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The most expensive brands in the world. List of the most famous and popular brands in the fashion world

The modern war of brands has virtually no oneDo not be surprised. Huge companies tirelessly struggle for a place in the sun, constantly improving their products and introducing innovations into the production process. Add to popular brands of the world and earn a place in the ranking is not so easy. Domestic companies, unfortunately, have not yet succeeded. In this article we will talk about those well-known world brands that occupy leading positions in various ratings.

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What are the most famous brands in the world?this category? The first places in the lists are occupied by such automobile brands as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota. Three data companies always go together, periodically changing places and occupying the last places in the top ten (but this is by no means bad!). The main directions of their development: the orientation of sales to all countries of the world, advertising, the search for new categories of customers. A bit further from the main positions in the rating is the Honda brand, which recently focuses on retaining old customers, rather than on finding new ones. But the world's automobile brands are headed by GE, which is not very well known in the markets of the post-Soviet space. She won the victory after she decided to provide her machines with software and connect them to the Internet. The move was risky, although completely successful. For that the company made its way closer to the first places in the ratings.

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Brands of the world are successfully replenishing companies thatproduce software for computers. So, in the rating is necessarily Intel - a company that successfully develops and pleases consumers with a good filling of their "workhorses". Invariably in the ranking the leading places are occupied by Microsoft, even despite who was or is its general director. Timely response to all innovations, the full maintenance of the world of computer fashion - all that is needed in order not to go off the top and be on the front line. And unexpectedly bypassed the most famous brands of the world Google through the program Google Glass.

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The best brands in the world in the "technology" section as alwaysreplenishes the company Apple. She invariably takes the leading position, fully satisfying the wishes and requests of her clients. Trying to keep up with her and Samsung. This company has made a huge step forward after being reoriented to Apple, focusing on the interconnection of its products. Computer fashion is represented by HP, which also holds the leading position.


The most famous and always occupying the first placesin various brand ratings - Disney. He is always at the center of events, finding new opportunities to win people's attention. By the way, the products of this company are oriented not only to children (although, truth be told, mostly on them), but also for adults who are ready to spend a fun certain amount of time. In addition to entertainment centers, toys and cartoons, this company creates various show programs and video games.

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List of the most expensive brands in the world oftenis headed by Coca-Cola. She is always at the peak among the winners, changing places from time to time. This happened, for example, in 2013, when after thirteen years of leadership the company gave way to other worthy brands. However, at the same time, Coca-Cola received another prestigious award, becoming the most creative participant of the market this year. As for food, McDonald's, the company that is ready to feed all comers in the world, replenishes the rating of brands. A huge step forward she made after she decided on various new dishes, introducing into her menu the features of the cuisine of those countries where her restaurants are located.

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Gillette company replenishes world brands, alwaysbeing in the top twenty. The company's products are targeted not only at men, but also at women. A special demand for products is given by the rapidly developing countries of the world, where this brand has a special success. This, for example, concerns India, as well as post-Soviet countries.

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And, of course, how can you do without peacefashion? Famous brands of the world are in this section of the goods. So, for example, the Swiss company Rolex occupies the leading position in the world of accessories, which has been producing watches for almost 110 years. Their products are not cheap, but they differ in quality. And this accessory is an integral part of every successful and self-respecting person. In this list, you must include Louis Vuitton - the only company that takes the leading position from the world of fashion in the world ratings. It specializes in the production of primarily bags and suitcases, as well as other accessories and clothing. The most expensive brands in the world are also headed by Prada. Its history began in a small leather goods store in Italy. However, thanks to the hard work and desire of the workers today, this is a well-known brand that is recognized around the world. The company specializes in leather goods, it produces bags, hats, clothes, shoes a variety of different accessories. The company Gucci, which became famous in the 60s of the last century, is also close to it. Now she produces leather accessories, clothes, as well as jewelry and perfume. The ratings also include the French company Hermes, which produces original bags and scarves. It will be interesting for many that the company originally specialized in making harness and bridles for horses, as evidenced by its logo.

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This section is mandatory for thosepeople who closely follows the world of fashion. So, who takes the leading position in the rating of brands from the world of fashion? This is the company Chanel. Quite long ago, a petite but very charismatic Coco made a huge leap in the world of women's fashion, forcing the ladies to abandon uncomfortable prudish dresses in exchange for stylish and practical men's trousers. Since that time the given company does not lose its positions and today is in the top of ratings. Armani brand clothes are preferred by many celebrities from the world of show business. In addition, this brand is also affordable for young people who want to always remain fashionable. Orientation to all age categories - that's the end of this brand. Well and how it is possible to bypass all known brand Dior which became known to public still in the very beginning of the last century? It's not only great clothes, but also exclusive fragrances, high-quality decorative cosmetics - everything a modern person can need to always remain fashionable. Affordable at its prices is also known in Europe, but gradually gaining a position in the expanses of the former Soviet Union brand H & M. This is clothing for every taste, which will suit many people in style. In addition, it is very affordable at its prices. Thanks to this brand, you can always remain at the peak of fashion and be a stylish person. Comfortable and practical clothing in a sporty style is offered by Nike, which for quite a long time occupies the leading position in the sales market. Urban clothing is offered to all by the well-known company Calvin Klein, whose products are loved by many people around the world. And the brand of sexuality and femininity is, of course, the company Victoria's secret, which mainly produces lingerie, but it does not stop there .. And for fans of brilliance and originality there is such a brand as Dolce & Gabbana, their clothes always keep up with new fashion trends, It has a wide color range and various prints, which is very popular not only for young people, but for all brave people.