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Lightboxbox - what is it?

Translated from English, light boxes -luminous boxes. They have compact dimensions and are used for advertising purposes both outside and inside the premises. Many of us have seen such things in big stores, entertainment centers and office spaces. Lightboxes - what is this? A question that worries many who wish to order vivid advertising. Such stands have high visibility and the ability to attract the views of visitors and passers-by.

lightboxes what is this

Features of use

The use of light boxes outside the premises has beenwide distribution at bus stops and along large streets, where advertising will be seen by a large number of people. This billboard works effectively at any time of the day. The picture will always be bright and noticeable, thanks to the illumination from the inside.

Place street light boxes with light boxes onsupports of street lighting and similar places. Inside the premises they are easiest to install on the table or directly on the floor, in this performance they take up less space and are easy to manufacture.

Production of lightboxes

Each light box consists of a glass frame,inside which is built-in illumination. The material of the case is aluminum or plastic. The performance of the product depends on how well the profile is made. All manufacturers do lightboxes differently. This is an excellent way to advertise a product - not everyone knows.

light boxes light boxes

To date, very commonstandardized lightboxes of medium size, appeared the very first, because they are easier to manufacture. However, progress does not stand still, and modern production facilities are able to produce light boxes of any shape and size. An example of a complex form is the voluminous inscriptions.

Light boxes can be divided into two types:

  • With one face.
  • With two faces. In this design, the image is applied to the front and rear walls.

People far from advertising often ask a question, light boxes - what is it.

Lightbox activity

The image is applied to the material that transmitsshine. This can be organic glass, cellular polycarbonate or fabric used in the production of banners. The latter is used in cases where the dimensions of the box are large and do not allow to produce a solid transparent surface. Sometimes it's hard to understand how light boxes work, what kind of constructions they are and why they are popular.

The source of light radiation are LEDsor neon lamps. Internal placement protects them from the effects of the environment. The service life of the light box is quite long. If the image is made on a banner fabric, then it will fade faster and fade.

lightboxes what is it

If the picture is protected with acrylic or plexiglas, thenit will not lose the original brightness, and if necessary, you can quickly replace it with a new one. Such a solution will be the most beneficial to the customer, since it has a long service life and is easy to operate. Now you also know how the light boxes look, what it is and how to recognize them in your city.