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Self-esteem is ... Self-esteem and self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most important qualitiesman, allowing him to fight for his place in society. It gives him the opportunity to feel the power of his own dignity, which gives him the strength to confidently move toward any goals in his life.

The components of self-esteem

Self-esteem is a necessary condition for the sustainable existence of man in the modern world. It consists of several components:

  • Emotional - obliges an individual to respect himself as an individual.
  • Competent - the level of knowledge in certain areas in which he feels confident.
  • Communication - communicating with others, peoplefinds an opportunity for self-realization. It is very important when he feels the approval of one or more individuals, which increases his self-esteem and self-esteem.

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Signs of lack of self-esteem

Even the strongest person may be lacking self-esteem, which can be expressed in the following manifestations:

  • distrust of others;
  • the doubt in the importance and necessity of the case to which the individual is engaged;
  • it seems to the person that others dislike him;
  • constant suspicion of deceit in relation to himself;
  • a sense of loneliness in society.

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Installations that create self-esteem

Self-esteem is a complex category. It depends on him, from what points of view does the person see himself. We call them the basic settings:

  • a person must be sure that he will cope with everything;
  • the ability to come to the rescue and, if necessary, ask for help;
  • the realization that his actions benefit others;
  • self-esteem is the ability to always fulfill the promised;
  • Do not deny people the request to share their knowledge;
  • self-respecting person will always speak only the truth.

Love yourself and realize your importance

If you want to develop self-confidence,psychology recommends to love yourself, to find positive qualities in yourself and show them in every possible way. Think, if you do not like yourself, what other people should see in you? Only adequate self-esteem will help you get out of the shadows. But do not exaggerate their merits. This has nothing to do with self-affirmation. Usually this behavior is aimed at disguising one's self-doubt, rather than fighting it.

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What does it mean to love yourself?

Self-confidence in psychology is associated with skilllove yourself. Many people are afraid of this feeling, because it is commonly believed that this is a sign of narcissism and even selfishness. But it is not so. Self-love means the ability not to forget about one's desires and needs, dreams and self-realization. In this case, you can all also help others, without fear of being accused of selfishness.

In order to learn how to love and respect yourself, you need to remember the following points:

  • A person should become for himself the most good friend. This means that you need to be treated with the same love and tolerance, care and generosity as a close friend or relative.
  • Do not attach too much importance to the fact thatothers will think about you. The statement that the side is more visible is not always correct. Only by following one's own convictions can one attain self-respect.
  • Do not become addicted to people, habits, objects. This makes you an inferior person who cannot fully use all the opportunities that are available to him.

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Self-analysis - the way to increase self-esteem

Pride, self-esteem should be under asolid ground. To develop these feelings in yourself, you need to conduct self-analysis on a regular basis and self-improve in accordance with its conclusions. It is worth paying attention to such points:

  • Life experience. What kind of situations contributed to personal development?
  • Abilities A person must find in himself at least 5 talents or skills.
  • Strengths and weaknesses. The first need to be considered in terms of their development, and the second - to overcome.
  • Plans and dreams. What would you like to achieve in life and why have you not done it yet?
  • Health status. Are there any problems with well-being? If so, how to eliminate them?
  • A sense of self-realization. Is it present? What helps to achieve it?

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Psychological portrait of a person with high self-esteem

Of course, tips help improve self-esteem andcome to self-esteem. But it is much easier to navigate if there is a specific example. So, the psychological portrait of a person with high self-esteem can be described as follows:

  • He always acts in his own way. Even if it goes against public opinion and accepted notions of decency.
  • He does not need someone else's approval and worship. A person works on the realization of his own ambitions, which certainly leads to respect from others.
  • He always respects others. Even with people in lower social positions, such a person holds respectfully, does not allow neglect and rudeness.
  • In any situation, he holds with dignity. Even if the situation is losing or unfavorable, the person does not lose composure.
  • It has a zone of immunity (or inviolability). This means that a person has a number of beliefs and principles with which he does not change even in critical situations.

Look for mentors, not critics.

The main mistake of most people with low marks.- focus on the opinions of others. Trying to listen to someone else's advice and the generally accepted point of view, a person chooses a place of study, work, life partner, hobby and so on. At the same time, a person considers it shameful to defend his own opinion. Based on this, two points should be taken into account:

  • Be wary of advisers. If a person who is trying to criticize or teach you is not satisfied with his own situation, you can hardly learn from him some valuable experience. Most likely, he is angry and trying to push you on the same erroneous path.
  • Try to learn from people who are satisfied.their lives and achieved a lot. Usually they are reluctant to give advice and do not reveal their secrets. But such people can be good mentors if you can win their trust.

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The need for self-esteem is even more pronounced,than the need for public recognition. And the first, as a rule, is a powerful basis for the second. A person who strives for success must learn to perceive himself positively, daily proving his own importance to himself and others. For those who have not yet understood the importance of self-esteem and high self-esteem, it is worth thinking about the statement of Eleanor Roosevelt. She said that no one will make you feel your inconsistency or inferiority, unless you yourself allow it.