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Portion sugar with a logo: take care of the company's image

Sugar in individual packaging representsis an actual product that differs not only hygienic and style, but also efficiency from the point of view of advertising. Without it, any self-respecting institution is difficult to imagine today.

Sugar irreplaceable in bars, restaurants, cafes.He acts as a symbol of serious attitude to the case and attention to important trifles. Such sugar is no less popular among people who put practicality first.

The company "Shoko.ru" offers several varieties of this popular product.

White sugar

serving sugar with logo

A current offer for those who want to stand out from the competition and provide advertising to their own company. Portion sugar with logo in bags of five grams is indispensable in the management ofrestaurant or hotel business. But these areas do not limit its use. In the company of any orientation coffee-breaks are organized, on which sugar can not be dispensed with. The products, decorated with the company's logo, will have the right effect on customers.

Two colors are available for selectionlabels - CMYK or Pantone. One unit of the goods will cost 0.48 (for 200 000 pieces) - 2 rubles (for 6 000-10 000 pieces). Packing material - high quality paper (laminated, coated). The order is made from 10 working days. At repeated manufacture - from two working days.

Cane sugar

Such sugar in bags is considered more useful to health than white.For this reason, he has earned deserved popularity among people who are watching their food. In small attractive bags there are five grams of the product. Reed sugar with logo will cost a little more than refined, butthis is completely justified, because it does not have a negative effect on the body. One packet costs from 0.9 to 2.15 rubles (the price varies depending on the volume of the batch and the season, so the minimum price - for orders of 200,000 pieces or more, and the maximum - when buying 6,000-10,000 pieces). When creating a package, laminated coated paper is used. Its high quality confirms the status of the product.

cane sugar

Stick with white sugar

Not ceasing to be an actual classic - sugarportioned with a standard inscription. This option is very popular in teahouses and coffee shops. It will be no less relevant in developing companies with large flows of potential customers. This type of packaging is cheaper than with a logo, while sugar remains the same quality. The packaging is solid, at its creation the specialists of the company "Shoko.ru" use high-quality coated paper with the effect of lamination. Another advantage - the shortest possible production time - from one working day. The unit of goods will cost 0.48 (for a batch of 200,000 units) - 0.56 rubles (for 6,000-10,000 units).

Stick with cane sugar

Portable cane sugar is the best supplementto a cup of tea or coffee. Customers and partners will appreciate it. The status of your company in their eyes will certainly increase, because the impression of cooperation is often composed of small things.

Reed sugar is insignificantly superiorwhite in value, while it is considered more beneficial to the body. Individual packaging looks impressive - laminated paper (coated) of high quality. The weight of one stick is five grams. The price ranges from 0.84 (for orders of 200,000 units or more) to 0.98 rubles per 1 pc. (at purchase of 6 000-10 000 pieces). The label on the label is neutral, while the paper color can be chosen in accordance with the general style of the company. An indisputable advantage is the speed of manufacturing, which can be from one working day.