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How to get up early in the morning and get enough sleep? How to teach yourself to get up early?

Getting up early is useful.This is reported by the headlines of articles for already that time. Tutorials on how successful people start their day at five in the morning are countless. But the question is not only how to get up early and get enough sleep, but is it really necessary? This article will solve this dilemma, and not only it alone.

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Modern division of society

From some moment in the society behind the scenesa rule was established to divide all people into "owls" and "larks". The first, respectively, birds are nocturnal, and at the late time of day they are awake, while the latter are clearly early birds. Of course, there is something in this. But does this mean that someone is allowed to sleep until twelve?

If we take for an axiom the statement that it is harmful to a healthy organism (and for an unhealthy and even more so), then the answer is, of course, negative.

But the axiom is an exceptional thing, so it's better to consider the evidence.

Why get up early?

All nature on Earth is subject to solarinfluence. It is easy to see that with the first rays of this brightest star, all living things begin to wake up - hence, processes in the human body are also activated somewhere around the sunrise.

If activation occurs during sleep, it turns into irreversible processes. This leads to a deterioration in health.

how to get up early and sleep

Consequences of late rising

Negative impact is on:

  • normal isolation of cells;
  • healthy work of the hormonal system.

Leads to:

  • cell mutation;
  • malignancy - malignancy of cells.

Consequences of early rising

The consequences are as follows:

  • increased vitality;
  • improvement of digestion;
  • stability of the nervous system;
  • less susceptibility to depression, stress, etc.

"Owls" and "larks" - true or false?

V. M.Kovalzon confirms the scientific prerequisites for the emergence of the division of people into early and late "birds" - this is a genetic predisposition. At the same time, according to him, at the present time the overwhelming number of people who consider themselves to be in one form or another are not congenital "owls" / "larks", but retrained.

Sleep pressure in the modern rhythm of life is strongly influenced by the pressure of social graphics, professional orientation. For example, all actors are owls, and doctors are larks.

Genetic predisposition is rare, although it occurs, albeit in a smaller percentage. Real "owls" no briefing on how to get up early and get enough sleep does not help.

Time for early recovery

The most enthusiastic early advise adviseall surrounding people get up with the sunrise, but at certain times of the year it can be in 4-5 in the morning. Not all are capable of such exploits. The ideal time is 6 am. This is not an obligatory condition, but in any case, the ascent must be no later than nine. But how to teach yourself to get up early? What's the point, if the alarm is set at the right time, and the body still resisted?

how to train yourself to get up early

Interesting observation

The trend is that problems with early recoverydo not experience cheerful and optimistic people. They love this world. Not wishing to lose a minute of time to sleep, they themselves strive to get up early and spend the whole day productive and fruitful. Is not this the key to success?

How to get up early in the morning?

First of all, recommendations are proposed for consideration, which facilitate lifting in principle, and in general are good habits:

  • do not eat at night;
  • ventilate the bedroom before going to bed;
  • it is also useful to breathe the fresh air - walk, go out on the balcony or at least look out into the open window and stand there for a couple of minutes;
  • Stay up no later than ten or eleven in the evening, the deadline - do not sit up until midnight.

"We are met with a cool morning!"

Tips on how to get up early in the morning:

  • music, standing on the alarm clock, should not beloud and sudden - this transition from early morning will be stress for the body, on the contrary, it is better to put calm, pleasant sounds, perhaps spiritual classics or sublime voices;
  • you can agree to get up early with someone - a sense of responsibility helps;
  • an alarm clock should be placed on the other end of the room - so in the morning you have to get up at least in order to turn it off.

Strategic Approach

How to learn to get up early? It's not for nothing that the question has been put exactly this way - "learn," "study," "science." This is a long-term deal with the regime of the day, and not a one-time need. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to develop a whole plan with a real strategy.

We use two main approaches (choose which one is more like / productive):

  • to fall asleep and wake up every day at the same time (well, at least approximate, the error of 10 minutes is not considered);
  • listen to the body - if he wants to sleep, then it's time in the world of dreams.

how to learn to get up early

The second approach is good for the trained"owls" - despite the habit of staying up late, the body continues to work according to its biological clock. But it absolutely does not fit the "owls" true. What should they do then? How to get up early in the morning?

We apply psychological tactics

How to learn to get up early? If the most cruel physical methods are still ineffective, then it's time for psychological attitudes.

  • The principle "I see the goal - I do not see obstacles." Learning to get up early is easier, if there is something to do. We need a sense, we need a goal, and then nothing will be an obstacle to the early rise.
  • Love for life and an active life position, optimism and positive.
  • A dream and a favorite thing.
  • Playing sports as a way to influence the rhythm of life, maintain the tone of the body, allow the body to get tired for the day and by the evening want to warm the arms of sleep.
  • Motivation as an internal setting is necessary to understand how to train yourself to get up early.
  • The anticipation of a pleasant morning. Let this time is not associated with stress, nerves and migraine. Want to learn how to get up early in the morning? It's easy if it's enjoyable. Let the beginning of the day be associated with hot, fragrant and tasty coffee, a cool breeze, the atmosphere of something new, the kiss of a loved one. Really, you do not want to trade it for a dream!
  • Self-discipline about what to do in the evening. For example, a book is a rest, and a TV is an energy vampire, a pleasant conversation is useful, and sitting around at a computer in social networks is the opposite.

Insomnia is the scourge of modern society

How to learn to get up early in the morning? For this you need to sleep. And to sleep, it takes a dream to take a sufficient number of hours. And for this you need to lie down first. Bingo! Hence, the important question arising from the original question is: "How early to go to bed and get up early?"

get up early all day

It would seem simple, to force yourself not toto pass the time until midnight for watching TV shows or work. But here the lights are off, eyes closed, just around the blanket so the pillow, and sleep all does not go and does not go. So an hour passes, and two, and three. The clock is almost five in the morning, an hour later to rise. And how to get up early here? Is that not at all to go to bed - almost it turns out.

Unfortunately, such a state becomes a rule, not an exception. And it's called insomnia.

The causes of the problem and how to deal with it

All the causes of insomnia can be conditionally divided into two large layers:

  • Mental. This is stress, and depression, and nervous breakdowns, and sometimes even serious disorders.
  • Mental overwork. Its basis is increasingly information saturation, the brain is working on wear, but inefficient, feverish scraps of data then arise, then disappear in the head, there is no possibility either to accept or process anything new, let alone filtering.

Insignificant at first glance, everyday causes of insomnia:

  • inconvenience of sleeping clothes, beds / sofa;
  • taking before bedtime drinks that contain caffeine;
  • heavy dinner;
  • medicamentous means;
  • factors that irritate the senses: strong light, loud noise or unpleasant odors;
  • the presence of bad habits (alcohol and cigarettes have a negative effect on sleep patterns).

Apparently, insomnia is a consequence, from which one can get rid only by eliminating the cause. Therefore, from the list above, you need to select the appropriate item.

Folk ways to get rid of insomnia oftenare in the herbal infusions, which must be drunk before going to bed. This really has a positive effect on the general condition. Such herbs, like mint and chamomile, soothe the nervous system. It is beneficial and absolutely harmless before bedtime honey.

Of course, if the cause of insomnia is much more serious,these funds will not help, will have to contact the doctors. But these are exceptional cases, the most common cause at the present time in the modern world is the irrational expenditure of forces and the distribution of time. People engaged in mental work are often overexerted, drink coffee and energy drinks for vivacity, and then suffer because they can not fall asleep.

how to learn to get up early in the morning

It is worth remembering that proper nutrition and proper sleep regimen are interrelated things, so it is also necessary to follow both the healthy and the regular intake of food.

Get up early - who does not need it?

After considering useful tips for early recovery, you can go back to the sources, to the beginning of the article and to what was said in the first headlines.

So, the division into "larks" and "owls," as well as the important fact that they are trained (for the most part) and real.

These larks did not need this briefing. Trained - too, because they already (though, perhaps, with difficulty) mastered the technique, how to get up early in the morning.

There are "owls".

How do you understand the real "owl"?

The essence of the "owl" is not that it can not sleep at night. Can. And with a special desire, even get up early. The problem is that she does not need it. Moreover, it is harmful to her.

At the beginning of the article, we talked about the biological rhythm,that the natural clock sets the body to stay awake during the daytime and rest in the dark. The "owls" are the opposite. And exactly as "larks", if you sleep before 12 - to ruin your health, so it is not recommended for real "owls" to force yourself to get up at six in the morning and flee to new achievements.

A few signs of a real "owl":

  • regardless of how many hours have been spent on sleep, and whether there is a feeling of a fallen asleep person, in the first half of the day productivity is reduced;
  • moral inclination to start things by evening - the feeling that at this time spiritual energy is awakening;
  • when trying to live according to the "lark" regime by 22-23 o'clock the tired organism wants to sleep, but at the same time there comes an enthusiasm that can not be called in the daytime.

How to live this "owl"?

Unfortunately, both training and working time in theofficial institutions starts around 8 - very inconvenient for the "owl", which even a fallen asleep is not capable at such a time to perceive information. But for her there is another way out (in terms of work), for example, freelancing, in which the worker himself plans his schedule. Freelance can deal with representatives of such professions, as a journalist, programmer, web and graphic designer, illustrator, blogger.

In addition, it is possible to work in the night shift - it's guards, taxi drivers, and various institutions open around the clock. So "owls" get rid of the need to yawn in the workplace.

How to go to bed early and get up early

Many creative professions suggestan irregular working schedule, which in this case can be called a way out. To force yourself, forcing you to do something unnatural for the organism, is not worth it.

But if the "owl" of you is only imaginary, trained, then take heart and, applying all of the above tips in practice, start a new life from a new, early morning.