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Types of emotions and feelings

Man - not a robot, and therefore, to all thatgoing around, he is experiencing something. One grieves him, but the other cheers. Due to emotional experiences, our life is filled with meaning, we become able to distinguish between good and bad, and also choose what we really need. These emotional experiences are called emotions and feelings. They are similar in many respects, however, they have some differences from each other. The main of these differences is that emotions are temporary phenomena, and feelings are permanent. In other words, it can be said that feeling is a stable emotion. Types of emotions and feelings are different. However, it should immediately be noted that they are all related in one way or another to the individual's psychic characteristics, as well as to his personality.

Types of emotions in psychology

First of all, it should be noted that they are:

- positive;

- neutral;

- negative.

Types of emotions are different and numerous. Here are the main ones:

1) Joy. We feel it when something good happens, our dreams come true, the forces invested in a business pay off, or we just get what we wanted for a long time. Joy - this is something that is so lacking in the gray everyday life. It has long been proven by scientists that a person who is constantly rejoicing for something, lives longer, and his health is much better than those people who are constantly in despondency.

No other emotions are able to feed a person like joy. Without it, a person withers and loses the will to live.

2) Wonder. It makes our life not so boring and fresh. A person who is able to be surprised experiences always a little more joy than other people. This emotion is directly related to expectation, anticipation of something. It appears when the veil of secrecy is lowered, and the person finds out what was hidden. There is an opinion that a person ceases to be surprised with time. It's bad, but that's our life.

3) Interest. Much that humanity has today would not have been achieved if a person were not capable of experiencing interest. Interest causes people to develop, to acquire new knowledge, and to make grandiose and great discoveries. In fact, interest is an emotional attitude toward something, a desire to learn something about it and understand it. The opposite of interest is boredom. Objects of the surrounding world, which a certain person causes boredom, remain without his attention, that is, they are not recognized by him.

4) Sympathy. It can arise not only to another person, but also to any object, phenomenon and object of the surrounding world. She says that her object has caused a certain emotional response in us, and we definitely need to get close to him.

5) There are also negative kinds of emotions. First of all, they should be referred to anger. This emotion is very strong and often a person because of it gets into various unpleasant situations. Anger is a kind of reaction to external stimuli that people do not like. Such negative kinds of emotions as suffering, resentment, bitterness and others, as a rule, lurk inside a person, but anger always comes to the surface. Often its cause is that a person long tries to hide the above feelings. In some cases, anger can be completely uncontrollable.

Other kinds of emotions and feelings


- Confidence;

- Love;

- pride;

- Delight;

- tenderness;

- tenderness;

- gratitude and others.



- amazement;

- curiosity and others.


- longing;


- envy;

- sadness;

- disgust;

- jealousy;

- indifference;

- fear;

- hostility and others.

You can not become a prisoner of any emotions and feelings (it's not just about negative ones), as this can prevent you from moving right along the path of life.