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Where to get strength and energy for life?

Sometimes it seems that life has stopped.I do not want anything. In the throat appeared a lump that does not pass. Inside, the feeling of anxiety and hopelessness is sharpening. Apathy. The world seemed to fade. Weakness. There is no mood, and tears roll from their eyes on their own.

What is happening to man? Where to get strength?

Life is complex, of course.Every day we have to solve many problems. Some overcome them and go further, let it be hard. And others stumble on a simple stone, get lost and do not see a way out of this situation.

where to get strength

Where does a person take strength?Sometimes it seems that they are leaving us, there is no energy. There is a grain of common sense in this. After all, our energy pantry is constantly replenished, but if it has gaps, it will never be complete.

Where to get strength and energy for life?It is necessary to find holes and patch them, to eliminate the leakage of energy. You just need to concentrate and observe what the forces are wasted on. Learn to track and patch these holes.

How does a person lose energy

  • Envy, anger, hatred, irritability, jealousy, anger.
  • Loss of one's own consciousness, complete dependence on public opinion.
  • Fear of coming events.
  • Received negative information (media, from neighbors, viewing bad films, etc.).
  • Feeling of regret and even guilt for what has been done.
  • Anxiety because of the financial situation.
  • Efforts to recognize yourself in society, a desire to please.
  • Ability to lie and hide it.
  • Harmful habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking).
  • Disease (mental, physical, mental).
  • Constant anxiety and worry over past events.

This is a scanty list of sources of the loss of our energy from all that exist. But now it is more understandable why the life force goes away.

where to take strength and energy for life

The main devourer of energy is the man himself, it remains to figure out where to get strength and energy for life.

How to restore your energy balance and color the world again

At first glance, these recommendations seem simple, but this is misleading. It will take time. It is a constant work on yourself and your willpower.

Tips on how to improve the quality of life and where to take vitality and energy

  1. You need to love not only yourself, but also your body, take care of it (this is fitness, a visit to a beauty salon, a swimming pool, etc.).
  2. Correctly to eat (vitamins, biologically active additives).
  3. Create around yourself a good environment (people who share your interests, who provide sincere support).
  4. It is necessary to travel more (new acquaintances, a positive mood, a charge of vivacity).
  5. Get new acquaintances.
  6. Keep your house in order.
  7. It is necessary to do your favorite thing and reveal talents (singing, dancing, knitting, reading, writing poetry, etc.).
  8. It is necessary to get rid of fears, feelings of guilt, to live in the present, not to look into the past.
  9. More rest, arrange walks in the park (admire the natural beauty).
  10. You can change the style of clothing, image.
  11. It is necessary to chop off the ends of an unsuccessful personal life, to get out of a bad relationship.
  12. Listen to yourself.
  13. Practice self-development (visiting foreign language courses, museums, theaters, trainings, etc.).
  14. Learn to refuse if it interferes with your life.
  15. Live as you want, follow your dreams.
  16. Do not skimp on hugs with loved ones. For a happy life, they must be at least eight a day.

It is necessary to maintain the energy balance.No wonder all people alternate work with rest, wakefulness with hours of sleep. And also with thoughts, they need to be released and switched to contemplating beautiful fragments. Activity to be replaced by passivity. Only this scheme will make you feel good.

where to take strength for success

If you eat wrong, sleep a little, do not rest, you will not be able to reach harmony.

Many people position themselves as losers. And they are tormented by the question of where to get the strength for success.

Our power in the dream

First, you need to decide what you want fromlife. You can wish a lot, but if you spray on several targets, you simply do not have the energy and energy. You need one big meaningful goal. Then you need to outline a plan for achieving it and follow your dream.

The goal should be specific. You need to decide in which sphere you want to succeed - in your career, your personal life, in sports.

The life of an aimless person is boring and monotonous.He has nowhere to draw inspiration, because all the power in a big dream. A successful person knows what he wants from life, and represents how he can realize his plans. And in this case, the forces and energy will appear.

But it also happens that a person simply does not have a dream because of the large number of problems that have been piled up. He is tormented by another question - about where to take strength for life.

Physical and Spiritual Energy

A person from the very beginning replenishes physical energy through the following sources:

  • Food.And the more quality it is, the better our body feels. And if the use of food is also balanced and moderate, filled with positive emotions, the result is awesome.
  • Physical energy of our planet.This is land, air, plants, fire, water, animals. In contact with nature, we replenish our vitality, improve our emotional state. Therefore, it is necessary to treat her gifts with care and respect.
  • The people around us, from whom we getemotional, sensory and mental energy, which is then transformed into physical energy. It is very important to receive only positive emotions, because negative ones do not give a normal function.
  • Sport. It's not only physical exercises in the form of a complex of exercises, it's massage, and breathing practices. Sports people feel much easier, healthier, more confident.

This is about replenishing physical energy. Recommendations are simple, the main thing is to use each competently, then the question of where to take life force will be half solved.

where to take strength for life

Now we touch a more delicate sphere -spiritual energy. If it is not difficult to work with physical sources, here the difficulties can arise definitely. Because it touches the individual's spiritual world, the level of personal development, self-improvement, that is why working with them will directly depend on the spiritual level of a person and can change throughout life.

Sources of Spiritual Energy

  • Thoughts. We create them ourselves. They are able to control our life. Therefore, we should only focus on the positive, on luck, on success, on self-confidence, on the achievement of the goal. Negative contribute to the leakage of vitality.
  • Feelings. It's like with emotions that are capable of both destroying and replenishing the emotional-energy background. Therefore, you should learn how to manage your feelings and emotional outbursts.

It is very important to learn to think positively,take care of their physical body and the body as a whole, this is a healthy diet, and rest, and communication with positive people, self-improvement, all this will allow replenishing and reviving life forces.

We figured out where to get the strength to survive. It remains only to save the received energy.

where to get the vitality

This can be done by following the following rules

  1. Do not waste it for nothing. It is not necessary, for example, to watch emotional films at night. Bursts of emotions, such as fear, joy, empathy, are only able to take away the remains of energy.
  2. Avoid conflicts and quarrels. People (energy vampires) feed on the emotions of others. Do not give them this. You just need to imagine in front of you a large brick wall, and then the opponent will very quickly lose interest in you to clash.
  3. You do not need to control others. This threatens the appearance of excessive concern for themselves and others, which leads to a loss of energy. It is necessary to stop worrying, to live in the present, not looking to the future, and not to take the past.
  4. Do not abuse the stimulatingdrugs and sedatives. They seem to give a charge of vigor and energy, but it's not. There is a reverse process, after the end of their action a person experiences weakness and devastation. Alcohol works in a similar way.
  5. It is important to identify your own effective sourcesreplenishment of energy, whether it's jogging in the park, reading a book or fitness. The main thing is that they can help you out at any time and give you the opportunity to move on. Block what your forces steal.

And what takes our energy?

where to take vitality and energy

Let's consider some sources

  1. Not brought to the end of the case. Because of laziness and other reasons, people often do not bring work to perfection. Everything is accumulated on the sly and turns into a huge stack of problems. They do not give rest day or night, hence the lack of sleep, headaches, anxiety and loss of vitality. This is also due to failure to fulfill the promised, non-return of debt.
  2. False. The more often a person lies, the more he has to dodge and invent fables, this is an additional work of the brain, hence the loss of energy.
  3. Feelings of fear and anxiety. Constant excitement and mistrust create panic. The body is constantly in a stressful state, which depletes it energetically. It is necessary to engage in self-improvement, increase self-esteem, get rid of complexes, become self-confident.
  4. Empty and groundless experiences. They take a huge amount of vitality. You need to keep track of your thinking process.
  5. Inadequate pastime in the open air.
  6. Futile conversations and gossip. As a rule, these people are negative, they suffer because of poor psychological well-being. You should not do this.
  7. Resentment. She eats from the inside. This is literally. You need to forgive the offenders and ask forgiveness yourself.
  8. Nedosyp. The main and gloating source. If you sleep inadequate hours, our body will not get new strength for life. We need to sleep an average of 8 hours to stay in good shape.
  9. Bad habits (alcohol, smoking).

Now we understand where to take strength, how to saveenergy and that prevents its replenishment. We often experience an energy deficit in the spring. This rapid fatigue, chronic nedosyp, constant fatigue.

All these are signs of spring beriberi. Where to take forces in the spring?

where to take the strength to endure everything

How to deal with this

  1. Proper nutrition. What we eat affects our health, beauty, emotional and physical condition. Therefore, you need more to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, cereals, seafood.
  2. Maintenance of immunity, which weakens after the winter. It is necessary to carry out a set of procedures, including hardening. Take vitamins.
  3. Activity in the open air. It is necessary to know that physical education and oxygen increase the flow of blood, which has a positive effect on health. Gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day, a wonderful mood and well-being, a huge burst of vitality.
  4. And, of course, emotional state. Only positive emotions in everything that we do. Our state of health directly depends on the psychological state. Therefore, one should always stay in good spirits, do not lose heart, smile and be in harmony with oneself.

Some more recommendations

  • Not always spring weather pleases with warm clear days. In bad weather you should not feel depressed.
  • You can not overexert yourself at work.
  • Need more rest. Reading a favorite book, watching an interesting TV show or a movie is, it would seem, a trifle, but they can raise your spirits.
  • Pay more time to relatives and relatives. Avoid communication with those who are unpleasant to you.
  • Pets can also be charged with positive emotions and tranquility.

And it's just necessary to remember that spring is the beginning of summer. And this is heat, it's time for holidays, picnics. It will inspire, inspire and replenish energy.

We examined the sources, where to take the forces. The main thing is to learn how to preserve and replenish them. And for this you must always be in a positive mood, never despair, only believe in the best. To work on yourself is unceasing, and then everything in life will turn out.