/ Cheap Kaliningrad Hotels in the Center: description and photos

Cheap hotels of Kaliningrad in the center: description and photos

Which inexpensive hotels in Kaliningrad in the centerare available for tourists? In the city there are a number of hotels with a rating of at least 2 stars, where you can stay in comfort for a modest fee. Almost in each of these institutions guests are offered breakfast. Let's find out which inexpensive hotels in Kaliningrad in the center deserve attention.


inexpensive hotels in the center of Kaliningrad in the center
Let's start looking at hotels in Kaliningrad(inexpensive, in the center, with breakfast), surveying the hotel called "Agora". There is an institution at a distance of 3 kilometers from the historic part of the city. Find the hotel can be at: Moscow avenue, house 175.

Guests can enjoy comfortable and cozyrooms, the interior of which is decorated in warm, pleasant colors. In the rooms there are TVs with a package of satellite channels. The rooms have access to free high-speed Internet. The rooms are equipped with a basic set of furniture. In each of them there is a separate bathroom. The price of the apartment includes breakfast.

On the territory of the hotel there is a spacious parking for cars, designed for 200 seats. There is a conference room for organizing business meetings.


cheap hotels in kaliningrad in the center of the city
Looking through budget hotels in Kaliningrad incenter of the city, it is worth noting the complex "Mayak". Despite the modest exterior design, the institution is able to offer customers a choice of comfortable, modern rooms in which cleanliness and comfort reign. Naturally, given the inexpensive status of the hotel, here one should not expect delights. However, placing the hotel in 4 kilometers from the city center is a reason for reconciliation with minor shortcomings.

Among the amenities worth noting:

  • the presence of a separate bathroom in each room;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • TV in rooms with a package of cable channels;
  • service by hotel staff.

The hotel can be found at: Soldatskaya Street, 2.


hotels in Kaliningrad cheap in the center with breakfast
Looking at hotels in Kaliningrad (inexpensive, incenter, with breakfast), you should pay attention to the hotel "Voyage", which is located at: Dawn Street, house 6. The establishment is located in a quiet and peaceful area, 10 minutes walk from the city's central point. On the choice of clients here are 7 rooms. There are rooms in the hotel class "luxury", "economy" and "standard". At the request of guests, the staff is able to bring a delicious breakfast to the room. All rooms contain a TV, a private bathroom, a full set of furniture and are decorated in a romantic style.

In the hotel you can rent a laptop with an Internet connection. For an additional fee, guests are offered ironing facilities, a treadmill, a washing machine.


hotels in the center of the city inexpensive
Continue to survey hotels in Kaliningrad incity ​​center. Inexpensive, you can stay at the hotel "Deima", which is located at: Tolstikova Street, house 15. Distance from here to the central point of the city can be overcome on foot for some 10 minutes.

"Deima" is a nine-story building, in which more than 100 rooms of various categories of comfort are presented, from rooms of "economy" class and ending with "luxury" suites with high amenities.

There is everything that is required for goodrecreation. The rooms have double beds, wardrobes and bedside tables. There is cable TV in the rooms, a refrigerator, a separate bathroom. There is a jacuzzi in the deluxe rooms.


The list of hotels in the center of Kaliningrad (inexpensive) includes this institution. The hotel is located 3 kilometers from the central point of the city on Artillery Street, 62.

In the numerous inexpensive rooms of the hotelThere is air conditioning, refrigerator, TV. In each room there is access to Wi-Fi. The rooms contain a separate bathroom and a bathroom with hygienic supplies.

On the territory of the complex there is parking, whereguests can rent a private car for free. The reception is open 24 hours a day, where you can contact any questions.


hotels in the center of kaliningrad cheap
Inexpensive hotels of Kaliningrad in the center is also the hotel "Patriot". It is located 3 kilometers from the historic part of the city on Ozernoy Street, house 25.

The hotel has 77 rooms. Each has a separate bath or shower. The rooms contain a TV and a fridge. The cost of accommodation includes services using Wi-Fi.

The staff does not serve breakfast. However, on the territory of the cafe, where hotel guests are offered delicious home-cooked meals.

"Golden Bay"

Continuing to consider cheap hotelsKaliningrad in the center, we will allocate a hotel called "Golden Bay", which is located near the historical and business part of the city. You can find it at: Khmelnitsky Street, 53.

At the choice of customers institutions are provided 55relatively inexpensive rooms with TV, single beds, refrigerator, set of dishes. Each bathroom in the hotel is designed for use by guests of 2 interconnecting rooms.

The hotel staff is able to offer customers a delicious breakfast, which is included in the price. Free parking is possible on site.


Now you know what hotels are inKaliningrad in the city center. It is inexpensive to live in each of the above establishments. In all listed hotels, guests are offered a whole lot of budget options, in particular, the possibility of accommodation for a fee of not more than 2000 rubles per day.