelers from Russia, who recently stayed at the Hotel Karelta Beach (Kemer, Turkey). A little running ahead, we will note that the overwhelming majority of our compatriots did not regret the choice made. On the contrary, they assure that this hotel corresponds to the declared category and cost. But we'll figure it out in more detail.

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Number of rooms

Judging by the comments of tourists provided bythey were mostly satisfied with the numbers at Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 * (Kemer). However, as the guests note, the hotel is already quite old, and the reconstruction was not carried out there. Therefore, you will not find modern design and new furniture and appliances in the apartments. However, in general, everything is quite high-quality and is in working order. If there is a breakdown, then after contacting the reception, the problem will be eliminated as soon as possible. In their reviews, our compatriots also mention that it practically does not catch Wi-Fi in the rooms. You can use it in most cases only at the reception.

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Moving in, cleaning

Some guests of the hotel expressed theirabout the work of maids. So, they said, cleaning was not always carried out qualitatively. In addition, sometimes the maids forgot to change the dirty towels to clean, and also replenish the stocks, for example, of toilet paper. However, after reporting this to the reception, the situation was corrected.

With regard to settlement, then, as noted in theirreviews of our compatriots, upon arrival at the hotel you will most likely have to wait until two o'clock in the afternoon. The fact is that due to its rather low price, this hotel enjoys great popularity, therefore at the height of the holiday season it is almost always filled, as they say, under the string. However, you do not have to wait for the keys to the room at the reception. So, you can go for breakfast or lunch, take a dip in the pool or go straight to the beach.


In general, on this point the opinions of the guestsCarelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 *, photo of which can be seen in this article, converge. So, tourists believe that the food in this hotel is organized at a very decent level. Of course, here you do not have to count on any culinary delights and delicacies. But a fairly diverse menu of deliciously prepared dishes will be provided to you in the hotel restaurant every day. In addition, guests can always grab a pizza, a hamburger or a sandwich in a snack bar and treat yourself to delicious cakes that will be baked especially for you. Guests of the hotel were satisfied with the quality of beverages offered in the bars.

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Since almost all travelerscome to Turkey mainly for beach holidays, this issue is very important factor in the process of choosing a hotel. As for "Karelta Beach Resort & Spa", it is located on the beach. The hotel's own private beach is large enough. There are sun beds, sun umbrellas, a bar. Sunset in the water from the shore, according to tourists, is quite stony. It is advisable to go swimming in special shoes. In addition, you can go to the sea by going down the ladder from the pier. So you go right to the depth and you do not have to walk from shore to the rocks.

In general, a beach holiday in this hoteltravelers were satisfied. However, our compatriots were disappointed by the behavior of some tourists who borrowed beds in the early morning and sometimes eventually did not appear on the beach, spending time at the pool or in another place. As a result, other guests who came to the beach, could not get a free chaise lounge.


As our compatriots note, to be bored inhotel Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 * you will have no time. So, the whole day at the pools are working animators. They offer everyone who wants to play water polo, darts, boccia, do aqua aerobics, gymnastics, dance a little. And, according to tourists, animators here are real professionals of their business and are excellent at coping with their work, relentlessly giving guests a great mood.