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How to answer the question "how are you?" - simple questions and answers rules

Ability to understand and interesting to express their thoughtswas important both in the days of Plato and Cicero, and in modern life. The constant need for communication makes people comprehend the elements of oratory. The skill of eloquence is an integral part of success in different areas of activity.

How to answer the question

The virtuosic techniques of using the word will help you when answering questions that your career, business, or which, in your opinion, is not entirely in place and not in the topic, can depend on.

Probably everyone was answered to tactless or general questions. Important in this case is not the question itself, but your reaction to it.

For example, how to answer the question "how are you?". It is necessary to maintain self-control and respond in a way that does not give specific information, but does not offend the one who asked.

What you need to know for this?

Questions and answers
The first rule:if the question is not pleasant, put the conversation on a different topic, take it to the side. And talk about what will be more interesting for you. Exception - close people who are genuinely interested in your affairs, for them the content of the answer is important. So try to find the right words to satisfy the person who asked.

Second - ask questions.Sometimes the one who asks, actually wants to talk about himself, just does not know how to start a conversation. Just forward the question and listen carefully how much patience is enough.

Third - use the question, adding at the beginningthe phrase: "I correctly understood (realized) that the most important thing for you today is my life?" or "Do I understand correctly that other people's problems are more important than your own?" Such an answer will cause discomfort to the interlocutor.

Fourth, answer with humor.This will help to disarm the interlocutor and will save you from an aggressive reaction to what you heard. How to answer? On the question "how are you?" You can joke: "Do you really want to talk about this? It's wonderful, you have two or three hours, can I tell you all about it? "

Fifth - be a bore.Begin to answer from afar, using abstruse words. You do not know how to answer the question "how are you?" So that the interlocutor stops asking him next time? Narrate in detail about the most boring event of your life. It is desirable to have more incomprehensible terms and their vague interpretation. It is unlikely that this question will risk you asking again.

Sixth - be an actor for a while.Play an important politician at a press conference. Here is another option, how to answer the question "how are you?". Surely say: "Next question, please." And the interlocutor will be forced to go to the point of the conversation, or simply leave if the meeting was accidental.

general issues

The basic rule - be polite.If you are asked questions, then you are not indifferent to the person. And a bad mood - not a reason for rudeness in the address of the asker. Behave always confidently, calmly, and most importantly - worthy.

Questions and answers - this is the main componenthuman communication. The skills of oratory will help to achieve a positive result of the conversation and maintain good relations with people. And this is very important in everyday life.