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Fluorescent film for effective advertising promotion

Today, technologicalinnovations. They allow you to reduce the cost of the formation and subsequent use of advertising, as well as attract more customers and consumers.

How to attract attention?

The right choice of location, qualitylayout and other factors have a significant impact on the effectiveness of advertising. But in some cases, it can be reduced even when all the subtleties are fulfilled. For example, the perception of information is significantly complicated by fog or dusk. Also one of the problems is lack of understanding when driving at high speed. This mostly relates to structures that are located next to the tracks. Oracal's fluorescent film helps in increasing the effectiveness of advertising, without leading to the waste of the entire budget for one project. Thus, you can move to a completely new level of information delivery.

fluorescent film


The fluorescent film is based on the effect ofsimilar name - a kind of glow that occurs without the use of energy sources. It is provided by the reflection of incoming light. To make the brightness at night, it's enough to add to the advertising sign elements from a special film that has reliability and a long period of operation. Among the features worth noting are the characteristics of light reflection. The material does not dazzle and does not form glare. This is especially important when placed in sleeping areas and along the roadway, where there are established rules for such elements.

Fluorescent film should not justto be pasted on all surface of a banner or extensions. This will not ensure the proper result. The greatest efficiency is achieved by selecting key advertising elements - dates, contacts and others. Different situations require an original approach, so you need to carefully select the elements to which you will pay special attention. The information placed on the billboard or stretching is merged at high speed, and the text covered with a film with a reflective function attracts attention and is remembered even with a cursory glance.

printing on a fluorescent film

Bright color

Increase in efficiency is possible not only withhelp the glow, but also due to shade, when using films with acid bright colors. This method has acquired a particular prevalence among advertisers due to the popularity of such a gamut and the effectiveness of the application. The main advantage is the constant visibility regardless of viewing angle, lighting, weather conditions and other factors. Acidic film fluorescent attracts attention and with ultraviolet glow. This is true when using advertising in bars and nightclubs.

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Benefits of use

Stickers are made of self-adhesive filmhigh quality, which is based on plasticizers. They are characterized by the absence of movement to the external plane of the material. They have special stabilizers, which are designed to maintain weather resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Fluorescent film is not exposed to water, including sea. It has a stable, unchanging color.

There are many different optionsshades, optimally suitable for outdoor use as application quality graphic elements. Printing on a fluorescent film opens up vast opportunities for the implementation of advertising projects. It can be used to increase the brightness of messages on water transport and cars. The presence of a black and white version allows you to choose a film for any designs.