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What a pyramid of needs is

At one time the American psychologist A.Maslow was able to clearly identify and display schematically, and in a hierarchical order, all the needs of the person. At present, this pyramid of needs is applied in many areas of our life and, it is worth noting, quite successfully.

But, before proceeding to practice, let's all the samelet us consider the theoretical side of this question. If you look at the diagram of A. Maslow, it looks like this. At the very top of the pyramid are physiological needs. Then, according to the theory of the American psychologist, there is security. The third position is belonging to something or love. Then follows the respect. The pyramid of needs ends with self-expression. This stage can be divided into self-actualization, aesthetic needs and cognition.

What is included in each of these items?According to A. Maslow, in the first place, a person seeks to satisfy all his physiological needs, which is completely in accordance with reality. Well, you will agree, the desire to eat well or quench your thirst is above all others. And here it is not even necessary to argue.

Here is a simple example from life:if a person is very hungry or has an intolerable thirst, he will give up all his studies, how urgent they would not be, and go to have a drink or a snack. Or here is another example. Ask yourself this question: what are you working for? The answer, which will be voiced if not all, then many: to eat well and so on. Notice, most of the income, as a rule, goes to food.

The pyramid of needs is what the realwe absolutely do not pay attention to life, but we live according to this theory. Let's go further and think about what we are aiming for after we have achieved complete and stable satisfaction of all physiological needs. If at this stage we have done everything possible, there is a desire to ensure a comfortable and safe life, and on constant terms. Maslow called these needs existential and put them in second place. Tell me, was he wrong? Of course, no. And now, perhaps, everyone will agree with this statement.

But, as soon as your existence will beyou will go further, not wanting to stop there. The fact is that man by nature is not able to live alone. He constantly needs to communicate with others, as well as communication at the social level.

The pyramid of needs sets this aspirationman to the third degree, and this is nothing more than a social status. Having achieved this status, a person tirelessly strives to gain recognition from other people who are also not deprived of such aspirations.

The pyramid of human needs, developedA. Maslow, in this context, considers career growth, achievement of high appraisal, success and the like. Being at the peak of all of the above, a person suddenly feels that he is worth more. But, it would seem, what else is missing? But no, the needs do not exhaust themselves.

And this clearly reflects the pyramid of human needs, however, like real life. At this stage a person begins to crave spiritual self-expression, a kind of self-actualization.

It is worth noting that life dictates its conditions. And it does not always happen that the steps follow each other in the order that the American psychologist presented it. Sometimes it happens that a stage falls out or is completely absent. After all, as you know, there are no rules without exceptions. However, the pyramid of needs that A. Maslow could schematically depict is considered to be the starting point. And it's hard not to agree with this!