/ Exotic Tale. Near and Middle East

Exotic fairy tale. Near and Middle East

Travel to the Near and Middle East -quite popular with Russian tourists. However, the number of countries that are always in demand is not all of the states located in this vast region. In order to clarify the subject of the description, let us dwell on this point. Which countries are traditionally ranked in this region?

Middle East
Paradoxically, the Near and Middle Eastit sounds like it includes states located in West Asia, North Africa, at the junction of two continents. The Middle East includes Yemen, AOE, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, etc. It also includes Israel and Palestine, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and, of course, Egypt and part of Turkey. The Middle East is represented by such states as Afghanistan and Iran. This division is very ambiguous, because often the Middle East is identified with the notion of the Middle East or uses these two concepts in close connection.

If Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Egypt are ourscompatriots are traditionally chosen as a place for recreation, the more exotic Tunisia and Algeria, Qatar and Libya are more beloved by tourists, fed up with the "usual" route.

What is so attractive about the Middle East? Countries located in this

Near and Middle East
terrains, are carriers of ancient traditions, differ with amazing respect for them and are literally imbued with a completely unique, truly oriental atmosphere.

This is the national cuisine, architecture, the life of the indigenous people, which remains unchanged for many centuries, the unsurpassed art of local masters and, of course, a unique story.

Only the Near and Middle East can giveso many unforgettable impressions. It is difficult to say unambiguously what to visit and see when traveling to these countries. Each state has an incredibly colorful collection of attractions, to distinguish among them is one thing - a difficult task.

Some of the states representing this region can boast of world famous sights, others are not so well known among travelers.

Popular attractions

the middle east of the country
Undoubtedly, going on a trip to the Middleand the Middle East, we can not ignore the cradle of three religions - Israel, its Wailing Wall, the Cross of Christ, the Temple of the Lord and Golgotha. In the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, which houses the holy Mecca for Muslims. The ultramodern Burj Dubai in the Arab Emirates and the magnificent towers of Kuwait. Even a simple listing of all the beauties and places worth visiting will take more than one page.

In addition to incredible in its beauty and historyarchitecture, any of these countries will surprise their guests with unique cuisine, amazing traditions, the beauty of national dances and the exquisite work of local artisans.

If you are lucky enough to go on a tripfor the countries of this region, you can be sure that the impressions that each of these states will give you will become one of the brightest and unforgettable in life.