/ Unfeeling man. The problem of the insensitive attitude of man towards others: the causes of

An insensitive person. The problem of an unconscious attitude of a person to others: the causes

We live in a world of people, communicate, interactand improving. Family, school, college, work ... Everything that surrounds a child from infancy affects him, shapes and brings up personality in him, prepares for life in society. Being by nature a simple biological species, a person develops as a social individual. It's no secret that people’s behavior is similar. They think, they say, they do something. At the same time, we are all different, we have only our own subjective features. Individuality affects a person's ability to work, his attitude towards people around him.

insensitive person

Insensitive attitude of man to man

If a person gradually replaces his feelingsrationality and prudence, so there were prerequisites for this. The exact reasons for this behavior have not been studied. But most likely, it is a reaction to the surrounding reality. In order to experience less frustration, suffer and be nervous, the individual begins to behave differently. He understands that in our difficult times, an unfeeling person always benefits. He does not care, he does not worry about anything. Therefore, the once emotional individual turns into a cold and restrained type.

Refusing to participate in the life of others,a person loses the ability to empathize. From this follows an insensitive attitude towards people. Arguments to justify this phenomenon are simple: it’s better to live by some modern patterns. That is, to work a lot and pay less attention to others, to think only about oneself and one’s own benefits. According to such an individual, stencils greatly simplify life, leaving no room for thought and feelings.

the problem of the insensitive attitude of man to those around him

Coldness and calculation of the unfeeling person

An insensitive person never experiencesemotions that make him cry. He is not interested in what is happening. Or he treats him as something ordinary, boring, gray. He is devoid of feelings of compassion, experience and participation. Such a person will never compromise. By his nature he is cruelty. Indeed, indifferent individuals live much easier. The problem of insensitive to people does not concern them. They are not touched by situations that make many people suffer, suffer and suffer. These people are not familiar with pity. Cruel hearts do not care about other people's troubles. They have a rather low sensory threshold and a weak perception of the surrounding world.

Guided only by their tasks and thoughts,they move through life literally over their heads. They have strong armor from stressful moments and anxiety - cold blood and selfishness. At sunset, such people may have something human in their souls at sunset. And, looking back, they will understand what causes the insensitive attitude of a person to others. Arguments will no longer work: they will realize that they have led a miserable existence, remaining alone in their old age, without knowing either love, or good, or happiness.

insensitive attitude of man to man

The problem of insensitive attitude of man to others. Arguments

Manifestation of insensitivity often leads totragedy. It breaks the fate. A few years ago, the whole world was shocked by history, when the conductor in the middle of the road, in the winter, dropped the boy off the bus because he could not pay the fare. And how sad the result - the kid went astray and froze. Such an attitude is unacceptable, since it led to tragedy.

It is believed that there is nothing worse than indifference andinsensitivity. These qualities destroy souls. And we appreciate the sympathetic, attentive and welcoming people. An unfeeling person is found at every step - in the team, on the street, in the family. Now, an unemotional attitude towards everything outgoing is the norm, not the exception. Insensitive are not only cruel and selfish people, but also those who responded with evil to their participation, responsiveness. These people, afraid to get heartache again, pass by cruelty, trying to close their eyes.

What kind of life is it?

Let's see what gets an insensible person who is not interested in the problems of others:

  • Self sufficiency. Such a person is confident in himself. It is harmonious and comfortable to be a "hermit", dealing exclusively with their own problems.
  • No need for other people. There is no need to be friends, because there is nothing to talk about with friends. They live in a world that is alien and incomprehensible to such an individual.
  • Exclusion of close contacts. Communicating with other people is permissible, but it does not make sense to get close to them. Intrusive comrades will try to dictate their rules.
  • No need for love. According to the individual, this feeling is dangerous. It makes open, trust, become weak. And for a self-sufficient person, this is a direct path to losing oneself.
  • Reluctance to understand the feelings of others. When close relationships with others are not interested, then there is no need to be imbued with their feelings.
  • Refusal of emotions. There is no time for this. If feelings have not brought joy, then, naturally, they are easier to give up.

the problem of insensitive to people

Causes of insensitivity

What is the reason for the devaluation of what hasattitude to participation? The sources of indifference originate in deep childhood. It is parents who bring up the insensitive attitude of a person towards others. They have ordinary arguments: they are too busy making money to spend such precious time talking to children. And this is the most important mistake of every adult person.

With his own hands he morally disfigures a child,pedantically bringing him up, following only psychological attitudes that do not imply empathy and participation in the life of a baby. Growing up, the son gets used to reason sensibly and coldly. He does not know how to express feelings. The little man who did not receive heart and love becomes an egoist who ignores the problems of others and does not try to enter into communication with them.

the problem of the insensitive attitude of man towards others

Characteristic of an insensitive person

Insensitive people find it difficult to understand personalemotions, learn to show them. Therefore, they do not understand the experiences of others. Insensible people lack imagination and intuition. And the presence of infantilism leads to pragmatism, a false notion about life and conflicts with others. Psychologists describe the insensitive person as follows. According to them, it is peculiar to him:

  • Difficulties in defining or describing other people's personal feelings.
  • Problems in terms of emotions and bodily sensations.
  • Lack of ability to dream.
  • Focusing mainly on external events (to the detriment of internal).
  • The ability to sensibly reason with a lack of emotional manifestations.

Often the reason for this is the lack of affection,care, attention and warmth in childhood. Statistics show that the majority of insensitive people are adults who were not loved or indulged. Sometimes parents teach children to hide their feelings, try to be strong and confident. And as a result, a person grows up who does not know how to love, feel and sympathize.

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How not to become an insensitive person?

So that your child does not become a callous type,devoid of any participation to other people, it is necessary to cultivate it in love. He should not be protected from close to the wall of indifference. The problem of a man’s insensitive attitude towards others is very terrible. Arguments of this phenomenon, whatever they may be, are not worth the eternal joyless loneliness that you receive as a gift for your egoism. You expect life devoid of emotions. When suddenly everything around seems boring and unnecessary - it's scary.

So as not to turn into a person deprived of anymanifestations of feelings, you need to enjoy life, to perceive it here and now. Black stripes are replaced by white. No need to rush to the reserves and save wild animals, go to the underdeveloped countries, to give huge sums to charitable foundations. You just need to become a little kinder, more merciful. Teach this rising generation, and the world around you will change for the better. Kindness, purity of thoughts, the ability to feel and respond to requests for help make a person great and beautiful.