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RSA - what is it? EFS Settings

Many Internet users often askthe question: "RSA - what is"? It turns out that these are capital letters from the Yandex advertising network. These words are more familiar to all than its abbreviations. And yet RSA - what is it? The advertising network of "Yandex" is, as you know, a number of sites that show ads for "Yandex. Direct. " RSA (Yandex) contains various sites: a website, its versions for smartphones, mobile applications, smart TV.

The advertising network "Yandex" accepts onlythose sites that are most often visited by users. All sites that apply to join the RSA undergo a thorough check according to the condition of participation. They will never accept you if there is poor-quality content and a site that are created just to make money on advertising.

RSA is a confident audience

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RSA - what is it?The advertising network of Yandex is a confident audience, which should not be doubted. To date, Yandex has 74 million users, and a large number of them have no relation to users searching for Yandex.

What comes out of this?And from this there can be a significant increase in audience coverage, if you will place advertising on the RSA site. If you want to understand this in detail, then carefully look at the number of visitors to the search engine "Yandex" and visitors to sites participating in the RSA.

How does Yandex's advertising network work?

The work of the advertising network "Yandex" meets the following requirements:

  • Internet advertising is selected by filling a certain page;
  • Internet advertising, responsible for the search, is shown as a result of the delivery on the sites, and it is tied to the keyword entered by the visitor in the search bar;
  • The thematic Internet advertising is shown on the page of the site as additional information to its content;
  • advertising, which is based on the user's behavior, is selected using behavioral targeting technology, it depends on the interest of specific users on the site.

how to set up rsia

On the site of the network participant, you can advertisesystem "Yandex. Direct. " You can also place blocks of advertising, which are provided by the Yandex. Market ». Owners of sites that are members of the Yandex advertising network receive money for the transition of visitors through an advertising link and can watch in real time the number of times ads and ad conversions are displayed, as well as their revenue.

Who can join the Yandex advertising network?

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In the RSA can enter any sites with Russian-speakingUsers who meet the rules of participation, if they have more than 500 visitors per day. In addition, participants can also become sites that were created on the free hosting of "Narod.ru" and other such sites, for example Ucoz. But for such sites there are exceptions, they will be accepted only if there is a direct request to the technical support of the Yandex advertising network. Unfortunately, it's impossible to automatically add a site that is hosted on a free hosting service.

Ways to work with the advertising network "Yandex"

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There are three easy ways to work with RSA:

  1. Create different campaigns with your own keywords and ads, because the search and subject matter are different concepts, and they are shown by different criteria. The search is focused on the current requests of users, and the topic - on the user, his interests and behavior on the network.
  2. Decide with the key, because the system itselfwill determine where, when and to whom your advertising is interesting, and during the set of words there is no need to set strict limits. It is necessary to make an emphasis on word combinations from several words and at the same time be careful with negative words and operators. With this, you can choose broad phrases and thereby increase the target audience.

It is necessary to add emotions. This is necessary for your ad to be seen, because it can be placed anywhere. Describe the benefits of your proposals brightly and as clearly as possible.

Setting up the Yandex advertising network

Probably, many people had a question about howconfigure the RSA. And in order to do this, you need to first go to the strategy settings and select "Independent management for different types of sites," then disable advertising on the search, and set the maximum coverage on the thematic site. Now advertising will be shown only on the RSA. Setting up the RSA is pretty easy in the case. You can also set restrictions on the daily budget and the mode of impressions.

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After that you can make another setting. In the item "Settings on the thematic areas" you should check off the phrase "Do not take into account user preferences". If you do not mark this item, then your ad will show by user preference, not just by keywords. It will be issued on request, which is not in your ads.

The result

To place advertising on advertising platformsnetwork "Yandex", you need to remember its main princes, by which it works, and also take them into account when setting up your advertising. On this basis, do not forget to single out individual campaigns for a thematic site, increase the base of keywords in the texts.

It is also worth remembering about experiments with textads. When you perform all these functions, you will get the maximum return from RSA, which only you could expect. We hope, after reading the article, you will no longer have a question: "RSA - what is it?"