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Cafe "Crisis of the genre" - a cozy place

Cafe "Crisis of the genre" is a smalland a very cozy club. The place is very interesting and quite conceptual. This is also indicated by its original name. But even more surprising is the interior design of the institution. The club is located in Moscow on Pokrovka, it is a cult place with its inherent special energy and atmosphere.

crisis of the genre

Club "Crisis of the genre" can be identified withA small island of Europe, located in the center of the capital of Russia. The atmosphere of the cafe creates a special little world, plunging into that, visitors forget about everything in the world. Having tried his energy one day, you will definitely come here again and again.

Cafe "Crisis of the genre" is open for visitors from 11 days to 5 am. This time is enough to feel the atmosphere of the restaurant, at the same time relax and do not hurry.

Club "Crisis of the genre" will force any visitor to escape from the daily bustle, everyday worries and problems, as well as from the negative emotions that accompany the residents of the capital in their lives.

The menu of the club offers very original dishestheir visitors. They combine Italian and author's cuisine. In addition, the institution bakes own bread. Excellent supply of various dishes, democratic prices will pleasantly surprise visitors. Dinner together, without ordering alcohol at the same time, you can at least five hundred rubles. The bar offers a wide range of drinks. Here you can enjoy not only cocktails, cognac and beer, but also whiskey, rum, vermouth, tequila, etc.

club crisis of the genre

Perfectly selected background music createsatmosphere of coziness and allows you to spend time with your friends. On weekdays from half past eight to half past eight, and on Fridays and weekends from nine to ten in the evening, the "Crisis of the Genre" cafe organizes live music concerts.

In the event that you want to change the cozy anda relaxed atmosphere for an atmosphere of fun and drive, you should visit this original club. On Fridays and Saturdays, this is a real expanse for fans of modern dance English music.

According to the previously agreed program,cafe "Crisis of a genre" (Moscow) is visited by domestic DJs and bands. By invitation, the institution can also be visited by foreign performers. Magnificent live sound, the best DJs with their vinyl collection, as well as general fun will certainly create a pleasant atmosphere of the holiday. At the same time from the music you can always hear something new, as they are selected with taste.

crisis of the genre of Moscow

Capital club "Crisis of the genre" by traditioncollects the most diverse audience. However, most visitors are creative people who are not used to keeping within certain limits. In the cafe you can easily get acquainted with a modern poet or an abstract artist. The audience that gathers in the institution is different, but it's never boring. Boredom in the club just does not look.

A small and very cozy place can takesimultaneously forty visitors. Here you can always hear new rhythms, taste original dishes and plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and comfort, in which so desired spirit of freedom soars.