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Attractions of Kemer will conquer you from the first minute

Turkey is full of interesting places for cognitivetourism and active recreation. Kemer - is considered one of the most stunning resorts, which is really worth a visit. After all, it was there that all the natural resources of the country were so beautifully united. The main attractions of Kemer are, of course, the cleanest Mediterranean coast, the Taurus mountains and indescribable natural landscapes. Once upon a time it was a small village, to which, by and large, there was no access by land. Today it is a town with a population of twenty thousand people. People from different countries try to visit there once in a lifetime.

sights of Kemer

Sea, sun, beaches, mountain air, unforgettablenature - all these are the sights of Kemer. In this town it is recommended to visit four famous villages: Tekirova, Cirali, Camyuva and Goynuk. Also, do not deprive the attention of the bay Adrasan. If you plan a quiet and uninhabited rest for the soul - this is an ideal place.

Caves, canyons and bays are mysterious andfascinating sights of Kemer. All tourists are advised to visit the Göynük Canyon. On the road to it will take an average of forty-five minutes. On the road you pass beautiful, fantastic villages - and time flies imperceptibly. In the canyon, human eyes are opened with large and small waterfalls, streams, gorges. There is a feeling that you are in a fairy tale. On the territory of the canyon you can see many paths, bridges and passages. The atmosphere of wild nature and thickets of places has long attracted tourists. Here you can swim in the cold springs, soak up the uninhabited beach or just wander through the jungle.

sights of the Kemer independently

Two rocks (Twin Rocks) - the most popularthe sights of Kemer. They are located in the village of Camyuva. After her visit unforgettable memories are provided to the holiday-makers. Palms, orange trees, deserted sandy beaches and oleanders simply can not leave tourists indifferent. And the miracle of the world, Twin Rocks, can be seen from anywhere in the village.

To visit the attractions of Kemerindependently, you can buy a booklet with possible routes of excursions. For example, you should visit the foot of the Taurus Mountains without a guide and a noisy group. At the top of the tourists a magnificent panorama of small villages, nature - and all this against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, it is worth to go to the city center. There on the square is its symbol - a white chapel. It is full of other monuments, as well as shops. You can visit the market and the port. A little more to the right is the Yoryuk-Park museum.

The city of Kemer, whose attractionsfascinating with its beauty and diversity, has a dolphinarium, small parks for tourists and comfortable hotels for tourists. As for the dolphinarium, it is possible to swim with the marine inhabitants. Vacationers can always stroll along the waterfront and take a breath of fresh air. A little further from it is equipped with a small zoo, where animals and fish are as close to people as possible.

Kemer Attractions
Turkey is a country where everyone can find something to their liking. Collect your bags, Kemer is waiting for you!