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How to overcome the crisis? Creative approach to the problem

A crisis, creative in particular, can becomethe cause of the real depression. Are you a person who makes a living by creativity? It doesn’t matter what you do - painting, music, pastry or advertising. Even if the object of your creation is a quarterly accounting report, to create it you also need a rush called “inspiration”. Lack of inspiration, which is called a "golfer" or "stupor", can make life unbearable. In this article we will describe how to overcome the creative crisis and not be afraid of the dead ends, if any.

Creative crisis

Hello crisis!

A creative person feels very subtlemood, in fact it is from a spiritual uplift depend on the results of his work. When all is well, the work goes on, life seems to be a joyful and pleasant walk on a sunny day. But what does she turn into when a creative crisis comes? What to do in this case, to bring everything back to normal? Follow the tips below and your muse will return to you.

No word on problem

Thinking again and again about how to break the crisiscreative your process, you only aggravate your position. Even if the stagnation has lasted for more than one week, and you regret to note the fact that your muse is not present, you should not make inconsolable conclusions. Release the situation and accept what is.

How long will the crisis last?

Creative stagnation can last for months, but it’sno reason to put a point in life and dive into the deepest depression. Remember that the black bar will not change light, as long as you lose heart. This is just a vicious circle - as long as your state of mind is unstable, you are not filled with inspiration. Try to just forget about what you need to create. As soon as you are engaged in something enthusiastic and clear your head from oppressive thoughts, inspiration will return by itself.

Creative crisis what to do

Extreme help you

Overcoming the creative crisis - non-standardthe task means the solutions will be non-standard. The first way out of stagnation is to invigorate your body. Jump with a parachute, go down the river in a kayak, climb the mountains or do something else that you have always been afraid of. Such influence from the outside will help to see the world from the other side, and, probably, your creative vein will be hammered again.

creative crisis

A new kind of creative activity

We continue to give unusual, but working advice.to the question: "How to overcome a creative crisis?". An effective recommendation would be to change the way your inspiration exits. Engage in creative activities that have never been engaged in and for which, as you think, you have no predisposition. Take it with all responsibility, hard work. Suppose you do not know how to draw and are engaged in writing activities, but try to draw a masterpiece in bright colors. Being engaged in an activity which is not peculiar to you, you are forcing both your hemispheres to work, which leads to the emergence of creative ideas.

How to overcome a creative crisis

Go in for sports

Do not be surprised at this advice, since itreally works. You probably know how effective the change of activity is. You could observe this at school, in elementary school: after working for a while, the teacher suggested that students spend a five-minute exercise. Inspiration and creative process is not a lesson at school, and therefore the “charge” should be longer. But do not force yourself to go to the gym if you are an opponent of dumbbells. Physical activity can be any, the main thing is that your body works, and you also enjoy it.

Sources of information - away!

Sometimes inspiration "ends" byreason that you are overloaded with information. This advice may scare you, especially if communication with the outside world and social networks are important to you. Meanwhile, disconnecting from the usual sources of information is guaranteed to make your brain work. What do we have to do? Try to live a few days without the Internet, newspapers, television, mobile phone. Since you will be deprived of water from outside, you will begin to generate new ideas yourself.

Overcoming the creative crisis

Seek inspiration from others.

Sometimes a good way to solve a problem will beborrowing inspiration from others. Surely you get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation or experiencing the creative flight of the thoughts of other authors. Forget about being a creator and become a spectator. Attend exhibitions, go to concerts, read books, listen to music. Specially try not to create anything at this time, devour, eat someone else's creativity, and after a short period of time you will “give birth” to yourself.

creative crisis what to do

Look into the past

Surely you have any ideas overwhere you started working in the past, but never implemented them. Revise your ideas. Perhaps they can be developed and create something worthwhile. It is also not uncommon for old ideas to create new ones. The creative crisis is most often associated with the lack of new ideas, but this does not mean that it is impossible to go back and look at the old from a new angle.

From the "owl" - in the "early bird" and vice versa

Another change that can positivelyinfluence the frozen creative process and will be a good answer to the question of how to get out of the creative crisis. Try to change your daily routine. For example, do not sleep at night if you are a "lark", or stand up with the dawn of the sun, if you are an owl. Try a good sleep, asking your loved ones not to disturb you in advance.

How to get out of the creative crisis

Change of social circle

Making new friends is not necessary, especiallythat in this state, you will not succeed. But you can try to change the usual social circle. For example, go to a bar for bikers or sign up for an excursion with nature lovers. Communicating with people with interests that are not close to you will stimulate you to new feats and who knows what you will invent after such unusual communication?

how to overcome a creative crisis