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Language of advertising and its features

Each of us daily faces advertisingon television, on the radio, on the street, etc. Surely, few people think why one advertisement causes a smile and interest, while the other just annoys or leaves indifferent.

No wonder there is a so-called language of advertising,which allows you to correctly influence the subconscious of a person, in order to encourage him to make a decision on the purchase of a particular product. Its foundations are used not only in the consumer market, but also in the political arena, because the very essence remains the same - attract attention and attract interest from a wide audience.

Undoubtedly, first of all the language of advertising shouldbe literate, because it is unlikely that a potential buyer will have a desire to buy a product company that allows in their booklets elementary spelling errors. But it's not about the grammar that all of us should learn in school, but about the peculiar secrets that advertisers use, creating draft videos or inviting bigboards.

At present, there is a certain stylistic image of advertising texts, which was formed under the active influence of an energetic and energetic Western manner of promotion.

Often, copywriters in order to attractgoods attention, must be able to compose a witty and humorous text for advertising. For example, what emotions do you have: "Fill up with strength and vivacity for the whole day"? Agree, this is a tricky and banal formulation of some kind of a tool, and after all, which one, already, and do not want to know, just uninteresting. But if you heard the advertisement in the advertisement, the phrase: "My grandmother again flew back to the hen party and did not even warn that she will return only in the morning!", Then a smile appears on the face and simple human curiosity makes you wonder what exactly the speech is about.

But do not think that only humor lies in thebased on the creation of advertising, this is fundamentally wrong, just such a turnover is one of the ways to attract attention and create a positive image of the goods being sold. Often the excessive glossiness of the invented advertising text can not only not attract, but even irritate the audience, so it is necessary to carefully approach the construction of each phrase.

It is important to understand that the language of advertising is used inall from the creation of a name for the store, ending with the phrase printed on the package into which we put our purchases. At the same time, in each case, they use their own subtleties, which allow achieving the set goal.

Among other things, very much depends onhow advertising is framed. You can carefully choose the right words, however, in the case when it comes to printing or a sign on the store, much depends on what color range it was made.

Many companies spend huge sums of money,to create a successful advertising slogan, the main task of which is to interest potential buyers and encourage them to act. Slogan, as a rule, attracts people's attention by 70% more than any other advertising, so every word is carefully chosen to create a successful call in order to get exactly "on target".

Features of the language of advertising are also inthe fact that he does not accept the use of obscenities and obscene language, this in many respects will only repel most people, although many will pay attention to such advertising, but a negative image of the company will immediately form in the subconscious, which can not lead to an increase in profits and turnover.

They also use manipulation with comparisons. So, for example, we often find phrases: "more than just a TV", "best prices", etc. Somehow it works!

Language manipulation is exactly whatyou need advertisers, because they have an impact on the human subconscious, pushing to buy. The phrases that incline us to make a purchase are built on the fact that they contain a call, like "hurry, only today and only with us ...", "for the first time ...", etc.

The language of advertising stores in itself many more secrets, which you can comprehend only if you immerse yourself in this uneasy and mysterious world of manipulation.