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What is a report and what does it "eat"?

Head of the company, organization, largeenterprises do not avoid public speaking with a report. How to correctly write it, what mistakes can not be allowed in it? Let's talk about all this in more detail. And first of all, we'll figure out what a report is. This is a public official message on a specific issue, built on documents and facts. What mistakes are most often encountered in the speakers?

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Inconsistency of the stated topic and content

Very often, what the speaker says is going tocut with the stated theme of the speech. This is because he uses the same report at different conferences, only changing the subject and slightly rearranging pieces of text. The second reason for this discrepancy is the traction of speakers to catchy names. However, the entire subsequent public report can be quite ordinary. Speakers forget that their task is to state new factual information or retell known facts, but with new conclusions. The third common mistake is when the speaker starts to write about one, but in the course of his ornate thought shifts the emphasis on a completely different topic. As a result, his speech is significantly different from what was stated at the beginning. To avoid the above errors, allocate time for reading the written and comparing the topic and content of your work. Otherwise your listeners may feel deceived. After all, they expected to hear one thing, but they got completely different.

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Report is better supported by presentation

Speakers during their performances oftenUnderestimate the role of the presentation. Although it is an important part of a successful report. Consider that a significant part of the audience, as a rule, visual. What is the report for them? It is a mix of sounds and illustrations. And those who often attend various conferences and are accustomed to perceive large amounts of information, it is much easier to assimilate reports, confirmed by visual images. About creating a quality presentation, you need to write a separate article, but briefly, it should consist of 10-15 slides, and the information in it should be submitted in theses, as if to confirm the words.

We work on diction and voice

Pay special attention to the voice duringspeeches. It should sound firmly, without shaking and uncertainty. Unfortunately, only a few are able to stand out in public. And what is a report? This is a small show, a show. The more original you talk, the more information you can convey to the audience. Do not make a circus. However, you need to immediately catch the audience, make it listen carefully, albeit not throughout the entire report, but at least - a large part of it.

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Sometimes it happens that the speaker representsvery interesting information, but due to poor filing, no one perceives it. It does not take ten minutes for everyone to fall asleep. The most terrible thing is a quiet, like a lulling voice. And if you consider that the conference can last several days, it is not surprising that such a speech becomes better than any sleeping pills. Therefore, going to the rostrum, think over the original beginning of your speech, speak clearly and confidently. And do not lose visual contact with listeners. Successful there are speakers who maintain a constant connection with the audience, turn to her with questions. We have repeatedly said here about what a report is. So try to get the most out of this process. Then your audience will be very pleased with your performance. A report is just an excuse to show all your skills and talents of public speaking.