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Middle age crisis in men

According to statistics, the crisis middle-aged men is observed in the interval from 35 to 45 years. It is at this time that divorce occurs most often (especially from 38 to 42 years), professional crashes, neuroses, alcoholism and even suicide.

Of course, to call this period easy and joyfulthe language simply does not turn. But, on the other hand, it is precisely at this time that values ​​are re-evaluated, self-knowledge, and the acquisition of worldly wisdom.

So what is the mid-life crisis in men and is there an opportunity to overcome it?

Symptoms of the crisis of middle age

The most characteristic signs of the crisis are:

  1. Anxiety for your future (for example, fear of losing your job and being left without a livelihood).
  2. The feeling of monotony - it seems that nothing new and interesting happens in life.
  3. Depression, discontent, apathy, neuroses.
  4. Feeling shaky health (during this period, the first signs of aging, exacerbated chronic diseases, etc.).
  5. Revaluation of marriage in the negative direction (at this time the partner becomes a person, annoying, like no other).
  6. Negative evaluation of the current career (it is characterized by a feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself, your achievements, the desire to start over and completely change everything).
  7. Appeal to esoterics or religion (during this period the question from the series: "What is the meaning of life?" And "What are we born for?" Becomes urgent).

Causes of the crisis of middle age

At the age of 35, men beginAnalyze your past and, based on the results obtained, think about the future. In principle, one can not say that this is bad - only here a lot of people, in the end, come to the sensation of collapse and devastation. Some of them begin to worry because of their age - half the life has already been lived, and much of what they wanted to achieve - has not been achieved.

If a man early acquired a family and children - thenthey, already quite matured, make him even more worried about the crisis of the individual. Because of this, there are often some incomprehensible attempts to prove their youth.

The crisis of middle age in men - what to do?

  1. If the first signs began to appear, you first need to clearly realize that this is happening and do not write off everything for normal fatigue, stress, malaise, etc.
  2. Reassess your life, choose the most important goals for yourself for several years. Understand - are they really desirable and necessary?
  3. Concentrate your strength not on attemptsavoiding the crisis, but on the possibilities of self-realization during this period. At this point, it is very important to understand that further life largely depends on how this time will be experienced.
  4. Look for new inspirational dreams and goals thatwill help to survive the crisis of middle age in men. Check it is quite simple: if at the thought of the chosen occupation appears energy and a sense of joy, then this is the same thing.
  5. Implement all plans that I would likein the first half of life. To master a snowboard? To travel around the world? We must do everything we want and ... step into a new life with new dreams.
  6. Do reassess your age. An invaluable result of the crisis can be considered: a mind that has become wise; ability to contact, passed into indulgence; self-consciousness, turned into trust.

Many believe that the crisis of middle age inmen - it really is not more than nonsense. However, this period refers to the same natural life periods, which, regardless of desire, occur in every person. And here it is very important to decide how to overcome it, for what period of time, what results to take out of it. After all from the accepted decisions the whole further life will depend.