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Targeted advertising is ... Targeted advertising in social networks

targeted advertising is

It's no secret that the most relevantcharacteristic of the quality of advertising is its thematicity. Roughly speaking, we are talking about the correspondence of materials that call for the purchase of a particular product and service, with the interests of those people whom they are shown. For example, it is necessary to advertise fishing nets where you can meet fishermen. A tool with which you can maximize the interests of the client and the advertiser is called targeting.

Targeted advertising is ...

The name "targeted advertising" came fromEnglish target, which translates as "target". It turns out that such advertising can be safely called a target, since it is intended only for the audience that is interested in showing the ad and in obtaining the advertised product or service.

How this interest manifests itself can be traced fromour example with the fishermen. If a person really has a need to purchase a fishing rod, he will certainly respond to such an announcement and, most likely, even make a purchase if the offer is really worthwhile.

According to the statistics of sales, which are conducted practicallyall companies in any field of business, you can see that targeted advertising is the most effective sales channel. Steeper than it can only be rumors and personal recommendations of regular customers to their friends and acquaintances. Therefore, in fact, this way of promoting the product is most appreciated.

Where is this type of advertising used?

targeted advertising is

In fact, spheres of application of this typeadvertising - an unlimited number. You can start, for example, from placing ads with the services of a lawyer near the courthouse (as the most fuzzy targeting) and finish - contextual advertising on the Internet, which is shown on thematic sites (where the selection of materials that the user sees up to his version of the browser). You can see examples of targeting everywhere, and, in fact, almost everywhere such a format of promotion and dialogue with the client can be confidently called the most effective.

Yes, this is not the easiest way to reportinformation to the client - targeted advertising. The cost of promoting products in this way is much higher than the prices for advertising services of wide coverage - one that appeals to many segments of the population, representatives of age and social groups (a vivid example is the traditional bigboards located throughout the city). However, as already noted, sales statistics justify the costs that go into this format of promotion.

Targeted advertising in in social networks

targeting ads

Relatively recently (over the last 5-7 years) has becomeextremely popular advertising on the Internet, and with it - and targeting with the help of social networks. Naturally, the pioneer in this field was the Facebook company, which showed how narrowly the advertiser can set the scope of the audience that will see his materials. Setting up targeted advertising in social networks allows you to clearly identify user groups, given their age, gender, residence and even personal interests. For example, you can show your ad to those who read a specific author, is in a group dedicated to a sports game, or likes to watch a particular genre of films. Agree, with a set of such characteristics that social networks have about each user, the possibilities of advertising targeting are simply unlimited.

Slightly about targeting opportunities

targeted advertising in social networks

In order to realize how accuratebe such an advertisement, we suggest you read the example. So you clearly understand that targeted advertising is a real key to the success of advertisers.

Imagine that you need to increase salesa bookshop located in a particular city. You just need to create a beautiful landing page to receive orders and set up an advertising campaign on the network where you would like to try (let it be Facebook). So, it's enough to compose the title and the text of the announcement, pick up a picture, and then specify a specific group of people: this should be the inhabitants of your city (this is obvious), and also the amateurs read (these are probably those who have the "Books" in their interests). So the circle of your audience will be significantly narrowed to several hundred people, but the campaign, broadcast in this way, will ideally fit the definition of "targeted advertising." This is a great way to get the required amount of traffic as much as possible interested in your store. If you see after a certain period of time that the people who clicked on the ad are too few - you can expand the audience by adding additional interests, such as "Reading" tags and others.

Tools for targeting

targeted advertising cost

Ways to gather the necessary audience a lot. In fact, part of the success is to approach the promotion of the product or service correctly. A set of criteria for targeting, combined with the name and description of the ad, can give the best effect in the form of generating a significant amount of sales and, as a result, high profits.

In addition to the already mentioned age, sex and interests,People who see your ad can also be selected by other criteria. For example, this is the family status, in which the person is at the moment; The educational institution where he studied or is currently studying; place of work or service in the army; the native language of a person. In addition to these and other nuances, it should also be added that the announcement can be made based on a set of certain categories, rather than a single indicator. For example, you can refine your campaign so that the ad is shown not only to 20-year-olds, but to people aged 20 to 25 years. The settings of advertising on social networks are, in fact, quite flexible, which is undoubtedly a huge plus of the latter as sites for promotion.

How to start your campaign?

You think that to start advertising inFacebook, you need to sign contracts and apply to advertising agencies? And here not! A huge advantage of this and other similar sites (Vkontakte, Mamba and many others) is that it's very easy to start working for them as an advertiser! It is enough to have a registered account on this network and spend half an hour to sort things out.

Let's say briefly. First you need to create a campaign, name it, specify the main parameters (time and frequency of its launch, budget, category). Next, you need to compose ads that will be broadcasted within this campaign. The next step is the procedure, when the targeted advertisement is configured (this means, the criteria specified above are specified). There is no need for any special knowledge to conduct advertising activities in social networks. It is enough to have work experience, as well as a general idea of ​​how a particular social network works with its partners. Both can be recognized by direct experiments. To begin, by the way, it is possible from small sums - for 100 $ it is possible to test at once some tactics of display of announcements and to reveal some laws. Do not forget to analyze the statistics.

Collecting information about responses

contextual and targeted advertising

In general, speaking about the statistical data inadvertising campaigns in social networks, should be called their most important component. Why, you ask? The fact is that it is on the basis of statistics that the advertiser can improve the model by which he builds his advertising campaign. Only with the help of specific figures that indicate sales, the number of conversions on the advertising link, the percentage of conversions (the ratio of people who visited the product page and those who made the purchase), as well as other parameters, can make the announcement successful. And the rest is about experiments. You can, for example, create dozens of ads, collect statistics about them, identify the most successful ones and remove those that have failed. Actually, such a simple strategy is the most effective, although it certainly requires certain monetary investments at the stage of experiments.

Alternative social network

Social networking is a great way to promoteproduct. True, he works mainly for the entertainment and some services. To sell pumps for compressors, for example, through Facebook will not work, because this is too specialized niche. Here, contextual and targeted advertising will come to the rescue.

In fact, it can be called an alternativesocial networks, because it is placed either on the search engines directly in the issuance of Google or Yandex, or on sites that are connected to the affiliate program of these advertising platforms. For example, some spare parts catalog puts ads from Google Adsense, and you order ads and manage the Adwords site by advertising your store.

The difference with social networks is "obvious". If there targeted advertising is interests, age, sex and other characteristics of a particular person, then in the case of "context", binding is done to the queries that a person makes in the search engine. For example, if he drives the phrase "to buy spare parts for Kalina", an announcement will appear in the issue with reference to the store with spare parts for "Lada Kalina". Such a submission of information, of course, is also highly focused and effective in terms of sales.

So, targeted advertising is realmechanism for promoting goods and services. This is a rejection of the old model of offering our services to the widest possible audience (remember the anecdote announcing "selling a garage" on the air of "Field of Miracles"). In fact, advertising should be as point-based as possible, it should be reported only to those it may be interested in. Therefore, the most accessible tool that can now provide targeting at a sufficient level is the Internet. And of course, the targeted advertising itself is an excellent channel for organizing sales of its goods and services. The main thing is to be able to use it.