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Rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. Walks on the ship

St. Petersburg - everyone knows the historicalthe capital of a huge country. Many call this city North Venice, meaning that the streets are built on the water. This unforgettable beauty is on the islands surrounded by water. Therefore, the city has a lot of canals and rivers. For quick movement along rivers, townspeople use boats and motor ships. For tourists, such trips are the best way to view all the sights.

rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

City on the water

St. Petersburg is built on the islands, so thethe whole city stretches kilometers of rivers and canals. Throughout the length you can see the chic embankments, along which it is pleasant to walk at any time of the year.

The city is relatively young. After all, it was founded only 3 centuries ago by the great emperor. Many times the city changed its name, but its greatness and beauty remains unchanged, which shakes every tourist and does not get tired of surprising the indigenous people.

There are not many cities like St. Petersburg around the world, where you can see so many stunning sights. This city is a truly valuable historical heritage not only for Russia.

Surrounded by bright colors of spring, in sunnysummer days, in the twilight of white nights and frosty days in winter, the city appears before visitors in all the beauty of the royal buildings, the numerous rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, which allow you to call it one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

walks along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

Water structure of St. Petersburg

In addition to natural rivers and lakes, there are manyartificially created canals and ponds. About 300 km of waterways pass through the city. The rivers and canals of St. Petersburg - an important transport structure in the city, where about 90 rivers.

During the day, because of the bridged bridges, the movement of ships is difficult. But at night nothing prevents to move on the water part of the city.

The most famous rivers are Fontanka, Moika and Ekateringofka. The largest canal is Obvodnaya, 8 km long, and the second longest (5 km) - the Griboedov Canal.

On all the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, excursions are conducted, ships, boats, and meteors are constantly moving.

Water transport

In addition to land transport, the city has a well-developed network of waterways.

In the season from May to September, you can ride onrivers and canals of St. Petersburg on a river tram, which is also very convenient to use for sightseeing. In addition, you can ride a boat. On the rivers you can see different models of sea transport. There are with an open deck, there are closed and with a transparent top, on which it is convenient to travel in bad weather, tk. in the sun can be a bit uncomfortable under the red-hot plastic.

Walking along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is a favorite kind of movement not only for city guests, but also for local residents.

motor ship along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

One of the fastest ways to get from St. Petersburg to Peterhof is the high-speed motor ship Meteor. Such a trip will take only 35 minutes.

Both on land and on rivers there are taxis. River taxis are small boats, for which there are special stops, for example, on the University embankment.

Sightseeing tours along the rivers and canals

If you plan a trip to the northern capital,be sure to include in the tour a boat trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. This walk will leave a completely exceptional impression of the city. The view of the city from the side of numerous rivers is a truly different view of historical beauty.

In St. Petersburg, there are many travel agencies thatare engaged in excursions. To get the maximum pleasure from the trip, you should contact the company that conducts cruises along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg together with the guide.

The most common trips are toursalong the rivers Neva, Fontanka, Moika. The most popular channels are the Griboyedov Canal, the Kryukov Canal. Be sure to look from the water to the Anichkin Bridge, Egyptian and the Kisses Bridge. Only from the riverside you can see all the beauty and grandeur of the old architecture, which strikes with its uniqueness and splendor.

You can choose excursions that are more shown by palaces along the Neva. There are tours with departure to the Gulf of Finland, as well as those that show the northern islands of the city - Kamenny, Petrogradka, Elagin.

One of the unforgettable impressions will be,of course, an overnight trip on the ship during the breeding of bridges. Many tourists go to the city at this time, but romanticism will be added to such observations, if during this period to swim near the bridges. Truly impressively!

Excursions on the water can alsoto be carried out according to individual orders. The main tours show historical monuments, buildings that have been excellently preserved since the time of Peter, but individual trips on the boat can be on small rivers and canals, far from tourist routes.

cruise on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

If the excursion tour through the canals was not immediatelyplanned, it is possible to use services of barkers at the piers. They will tell you which trips are possible from the place where you are, the cost and duration of the excursion.

Price of the cruise on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburgnot so great to think about whether to go. To view the city from a small motor ship is a great opportunity to learn about it as much as possible.