/ / Omsk, Central Airport - stop on the way through the clouds

Omsk, Central Airport - stop on the way through the clouds

Omsk-Central - International Airportmessages, which is only five kilometers from the city center. The unique architectural structure of the terminal allows to serve about 700 travelers per hour, and for a year - up to 800 thousand. By the number of air passengers, cargo and mail, it is noted among the 30 best airports in Russia. And since 2008, according to the governmental order, it occupies an important place in the number of 52 federal airfields.

Omsk Central Airport

Technical features

Omsk-Central is an airport that accepts andsends the aircraft in two lanes. One of them is asphalt concrete, 2500 meters in size to 80. It is designed for a weight of not more than 191 tons. The second strip is ground, with a width of 100 m, and a length of 2800 m. Due to this airfield it is possible to receive aircraft of different types. Among them, A-310, An-24, IL-76, Tu-154, Yak-42 and other well-known airbuses, as well as helicopters of various types.

On the airfield territory there are 40 parking lots forair transport, special roads, a filling point, and also places for processing aircraft engines with anti-icing fluid. Modern achievements of the airport show that its development history continues today. Central-Omsk Airport is one of the leaders of Russian flights.

Omsk Central Airport

A modest beginning is the way to new heights

In the summer of 1925 a document was signed on the allocation ofland under the airfield. Only a year later, Omsk-Central (the airport) became the final stop of the historical flight with a distance of 4800 km without landing, which took the route from France to Russia. In 1927, a plane was taken from Moscow to Tokyo. Gradually developing, in the 90s the airport achieved the highest success in passenger service, cargo transportation and mail correspondence delivery.

Today, from the central airport in Omsk is openspeed way through the clouds to Turkey, India, Kazakhstan. Flights are available to the Far North and East, to Asian cities and to Europe. Comfortable flights are provided to all comers. Enjoy a stroll over the clouds! And Omsk-Central (airport) will create all conditions for a safe flight.