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Kantemirovsky Bridge - sight of St. Petersburg

It is not for nothing that St. Petersburg is called the NorthernVenice. The city is one of the first in terms of water quantity, availability and number of rivers (about 90 of them), canals and canals. Bridges in St. Petersburg allow you to navigate in a city divided by the Neva, from one side to another. And each of them is unique in its origin and structure.

Kantemirovsky Bridge

One of them - Kantemirovsky bridge through the GreatNevka - connects on the Aptekarsky Island Medikov Prospekt with Vyborgskaya embankment. This is a very broad bridge, which has a three-lane traffic to each side and, which is very significant, there are no traffic jams on it, because the Medikov Avenue goes later in a series of winding streets of the Petrograd side, which are very inconvenient for intensive traffic. In addition to the width, the Kantemirovsky Bridge is also long, more than three hundred meters in length, therefore it is the second of all similar structures of the city. The name Kantemirovsky bridge is due not so much to the adjacent street, as to the station Kantemirovka, which is liberated from the Germans, located in the Voronezh region.

bridges across the Neva

The bridge as a permanent and a drawbridge was built in70-ies according to the project of famous bridge builders B. B. Levin and B. N. Brudno, as well as architect A. Govorkovsky A. And before that in the 18th century the architect A. Vist created in this place a scaffold bridge, which was the fourth in account in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the 19th century it was the first wooden bridge and with an arch built under the leadership of AA Betancourt. Now Kantemirovsky bridge consists of fifteen river spans, two spans over the embankments and two overpasses with garages placed there. At night, the bridge is illuminated by more than three hundred lamps, thus bringing to life the city's magic. On the bridge supports and under it powerful searchlights are strengthened. On the roadway there are beautiful floor lamps, and the entrances to the bridge are decorated with blocks of granite, on which the name of this masterpiece is engraved on metal plates. Admiring the beauty, you can forget that the Kantemirovsky Bridge is a drawbridge, and if you do not go to the right side in time, you can walk along the embankment of the opposite side for a long time.

bridges in St. Petersburg

Bridges across the Neva River and many other riversare a kind of museum. It is a landmark of St. Petersburg, in addition to the Hermitage, other palaces and temples. After all, each following bridge is not similar to the previous one either by its architecture or its history. That's it. Each bridge has its own history, as well as the embankments. They are also not similar to each other in St. Petersburg. And what is very interesting, the bridges are multi-colored: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. One of them, Blue, quite unusual, is a bridge-square, because it is very wide and is located next to St. Isaac's Square.

All the bridges of St. Petersburg can not be listed,because, including the suburbs of Peterhof, Pavlovsk and others, there are more than eight hundred of them. But, arriving in St. Petersburg, it is worth devoting a few days of excursions to the bridges of this wonderful city.