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What is the purpose of the trademark?

The government of our country zealously followsobservance of intellectual property rights. In order to protect copyright for products created and produced by commercial enterprises, various measures are being taken, for example, a trademark is being developed. It is a kind of designation, designed to individualize the product of a particular company.


In order to have absolute ownership ofa product, it is necessary to register a trademark, that is, make a corresponding note in the state register. Each enterprise independently comes up with a trademark, which, in turn, can include words or phrases, an image (or a combination of these symbols). After carrying out work in this direction and approval by the company management, the trademark is checked by a specialized state structure for compliance with the requirements of the law. Of course, the first thing to do is to reconcile a new sample with those already existing and registered earlier. According to the current legislation, two identical brands are not allowed. Then an analysis of the truthfulness and accuracy of the company data is carried out, this is done to avoid confusion of the citizens about the manufacturer and the quality of the goods.

register a trademark

In addition, the trademark should not be depictedany of the elements of the symbolism of the state. The name of the goods used by the enterprise must be individual and not contain words related to a certain class or type of product (that is, the use of generally accepted terms is prohibited). These are the most general rules that every entrepreneur should know. Registration of a trademark is possible only with full compliance with all the standards presented in the rules of consideration of an application for a trademark. In the modern world, there are special firms that provide detailed advice on the registration of all rights to intellectual property. A qualitative verification of the finished sign is entrusted to the patent attorney, whose duties include the protection of intellectual labor.

registration of a trademark

Trademark is considered propertyspecific organization only after receiving a certificate on making an appropriate note in the general register, which indicates the end of the state registration. However, many entrepreneurs still do not see the sense in going through such a tedious procedure. So, let's look at the advantages of official registration. Firstly, only your company has the official right to post this image on packages of all its goods, as well as on supply contracts and other documents of the company. This symbol helps to promote the recognition of the product of a particular enterprise, which means (with a competent advertising campaign) you can expect to increase sales. Thus, the organization becomes easier to earn a positive reputation in the market and stand out from the competition.