/ How beautiful to sign? What is needed for this?

How beautiful to sign? What is needed for this?

The signature is something like a visitingcard of each person, thanks to which it can be recognized. Each person has an individual, developed over several years and improved throughout life. Today we will talk about how to come up with your original signature, how to paint beautifully, and why it is needed at all.

how beautifully to sign

Why you need a signature

The signature is a kind of confirmationpersonality of a person, as everyone has an individual, and it is sometimes impossible to forge it. This method of identity verification is used in all documents, after which they automatically become official, so you just need to know how to beautifully sign. After all, whatever it was, a signature plays an important role in a person's life.

how to learn to paint beautifully

How to learn to sign beautifully?

A good signature you will not make in an hour or two,for this you need at least a day to work. But during this time you will gain skills and remember your new option. Everything must be done strictly according to the instructions, otherwise you will never know how to sign beautifully. So, let's start improving.

how can I sign beautifully

Experiments on the former signature

Take a blank piece of paper and a pencil or penand sign the signature that you always use. Done? Now carefully consider it, try to understand what you do not like about it, and what you would like to change. Try to use different angles of slope, try to change the handwriting and its minor features. Experiment with the Gothic and Romantic version of the letter. These handwriting looks very elegant and refined. Then when you more or less create your version of handwriting that will seem to you in some way attractive, go to the next step, namely to different styles and decorations. You can try everything you just want, but the main thing - remember: the signature should not be cumbersome, and its writing should not take more than 4-5 seconds. So, what you can decorate your signature. First, underline any letter or all of the signature with a straight line. Often emphasize either the first or the last letter, but you can experiment on how to beautifully sign. Examples of this "decoration" can be found anywhere, but most often they occur in a Gothic letter. Secondly, underlining the signature with the help of air loops. This method will introduce some exotic to your "autograph". Most of all, he approaches the Romance letter, which is considered one of the easiest and most elegant in the whole world. Third, experiment with uppercase and lowercase letters. It will be very nice to look when the uppercase letters surround the lowercase letters. In this case, you can practice with the letters "з", "д", "ф", "б", "к", "м", "л". Fourth, do not miss the repeating elements. Most often it is better to use them while writing the same letter, which occurs several times in the signature. For a more beautiful effect, it is better to use at least two, but not more than four elements. Fifth, increase any letter. The most suitable is the last letter. It will not only visually increase your signature, but also make it more expressive. Sixth, underscore zigzagging. We have already talked about two types of underlining, but there is also a third. This decoration looks very elegant, but it does not fit with a printed letter. Seventh, the presence of additional symbols. The signature with these elements takes about 7-10 seconds, which is considered quite a lot. Such a signature is not only original, but even extraordinary. As an additional symbol, you can draw a heart instead of a regular point. Also, the heart can be drawn at the end of the letters "y", "p", "d", "z", "f". Eighth, an "overturned" signature. Everything is very simple - for this loop, circle the signature, creating a certain contour. In addition to the methods already mentioned, there are many more that will tell you how to learn how to beautifully sign.

If you do not want to invent yourself

how to beautifully paint examples

It is not so difficult to learn such a case asbeautifully sign. The main thing is to be creative, have a desire and at least a little patience. But if you do not want or can not come up with something special, you can "borrow" the signature from a famous person. The law prohibits counterfeiting of signatures, but if it is slightly altered, there will be no complaints against you. It is enough just to find the signature you like, to modify it and learn how to write beautifully.

Let's sum up the results

After reading this article, you already know howbeautiful to sign due to various effects. You know how you can improve your signature and how to create a new one. Now that you have mastered the theory, go to practice and use a new beautiful signature already tomorrow.