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What are creative business cards?

Do you open your business?Or maybe you are thinking about rebranding the company? In these cases, you will need creative business cards. And why it is impossible to do with standard variants? The fact is that the business card is the face of the firm. And the more interesting it will be, the deeper your client will be in the subconscious of clients. This should be achieved. Ideas for creating creative business cards are looking for below.

Business cards of florists

Creative business cards

Do you have your own company to create bouquets?Or maybe you make exclusive decoration of premises with fresh flowers? You just need an unusual card. What for? The fact is that in any city you can find flower shops. And the more of them, the higher the population density. To stand out from the gray mass, you need to approach creatively not only to create bouquets, but also to PR. An example of how the original business card can look, you can see above. In this case, the card folds into a bouquet. This move is original, and the client, who has received such a business card, will not throw it away, but leave it to show to friends. And thus, not one person will recognize your store, but five at a time.

Business card of the hairdresser

Creative business cards of designers

Everyone is pleased when they are given gifts.Especially all sorts of little things like girls. Therefore, they will be delighted when at the exit from the beauty salon they will receive 15 invisible gifts. And with them, and a creative business card. Even a lady who is far from art and design will appreciate a pleasant present. A good impression will make her the next time choose the same hairdresser, and, moreover, recommend his master to his girlfriends. Yes, the best advertisement of a specialist is quality work. But to unwind quickly, you can not miss the opportunity to stock the client's client with a creative approach to detail.

Artist's Business Card

Creative business cards photo

Creative people approach all areas of theirlife creatively. Therefore, their business cards are often miniature works of art. The artist's card should show one of his best works. But you will agree, very few people will admire the dull scrap of paper for more than 5 seconds. After all, to truly appreciate the reduced and printed copy of the work on the printer is impossible. Therefore, a creative business card must contain not only a picture. The card can be converted to an easel. And this card already hand will not rise. Many people will put it on the desktop and will occasionally admire it.

Business card mechanic

The most creative business cards

Do you have a parts store?Or maybe you work as a mechanic? In this case, you just need a business card. And it is desirable unusual. You can see the photos of the creative card above. Many will be surprised: a piece of iron in the form of advertising - but who needs it? And in fact, it turns out, many people who need such a thing that they can replace a screwdriver or a key. You think, and what good is it to issue such expensive business cards, if people stop buying your keys? But customers will see good treatment from the moment of acquaintance. Even if this acquaintance was only one-sided.

Business Card Pastry Chef

Creative business cards

If you bake unique cakes and patties, thenyou should surprise your customers not only with the quality of the products. Which business cards are the most creative? Those that differ from others. Most business cards are printed on paper. Nobody prevents you from making your cards with the address, company name and phone from the skin. But this is a surprisingly simple and at the same time effective solution. You can cut shapes that will look like cookies, and at the center of them knock out your logo. To make the business card more similar to the confectionery, you can make additional holes in it.

Business dressmaker's card

Creative business cards of designers

Think of making yourself creative advertising andDo you think it will be expensive? No, it's not. If you have a good idea, you can implement it by the most simple methods. Above is the business card of the dressmaker. All that was required in order to make a rectangle of paper creative is to make a cut. With him, the card changed into a shirt. Now you can put on it any print, for example, in a box or in a circle. Although in the white version of the business card looks chic. There is no complex color scheme or pile of fonts. But there is a good idea.

Designer's business card

Creative business cards

From artists expect that they always and everywhere will befountain of ideas. But not at all it turns out. However, when a designer designs a business card, it should look presentable. You can choose your style. Perhaps you are closer to classics or modern. But nevertheless it is necessary to give preference to classical coloring and laconic form. Creative designers' business cards will not appeal to all customers. So think twice before sending a card in the form of a green smiley. It looks fun, but customers may think that you are not serious about your work. If you want something unusual, play with the fonts. You can write your profession professionally. Words can get out of the edges. But most importantly, keep your readability.