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Retargeting - what is it? Types of retargeting

It happens that after visiting the site throughSome time when you work on the Internet again, there is an advertisement of those goods and services that the user viewed. How does it feel: coincidence or harassment? No, this is such an advertising mechanism, called "retargeting." What is it? Repeated advertising on the screens of potential buyers, that is, those who viewed the website, but did not make a purchase. Retargeting in translation means "reorientation" (return) and can be referred to as remarketing.

retargeting what it is


According to US analysts for 2010,the percentage of people who visited electronic stores and purchased goods was 2%. So, there are 98% of visitor visitors, which can be returned to the site and turned into customers. To help marketers comes retargenting. What is this tool and what is its difference from banner advertising?

The advantage of the reorientation method isthat the buyer is interested in the product / service, because he visited the site, while banner advertising is viewed by all people, including those who do not need to purchase the goods being promoted. Accordingly, the spent money for a PR service or product in this case is higher than when retargeting.

Technically, retargeting is the announcement on individual web sites where advertising displays are placed.

Technical realization

Today, the reorientation of ads has become widespread. You can put the retargeting "VKontakte", Google, Yandex, Facebook.

How is this implemented technically?The advertiser's site has JavaScript code that sets cookies in the visitor's browser. When visiting other sites, the user is broadcast contextual advertising.

setting up retargeting

Reorientation of the visitor in a potentialthe buyer is anonymous. The person who viewed the site information and subsequently saw the advertiser's announcement does not take any chances. Advertising - it's just a reminder of the site and that it is necessary to return to it and make a purchase.


  • Search Retrieval is based oninstant action without prior relationship between the visitor and the advertiser. This type of retargeting works on the keywords specified in the search engine. Activated keywords of the advertiser, when matched with the user's request, display the last banner ad, regardless of the preliminary visit to the web resource.
  • Social retargeting.What is this view? Social resources are actively developing to attract more users, and are trying to introduce useful functions and expand opportunities. That is, through social networks, you can successfully configure sales and find new customers. Advertising finds its audience through the social interest shown by users through likes, statuses and retweets.
  • The classic look is retargeting after visiting the site. Tracking the network activity of a visitor to a website and displaying banners while visiting other Internet sites.
  • Behavioral retargeting. The selection of the audience for display of banner ads comes from the history of search queries, profiles in social networks and visits to certain web resources.

Base for retargeting

To send announcements to future customers, it is necessary to have a user database. For example, using retargeting "VKontakte", you can use two options for filling the database:

  1. Copy the code provided by the social network to your site.
  2. Download the client database collected through online services.

retargeting vkontakte

In any case, the setting of retargeting increases the number of visitors who have performed the targeted action on the Internet resource.

Self-assembled database

Such a database can contain 3 types of data:ID number in social. network; email or phone number that the user specified when registering. You can get them through free services, by asking them to sort users who are related to a popular community, for example, selling children's things.

There are paid programs for obtaining information about potential customers or, in general, ready-made bases, the quality of which can only be checked after payment.

The database can be compiled by subscribers of the company or e-mails left for news distribution.

How to apply the client base?

To target advertising "VKontakte" is necessary insettings of the personal page to put a tick in front of the function "Advertising". Go to the "Advertising Campaign" section, where you can create retargeting groups. These groups are loaded with the collected databases, which will be used to demonstrate the announcement.

retargeting groups

If no systematic data is available,Create groups using the code provided by the social network. The code needs to be copied, for example, to the home page of your site. After that, the personal account will display information about the audience of users who have moved to an external site and are interested in the goods or services that it provides.

Retargeting "Yandex"

Retargeting is also used in othersources of traffic, for example, in Yandex Direct. To select users who will be shown ads on the sites-partners "Yandex", a metric is established. Without this tool, targeting of advertising in "Yandex" does not work! Using the metric, you can count the number of people who have visited the site; added goods to the cart; who issued the order. Advantage of "Yandex Metrics" - in the ability to set goals, that is, you can install a counter of users who have visited the "Basket" page or "Thank you for your purchase".

Yandex retargeting

So, in order to set up retargeting"Direct", you must have: your site with the installed counter (metric); more than 100 visitors and ads with different advertising targeting conditions. On the search page "Yandex" does not show ads.

Disadvantages of retargeting

Undoubtedly, this powerful sales tool through targeted address to the user with mismanagement can also hurt. The main flaws of the mechanism are:

  • Excessive obsession.Error in the timing of advertising. The buyer could already buy the goods or, by mistake, go to the seller's website, and within a month an ad for the purchase of a thing or service flashes.
  • Stress effect.Many network users can feel the psychological discomfort caused by the feeling of constant surveillance. Well, when advertising has a warning about why this person is constantly seeing this ad.
  • Inability to track offline orders. Demonstration of advertising to the person who made the order by phone. That is, the system does not take into account offline orders and automatically takes the visitor of the site into circulation.

Benefits of retargeting in numbers

Retargeting - what is it? Where and how is it used? Answering these questions, it's time to consider the effectiveness of the tool marketers. The best evidence of the mechanism will be real numbers.

retargeting direct

  1. According to research, 3 out of 5 buyers in the US pay attention to advertising when viewing another site.
  2. Consumer response to banner advertising: 30% - positive; 59% is neutral, and the remaining 11% is negative.
  3. The click-through rate increases by 50% after 5 months of the posted 1 ad.
  4. The primary objectives of retargeting: increase in revenue and attract new customers - 33% each; recognition of the site - 16%; the popularization of the site - 12%.