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Sights of Abu Dhabi. What is worth visiting first?

Without any doubt, the most beautiful and modernthe city of the United Arab Emirates can be called Abu Dhabi. There is an interesting legend connected with the history of its foundation. This happened in the XVIII century, when a group of hunters chased after the fallow deer. The animal ran for a long time in the desert until it led the men to an oasis with fresh water. Hunters were from the local tribe of Liv. After their discovery, they moved to a new location and built a fort to protect fresh water from the encroachments of enemies. Thus, the first settlement was founded here in 1761.

Abu Dhabi Attractions
Attractions of Abu Dhabimodernity. If you do not take into account the fort built in the XIX century, the rest of the buildings are not more than 30 years old. This building was erected by the decree of the former Sheikh Shahbut, who made it his palace. Now the fort has become a haven for historians and researchers, here is the archive and the Documentation Center. The tourists are usually associated with the fountains of Abu Dhabi. The sights of the city have their own history. Vacationers must go for a walk along the Corniche Road promenade, since it has the largest number of fountains. Here you can see the famous "Vulcan", "Swan", "Coffee House", "Pearl", etc. In addition, it is the largest park zone in the East.

Attractions of Abu Dhabi are not only relatedwith architecture, but also with the cultural heritage of the emirate. The Cultural Foundation is located next to the fort. At first glance the building seems faceless and uninteresting, but if you just go inside, the idea of ​​it will change immediately. Here is the research center, a huge library. Lovers of antiquity can get acquainted with the exhibits on the art of Islam, local history, with old manuscripts.

Abu Dhabi Attractions
The attractions of Abu Dhabi do not end thereafter viewing cultural and historical monuments. To better know the city, you need to visit the oil exhibition and be like in all its many markets: carpets, camels, fish, handicrafts. Extremes can not miss such an event as the air race, which takes place on the capital's embankment and gathers about a hundred thousand spectators watching bold acrobatic stunts.

The sights of Abu Dhabi are largely connectedwith nature. Those who like sea voyages, like the voyage to the nearby islands. On one of them there is a unique reserve, in which there are chamois, antelopes, giraffes, gazelles and other animals. The second island has a Water Sports Center, and the third is the pride of the Arabs - stone tombs dating back to the 4th millennium BC.

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You can also visit the numerous monasteries andtemples of Abu Dhabi. Sightseeing (photos of some of them evoke delight among tourists), worthy visits: Sheikh Zayed's white mosque, cultural and ethnographic museum-village. Natural attractions are concentrated in the oasis of Liv. Those who have visited Abu Dhabi at least once, will want to return here again and again to discover this wonderful city from an unknown side before.